Turquoise Blog’s 19 Recommended Montreal Restaurants for Group Dining 2020

I don’t know why, but I actually get asked pretty often for recommendations for group dining (on top of the standard “can you recommend me a restaurant?” lol). So, I figured I would put together a list of restaurants I’ve eaten at, that: have a private dining room and/or can accommodate large groups and/or can privatize their restaurant for you, or even, all of the above! Pretty much any of these restaurants are a great pick for birthday party dinners, or any other large group dining and some even for weddings and corporate events too! It really just depends on what you feel like eating, where in the city and how much you want to spend.

Rather than list every restaurant individually, I wanted to try a different style for this blog post and have listed them into four categories, depending on what you’re looking for. Each includes minimal details, as each restaurant name is clickable and will open a new link with a full blog post about that restaurant. Here are the categories:

*Please note that I wrote this blog post to the best of my knowledge. The majority of the presented information should be correct, however, its possible that there are some omissions. For example, I’m sure if you offer a restaurant thousands of dollars to privatize their restaurant just for you, they’ll do it. I only wrote of the ones I knew that did it (because they’ve done it for my foodie events) but you should definitely reach out to these restaurants for more information. Additionally, I’ve only mentioned restaurants I’ve eaten at and recommend.

India Rosa (2019)

Turquoise Blog’s 19 Recommended Montreal Restaurants for Group Dining 2020

Accommodates large groups [only]
  • Lucille’s Laval (Laval, North Shore) – Seafood, meat
  • Le Filet (Plateau) – Italian/Asian fusion, fancy dining
  • Quindici (Little Italy) – Italian, fancy dining
  • Tavla (St-Leonard) – Greek, BYOW, casual
Accommodates large groups + Has a private dining room(s)
  • India Rosa (Plateau) – Indian resto-bar, tapas and cocktails
  • La Cantina (Downtown) – Higher end Mexican restaurant, large taco selection
  • Bar George (Downtown) – Upscale British food, excellent service
  • Portovino DIX30 (Brossard, South Shore) – Italian, BYOW
  • Aunt Dai (Downtown) – Chinese
  • *Rasoï (St-Henri) – Private room is a speakeasy downstairs, Indian bar, no children allowed
Accommodates large groups + Can privatize the restaurant
Accommodates large groups + Has a private dining room + Can privatize the restaurant
  • Machiavelli (Pointe-Sant-Charles) – Italian/French/Asian fusion, BYOW
  • Impérial (Chinatown) – Chinese, dim sum
  • Lima 14 (Villeray) – Peruvian
Bar George (2020)

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