Le Blueboy: Home to Montreal’s watermelon and pineapple ice cream bowls!

Restaurant: Le Blueboy
Restaurant type: ice cream, desserts
Prices: $4-$22 

Date: Thursday June 25th 2020

A couple of days ago, my foodie friends and I got together for dinner and of course, we had to get some ice cream after! Being in the Plateau, we opted for Le Blueboy, which I personally had never tried before. They offer various ice cream flavours (some very exotic) and you can get it in many different ways: cup, sundae, pineapple bowl and watermelon bowl too.

Since I was eating my ice cream alone, I opted for something a little more reasonable like the churro sundae with one of the twist flavors of the moment: pomegranate and salted honey, with bobba. Visually, it was very nice; bright popping colors, a beautiful thick swirl and honey brown churros. However, the churros were quite hard (for churros anyways) and the flavors of the ice cream just ok (my friend who got the nougat and chocolate swirl looked much better and she said it was very good). Also, I realize we took photos for maybe 5 minutes, but it wasn’t a very hot evening and by the time I got to the ice cream in the cup, it was like eating soup.

At a $10 price tag, no, I did not think it was worth it. Definitely more of an Instagram thing.

Here is my review of Le Blueboy:
Food: 2.5/5 (average)
Price: $$$ 
Would I go back?: I would consider it yes, but in no rush, there are other ice cream shops that I prefer 

Le Blueboy (2020)
Le Blueboy (2020)
Le Blueboy (2020)
Le Blueboy (2020)
Le Blueboy (2020)

*All photos and comments are mine

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