Pizzeria Redipizza: The best pizza al taglio I’ve had in Montreal! (Lasalle)

Restaurant: Pizzeria Redipizza
Restaurant type: pizza, Italian
Prices: $3.75-$5.75 per slice

Date: Saturday June 27th 2020
Table of: 3

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of trying Pizzeria Redipizza as their guest! Redipizza is located in Lasalle and trust me, its worth the drive. Redipizza offers classic Roman style pizza al taglio (square pizza), either by the slice, half or full pizzas. Each pizza dough is matured for 120 hours (5 days) which is the optimal amount of time to get that perfectly crispy dough, yet airy and soft interior. The pizza is so light, you could eat a full one and not feel bloated afterwards.

Every day, numerous different kinds of pizzas are prepared with a variety of toppings and once they run out, they’re done for the day! And, if you stop by on a Friday at the opening, you’ll be lucky to choose from 26 different kinds of pizzas; 26!!! Here are the pizzas we had the pleasure of trying:

  • Red peppers and kalamata olives
  • Artichoke
  • Spinach & feta
  • Zucchini, pesto and feta
  • Potatoes and speck
  • Prosciutto di parma, bocconcini and fresh tomatoes
  • Tomato pizza
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)


We enjoyed an excellent lunch at Redipizza and absolutely loved it. If you love pizza, Redipizza is an absolute must try, whether you live 5 minutes away or 2 hours away. Of course, I had some preference, but I got to say, the classic tomato pizza was amazing. Perfect dough, topped with a savoury tomato sauce. I also really enjoyed the zucchini, pesto and feta pizza, as well as the potato & speck pizza and the prosciutto, bocconcini & fresh tomato pizza. We had a few vegetarian picks for my vegetarian friend Jay, and he really liked them too (I’m more of a meat kinda gal).

I don’t often recommend restaurants to everyone from across the city, but in Redipizza’s case, you must must must try it! Plus, at $5.75 a slice, how could you resist?

Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)
Redipizza (2020)


*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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