Sumi Dojo x Tramie’s Kitchen: New Japanese fusion style brunches in the city! (Plateau)

Restaurant: Sumi Dojo
Event: Sumi Dojo x Tramie’s Kitchen
Restaurant type: Japanese, fusion, asian, brunch
Date: Sunday July 25th 2020
Group of: 15
My favorite dish: beef tongue mac n cheese

Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of being invited by my foodie friend Tramie to try out Sumi Dojo’s new brunch menu! Sumi Dojo is a Japanese pub, located on Saint-Laurent (just above Sherbrooke) in the Plateau. They serve many typical Japanese dishes and more, like: tartares, deep fried goat cheese, steamed buns and more! Recently, they’ve launched a brand new brunch menu, offering lots of North American classics with a Japanese twist of course. Here are the dishes we got to sample:

  • Beef tongue mac n cheese
  • Seafood omelette with shrimps, scallops and mushrooms
  • Breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, Japanese sausage, guacamole and mayo
  • Croissant waffles with fresh fruits, red bean sauce, matcha powder and smoothie
Beef tongue mac n cheese (2020)
Seafood omelette (2020)
Breakfast sandwich (2020)

IMG_0820Overall, everything was very good and tasty and we definitely ate it all haha. A couple of the dishes were a bit under-seasoned to my taste, but I do eat saltier than the average person, so it was probably just me lol. I’d have to say though that the beef tongue mac n cheese was my favorite, as I love pasta. The flavours were very nice and I loved the beef tongue (very similar to like beef brisket). I really enjoyed the seafood omelette too, since I love seafood. The omelette itself was perfectly cooked – not too cooked and not under-cooked – and the mixture of seafood and mushrooms was delicious. The breakfast sandwich was a surprising and unusual combination of flavours for me, because of the guacamole, but it worked out very nice! The croissant waffles were the perfect way to end brunch on a sweet note but because I don’t eat beans nor matcha, I personally wouldn’t re-order the dish (the croissant waffles were very nice though, but could have used some more “waffling” lol).

Thank you Sumi Dojo and Tram for having us!! 😀

Beef tongue mac n cheese (2020)
Seafood omelette (2020)
Seafood omelette (2020)
Breakfast sandwich (2020)
Croissant waffles (2020)
Croissant waffles (2020)


*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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