Turquoise Blog’s #ExperienceIndiaRosa Foodies & Bloggers Brunch

Restaurant: India Rosa
Event: Turquoise Blog’s #ExperienceIndiaRosa Foodies & Bloggers Brunch
Restaurant type: Indian, brunch
Prices: $15-$25 brunch

Date: Saturday July 25th 2020
Group of: 14
My favorite dishes: butter chicken eggs Benedict + Rosa French toast + Indian brunch

Last month, I had the pleasure of hosting my first Insta Foodies event, post quarantine, at one of my favorites: India Rosa! The brunch featured some of India Rosa’s most popular brunch dishes like chicken & waffles, butter chicken eggs Benedict and many more (à la carte options were also available for those not comfortable sharing dishes during these times).

India Rosa is located in the heart of the Plateau, right on Avenue Mont-Royal (corner Brébeuf, so in between St-Denis and Papineau). Everything at India Rosa is set-up for you to have the perfect evening; the food is delicious, the cocktails are wonderful, the staff is on point, the decor is stunning, the music is enjoyable and the overall ambiance is great. They are also open on the weekends for you to experience their Indian fusion brunch, which I highly recommend!

Here are the dishes we had the pleasure of eating:

  • Chicken & waffles: 2 masala waffles interlaced with fried tandoori chicken, served with a curry and lime sauce, honey and cashews
  • Butter chicken eggs Benedict: 2 eggs Benedict on a brioche bread with butter chicken, fried onions, brussel sprout leaves, peas and sprouts
  • Rosa omelet: omelet with paneer cheese, parsley, caramelized onions, cauliflower and Masala roasted chickpeas; served with lamb kebab, fresh fruits and curry sauce
  • Rosa French toast: 1 or 2 slices of panko and India spices French toast, served with fresh fruits, maple caramel, vanille yogourt and maple syrup
  • Indian brunch: paratha, masala scrambled egg, Jeera spiced potatoes, sautéed kebab and raita
  • Vegetarian brunch: lukewarm salad of roasted vegetables glazed with honey and masala spices (beets, carrots, cauliflower, rutabaga and onions), poached egg, saffron and lime yogourt and coriander sprouts
India Rosa (2020)
Chicken & waffles (2020)
Rosa omelet (2020)
Indian brunch (2020)


Overall, we had an amazing meal at India Rosa and everything was as good as I remembered it. I had never tried the Indian brunch so it was nice to be able to try a new dish and I really loved it; everything was super flavourful and delicious! Of course, I loved the butter chicken eggs Benedict (how can you not?) which is a perfect balance between the two dishes. If you like them individually, you’ll surely love them together! The panko crusted French toast was really good and I love how they give you so many different sauces to enjoy them with. The other dishes were all very good too, but these were my personal favorites. We also accompanied our meal with a mimosa and a bellini for me!

I’ve now dined at India Rosa half a dozen time – for dinner and brunch – and have always been highly impressed and satisfied with the food, quality, service & decor. A must try if you’ve never been and if you love brunch with a twist! Overall, we had an amazing time at India Rosa, where we got to try a decent chunk of their brunch menu. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to making this evening special, to my guests for attending and to India Rosa for the wonderful dinner!


Part of the planning for this dinner also included the table decor and gift bags for my attendees. The goodies which were provided for the attendees’ goodie bags, by Turquoise Événements and Turquoise Blog, were provided by Genelle from @doseofcookies (cookies) and Giuiano from @mister_macarons (macarons) ! Thank you both for your generous contributions! 🙂

A big thank you to the team at India Rosa for this amazing brunch! So, when will you #ExperienceIndiaRosa ?

India Rosa (2020)
India Rosa (2020)
India Rosa (2020)
Chicken & waffles (2020)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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