Mon Nan: One of Montreal’s Chinatown institutions when it comes to Chinese food!

Restaurant: Mon Nan
Restaurant type: Chinese
Prices: $2.20-$16.95 entrées, $10.94-$35 mains

Date: Friday July 31st 2020
Table of: 2
My favorite dishes: wonton soup, salt & pepper shrimps

Last month, I had the pleasure of rediscovering the authentic Chinese cuisines of Mon Nan, as their guest. When it comes to Chinese restaurants in Montreal, especially in Chinatown, Mon Nan is an institution that has been around since 1982. They sell authentic Chinese food, as well as more Westernized dishes, on de la Gauchetière just East of Saint-Laurent (the technically pedestrian street). Here are the dishes we had the pleasure of eating:

  • Pork and shrimp wonton soup
  • Hot & soup soup
  • Wor tip shrimp on toast
  • Beef with Chinese broccoli
  • Cantonese style chow mein
  • Salt & pepper shrimps
Pork and shrimp wonton soup (2020)
Hot & soup soup (2020)
Wor tip shrimp on toast (2020)
Beef with Chinese broccoli (2020)
Cantonese style chow mein (2020)


Overall, the food was delicious and exactly what we expected. I had been to Mon Nan before (a couple late nights back in the days) and had loved my previous experiences, so I was not disappointed this time around either. Although we loved everything, a big shout out goes to the salt and pepper shrimps which were the best I’ve ever had. The shrimps were nice and thick and juicy and perfectly covered and fried with salt and hot peppers. I also really enjoyed the pork and shrimp wonton soup which tasted great, more so than I expected (I usually get shrimp wonton soup at Chinese restaurants but they don’t serve it).

All of the other dishes were excellent too. My sister loved her hot & sour soup, the wor tip entrée was very nice and a fun discovery, the beef and Chinese broccoli was perfectly done, just how I like it and the Cantonese style chow mein is a classic! (I ALWAYS order this dish when I have Chinese food).

Thanks again for having us and I look forward to going back, always! If you’re in Chinatown and looking for a great dinner spot, think Mon Nan! They also offer takeout and delivery options so you can enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home 🙂

Pork and shrimp wonton soup (2020)
Pork and shrimp wonton soup (2020)
Pork and shrimp wonton soup (2020)
Hot & soup soup (2020)
Wor tip shrimp on toast (2020)
Wor tip shrimp on toast (2020)
Wor tip shrimp on toast (2020)
Beef with Chinese broccoli (2020)
Cantonese style chow mein (2020)
Cantonese style chow mein (2020)
Salt & pepper shrimps (2020)
Mon Nan (2020)


*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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