Ragù Pasta e Vino: Homemade pastas and sauces – LE CENTRAL’s latest addition!

Restaurant: Ragù Pasta e Vino
Restaurant type: pasta, Italian
Prices: $8-$16 pastas

Date: Wednesday March 4th 2020
Table of: 2
My favorite dish: gnocchi pomodoro

Last week, I had the pleasure of trying Ragù as their guest! Ragù is LE CENTRAL’s latest addition and features fresh homemade pastas and sauces. Everything is simple, authentic and classic; reminding visitors of typical Italian dishes made by nonna. Here are the dishes and wines we tried:

  • Gnocchi pomodoro
  • Ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce
  • Tagliatelle al ragù
  • Mushroom risotto
  • House rosé wine
  • House red wine
Gnocchi pomodoro (2020)
Ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce (2020)
Tagliatelle al ragù (2020)
Mushroom risotto (2020)
House rosé wine & House red wine (2020)

We enjoyed a nice meal at Ragù, fully loaded with pasta and carbs. My favorite dish was the classic gnocchi pomodoro (potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and fresh basil) which was divine. The dish was so simple, yet so tasty, flavourful and delicious. The gnocchi were very soft and fluffy and the sauce was so rich and savoury, even though it was just a tomato sauce. I also really liked the tagliatelle al ragù (bolognese), where they use the same tomato sauce but cook it for longer and with meat in it too. The fresh pasta was great and the sauce was very nice. The ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce and mushroom risotto were nice too, but a bit plain in comparison to the other dishes. The tomato based sauces are definitely the stars at Ragù and I highly recommend them.

If you’re in the area and looking for a quick and delicious pasta dish, I highly recommend Ragù’s gnocchi pomodoro! You will not be disappointed!

Gnocchi pomodoro (2020)
Gnocchi pomodoro (2020)
Gnocchi pomodoro (2020)
Ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce (2020)
Ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce (2020)
Tagliatelle al ragù (2020)
Tagliatelle al ragù (2020)
Tagliatelle al ragù (2020)
Mushroom risotto (2020)
Ragù (2020)
Ragù – menu (2020)
Ragù – menu (2020)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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