Salumi Tassoni: Montreal’s very own homemade Italian cured meats specialists!

Business: Salumi Tassoni
Business type: homemade Italian cured meats (charcuteries)
Products offered: picnic boxes, focaccia sandwiches, luxury picnic baskets, charcuterie platters
Prices: picnic boxes starting at $65, focaccia sandwiches starting at $16

Date: June 2020

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of trying Salumi Tassoni’s picnic box! Salumi Tassoni is a brand new Montreal business, offering homemade Italian cured meats, just like Italian Nonni (grandparents) would make. Their products are 100% naturally cured meats and hung in the cantina, the traditional way. Owners Isabella and Roberto (sister and brother) are all about: food, tradition and sharing it with the people they love. They pride themselves on their Calabrese roots and keeping their traditional values.

“Just because your Nonni’s don’t make your favorite meats anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t have them” – Salumi Tassoni.

The picnic box comes with a selection of four cured meats – pancetta, prosciuttino, garlic and black pepper sausage & spicy Calabrian sausage – two cheeses, Italian bread sticks (taralli) and some dried and marinated vegetables, as well as a variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables for garnish. I really enjoyed my Salumi Tassoni picnic box and the charcuteries were next level. My favorites were the prosciuttino and the spicy Calabrian sausage, which were to die for. You can really taste the quality and all the spices involved in making each cured meat, which I highly recommend for any charcuterie lovers! The box itself was gorgeous and beautifully presented. I really liked that they separated everything, as I hate it when olive juices get all over the charcuterie…

If you love charcuteries, cured meats and anything Italian, then this box was made for you! They also offer focaccia sandwiches made with their homemade cured meats, which must be as delicious and luxury picnic baskets for those special occasions or even charcuterie platters. Buon appetito!

Salumi Tassoni (2020)
Salumi Tassoni (2020)
Salumi Tassoni (2020)
Salumi Tassoni (2020)
Salumi Tassoni (2020)
Salumi Tassoni (2020)
Salumi Tassoni (2020)

*This is a sponsored blog post where I received free products

*All photos and comments are mine

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