Turquoise Blog’s 8 delicious hot bowls of soup to stay warm this winter 2020

Turquoise Blog’s 8 delicious hot bowls of soup to stay warm this winter 2020

I know there are some weirdos out there who don’t really like soup (crazy right?!) but I’m a huuuge soup lover. I love soup so much, that I even eat it in the summer when its 35 degrees out (or maybe I’m the weirdo?). In any case, here’s a list of some of my favorite soups in the city and where to enjoy them (I’m going to abstain from posting about pho places, because I have an entire blog post dedicated to my MTL Pho Hunt and where to eat (and not eat) pho) . Stay warm my friends!

Le Butterblume (Mile End) – German ravioli soup

Le Butterblume (2018)

I couldn’t not start this list off with Le Butterblume’s German ravioli soup. I’ve literally written about this soup a bunch of times before, but seriously, its a must try. Ever since I tried it, I’ve kinda been addicted to it. There’s just something about those huge pork and spinach filled raviolis, the marinated onions, the heaps of fresh herbs and that salty rich broth, that keeps me coming back for more. If you like soup and raviolis/dumplings in general, this soup is a MUST try. I cannot stress how delicious it is. This soup is so good, that although they have an ever-changing menu, this soup has been on it for years now. Read more about Le Butterblume here!

Bistro Co Ut (Plateau) – Make your own pho

Bistro Co Ut (2020)

Ok, this is the one exception to my “there’s-no-pho-on-this-list”, because, it is a unique experience worth mentioning. At Bistro Co Ut, they serve your beef broth in a large, hot stone bowl and everything else on the side; nice thicker slices of quality raw beef, noodles and all of the other necessaries (herbs, bean sprouts and sauces). It even comes with an egg that you can drop into your soup/broth, mix around and create that “egg drop soup” effect. Not only was the experience super cool, but the soup was also excellent and I loved the higher quality beef. For more on Bistro Co Ut, click here!

Pho Viet Huong (Villeray) – Bun bo hue

Pho Viet Huong (2019)

Granted, I’ve only ever eaten this soup once, buuut, it was so good that it was memorable. I loved Pho Viet Huong’s bun bo hue, cause it was spicy (but not overdone) and full of lemongrass, which I love. The chunks of cooked beef were also super tasty and tender. If you’ve never tried this soup before, give it a try at Pho Viet Huong! For more on Pho Viet Huong, click here!

Crêperie Le St-L (Saint-Lambert, South Shore) – French onion soup

Crêperie Le St-L (2019)

I’m actually quite picky when it comes to French onion soup and it needs to meet several criteria for me to love it. Well, Crêperie Le St-L’s French onion soup met all of my criteria: a rich, flavourful broth, loads of delicious caramelized onions and LOTS of melted cheese. This is the embodiment of a perfect French onion soup. For more on Crêperie Le St-L, click here!

Papa Jackie’s (Brossard, South Shore) – Shrimp wonton soup

Papa Jackie’s (2018)

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of shrimp wonton soup?! My favorite shrimp wonton soup used to be Fung Shing’s in Chinatown, but over the last few years, they’ve changed their recipe and basically put much less shrimp in their wontons. So, I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered Papa Jackie and their amazing shrimp wonton soup. Their shrimp wontons are huge and full of big chunks of delicious shrimp. A must try if you’re on the South Shore! For more on Papa Jackie, click here!

Fung Shing (Chinatown) – Shrimp wonton noodle soup

Fung Shing (2018)

Okay, I realize I just finished writing that Papa Jackie’s shrimp wonton soup is better than Fung Shing’s, BUT, if you’re in the city and after a wonton NOODLE soup, you can’t go wrong with Fung Shing’s. You can even get it fully loaded – full of BBQ pork and vegetables – which is delicious. For more on Fung Shing, click here!

Kinton Ramen (multiple locations) – Spicy pork and garlic ramen

Kinton Ramen (2019)

I know I know, some of you have been reading this blog post being like, where are the ramen options?! Its not that I don’t enjoy ramen, because I do, but I just don’t crave it the way I crave other soups (pho) for example, so I just don’t end up eating and trying out that many. With that said, I got to try Kinton Ramen’s spicy pork and garlic ramen last year and it was delicious; pretty spicy, rich and full of flavour. I lovd my choice of thin noodles and the pork belly was nice and fat but not chewy, which is important. For more on Kinton Ramen, click here!

Nouilles de Lan Zhou (Chinatown) – Hand-pulled beef noodle soup

Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)

And, last but not least, Nouilles de Lan Zhou’s hand-pulled noodles! If you’ve never tried these noodles, they are oh so delicious and a MUST. Nouilles de Lan Zhou is located in Chinatown on Boulevard Saint-Laurent (West side, South of de la Gauchetière) and you can watch the noodle master work his magic on the noodles from the large window outside. If my memory serves me well, they make 7 different types of noodles with different thicknesses. You can also get yours in a soup (which is what I did) or as a dish. For more on Nouilles de Lan Zhou, click here!

*All photos and opinions are mine

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