Café San Gennaro: Excellent Italian café for pastries, coffees and pizzas (Little Italy)

Restaurant: Café San Gennaro
Restaurant type: Italian, café, pizza, desserts, pastries
Date: Sunday March 8th 2020
Group of: 7

Just before COVID hit us right in the face, my friends and I had the opportunity to try out San Gennaro as their guests! San Gennaro is an Italian café and bakery in Little Italy, serving pizzas, desserts and coffees. They’re the little brother (or sister?) to Bottega, which is located right next door. On weekends, this place gets packed full of people real quick, who are there to see friends, grab a quick bite, or sip on their cappuccino.

Thanks to Mauro who invited us, we got to try many delicious things that San Gennaro has to offer. I really loved their pizzas, which were excellent. The Nutella bombolone was bomb, but my favorite was the zeppole; pure perfection! Washed down with a nice cappuccino, latte or espresso, it was a great (and generous!) midday snack. Thanks for having us!

San Gennaro (2020)
San Gennaro (2020)
San Gennaro (2020)
San Gennaro (2020)
San Gennaro (2020)
San Gennaro (2020)
San Gennaro (2020)
San Gennaro (2020)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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