Turquoise Blog’s Foodie Moments in: St. Louis, Missouri – 2019

Turquoise Blog’s Foodie Moments in: St. Louis, Missouri – 2019

My first of many stops this fall 2019 was St. Louis in Missouri! St. Louis is one of the few major cities in the state (Kansas City being the other – and yes, Kansas City is mainly in Missouri, not in the state of Kansas; who woulda thought right?) and not the capital. Bein non, a city called Jefferson City is the capital.

Anyways, St. Louis reminded me a lot of Columbus, Ohio, although smaller. It was like a nice mix of city and village, with high rises in the downtown core and super friendly people (literally everyone who walks by you says hi – I even got complicated on my outfit and earrings lol). Definitely not much going on here, but I definitely felt safe walking around alone and it felt like everything was super close to each other: convention center, baseball stadium and attractions (like the St. Louis arch).

Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar

Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar (2019)

My first meal in St. Louis was at the Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, a 2 minutes walk from our Airbnb lol. I ended up enjoying a nice platter of charcuteries and cheeses, along with a couple glasses of white wine, which was the perfect kinda meal for me. Its a great kind of place for exactly that: wine, cheese and charcuteries. Food: 8.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Yep.

Mango Restaurant – Peruvian

Mango Restaurant – Peruvian (2019)
Mango Restaurant – Peruvian (2019)
Mango Restaurant – Peruvian (2019)

My colleague actually ended up ditching me on the second night, so I was left to dine with myself lol. Instead of staying in and ordering food, I got out of bed, got dressed and walked a few blocks over to Mango Restaurant, a Peruvian restaurant. I ended up sitting at the bar and having a nice chat with the bartender (who also let me taste a bunch of different wines). I ended up ordering: mussels which were nice but under-seasoned, as well as a fish ceviche which was excellent. I also had a slice of dulce de leche cake for dessert, which the bartender told me that all desserts are handmade by the owner’s wife. Overall, it was a nice experience and I would definitely recommend it as a higher end and authentic Peruvian dining experience. Food: 8.5/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: Yes!

Sugarfire Smoke House – BBQ


Sugarfire Smoke House – BBQ (2019)

For once, there weren’t just garbage food options at the convention center, yay! I had a really nice pulled pork sandwich from Sugarfire Smoke House’s food stand (their actual restaurant is just down the road from the CC). I also liked that it came with no sauce on it and that you could choose to add some if you wanted to, which kind and how much (I went with none cause I’m not a huge fan of BBQ sauces). The meat was super good, the portion was immense and it was a very filling sandwich. Food: 8.5/10, Price: $, Would I go back?: Yes!

Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood


Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood (2019)
Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood (2019)
Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood (2019)


Unfortunately, this one was a miss. The place has a 4.6 rating on Google and more than 4200 reviews, but the food was very average. The only thing I did enjoy with no strings attached, were the baked oysters, which were nice. The crab cakes were bland and the lobster po boy did not even taste like lobster; I’m still convinced it was just shrimp. Food: 6/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: No.

Here’s some more pictures!

Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar (2019)
Mango Restaurant – Peruvian (2019)
Mango Restaurant – Peruvian (2019)
Mango Restaurant – Peruvian (2019)
Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood (2019)
Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood (2019)
Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood (2019)
Broadway Oyster Bar – Seafood (2019)

*All photos and opinions are my own

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