Turquoise Blog’s 9 Favorite Montreal Dumplings 2020

Turquoise Blog’s 9 Favorite Montreal Dumplings 2020

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE dumplings. So much so, that I could probably eat them every day (or at least once a week anyways). Luckily, they aren’t the hardest thing to make, so I can get by on my own homemade dumplings, or even store-bought frozen dumplings, but every now and then, I crave the real delicious deal. Here are my 9 favorite Montreal dumplings!

Gaja (Mile-End) – Fried mandoo

Gaja (2020)

I kicked off 2020 with a visit to Gaja, so it was only fitting to mention them first. We tried two types of mandoo (Korean dumplings) – fried and steamed – and with two different fillings – beef and pork – but the fried beef mandoo were my favorite. The seasoning on the filling was delicious and juicy, and the mandoo were fried to perfection. For more on Gaja, click here!

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling (Downtown) – Soup dumplings

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling (2019)

I know, I’m extremely late to the whole dumplings game by only trying Sammi & Soupe Dumpling last year (shame on me, really). With that said, after my first visit at Sammi & Soupe Dumpling, I could proudly say that I’d been and that they were the BEST soup dumplings in Montreal. If you’re looking for an excellent place for soupy, juicy, flavourful and yummy soup dumplings that are centrally located (downtown), you 100% cannot go wrong with Sammi & Soupe Dumpling. I liked it so much, I actually went twice in like 9 days. With that said, Sammi & Soupe Dumpling is definitely more of a soup dumpling place than a fried or steamed dumpling place, which they also have. For more on Sammi & Soupe Dumpling, click here!

Yum Yum Soupe Dumpling (Plateau) – Soup dumplings, fried dumplings

Yum Yum Soupe Dumpling (2019)

After finally trying Sammi & Soupe Dumpling last year, I figured, these really are the best soup dumplings in Montreal. Well, half a year later, I tried the all-new Yum Yum Soupe Dumpling in the Plateau and now I’m definitely torn between the two! Yum Yum Soupe Dumpling’s dumplings are definitely yum yum, soupy, flavourful and juicy (their fried dumplings are equally good). They also offer dishes from other Asian cuisines, like laksa and noodle dishes, if you feel like mixing things up. For more on Yum Yum Soupe Dumpling, click here!

P’tit Frère Dumpling (Plateau) – Fried dumplings

P’tit Frère Dumpling (2019)

P’tit Frère Dumpling is, as you guessed it, a dumpling restaurant. Its located in the Plateau and opened its doors last year only. They serve both boiled and fried dumplings and about 10 different flavours (vegetarian options too). They also have a few other dishes like noodles, salads and soups, as well as a tea and bubble tea menu. I’ve eaten my fair share of dumplings in my life and P’tit Frère Dumpling’s fried dumplings were super juicy, flavourful and nicely fried on the outside; a real delight! For more on P’tit Frère Dumpling, click here!

Impérial (Chinatown) – Assortment of dumplings

Impérial (2019)

For those who still don’t know what dim sum is, first of all, its a must try. Second, its basically Chinese brunch, where ladies push karts around the restaurant filled with various small plates (like dumplings) for you to choose from. Impérial is located in Chinatown and serves up delicious dim sum; its my favorite one in Chinatown and Montreal too! Everything is excellent and the assortment is very extensive, from your more popular dim sum dishes like hargow (steamed shrimp dumpling) and shumai (pork and shrimp dumpling), to xiao long bao (soup dumplings). The service is also very good and attentive and the prices are very good, at less than $20 per person and a full belly. For more on Impérial, click here or here!

Ramen Plaza (Villeray) – Smoked meat dumplings

Ramen Plaza (2017)

Ok, I know this one sounds weird, but hear me through. When I went to Ramen Plaza, I was also very skeptical of their smoked meat dumplings (I ended up also ordering the vegetarian ones as back up) but they turned out to be delicious and amazing. Its not a combination I ever thought would work, but it does in so many ways. The dumplings are filled with juicy smoked meat and various herbs and seasonings to make these some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had! For more on Ramen Plaza, click here!

Tchang Kiang by Yangtze (NDG) – Kou tien (fried dumplings)

Tchang Kiang by Yangtze (2018)

Tchang Kiang by Yangtze is the fusion of two Chinese restaurants in NDG, offering nothing but the best of their two respective ex-restaurants (Tchanf Kiang and Yangtze). One of these said best dishes are the kou tien, excellent fried dumplings. For more on Tchang Kiang by Yangtze, click here!

The Dumpling Hut (Plateau) – Steamed dumplings

I haven’t been to the Dumpling Hut in years, but I loved it when I went. I used to live in the Plateau and one fine day, when I was craving delicious dumplings, I did a quick Google search and found this place just off of Saint-Laurent/des pins. It was like 5 minutes from where I lived, so I walked on over and got myself fried AND steamed dumplings (cause both are delicious). I very much enjoyed both and also loved the ambiance of the place. Its basically like walking into someone’s living room in the Plateau, there are only a few tables and chairs and in the black, a tiny kitchen where the dumplings are prepared and cooked. A nice spot to check out for lunch if you are in the area!

Étoile Rouge (Little Italy) – Dumplings

I went to Étoile Rouge probably like 5 years ago, but really enjoyed it too (and they are still open, so business must be going well too). Surprisingly, they are located in Little Italy, but don’t let that throw you off, as their dumplings are delicious. If you’re in the area and not up for some Italian food, this is a great alternative.

*All photos, comments and opinions are mine

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