Chez Dévi: Spice up your Valentine’s Day dinner this year! (Downtown)

Restaurant: Chez Dévi
Restaurant type: Indian, all you can eat lunch buffet
Prices: $8-$12 entrées, $19-$24 mains & $6 desserts on the 2020 Valentine’s Day menu, wine bottles starting at $34

Date: Saturday February 8th 2020
Table of: 2
My favorite dishes: rose malai tikka chicken + butter chicken 

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of trying Chez Dévi’s special Valentine’s Day menu as their guest! I went with Alex, so for us, it was a first-hand experience of a couple’s Valentine’s Day dinner date at Chez Dévi. To begin, I loved the decor of the place, with all of those gorgeous colorful lamps hanging from the ceiling. The space was well decorated too and with dimmed lights, perfect for a romantic dinner.

For Valentine’s Day this year, Chez Dévi prepared a very special and romantic menu, which we had the chance of trying out ahead of time. Here are the dishes we had the pleasure of eating:

  • Dilli Ki Tikki: Crispy heart shaped potato cake
  • Rose Malai Tikka chicken: chicken marinated in cream cheese and rose water, grilled
  • Butter chicken: tandoori grilled chicken, fresh tomato sauce
  • Goan shrimp curry: shrimps cooked in a special goan style
  • Aloo Gobi Bahar: potato, cauliflower and green peppers
  • Naan bread & basmati rice
  • Shahi Tukda: Indian bread pudding
  • House white wine
Dilli Ki Tikki & Rose Malai Tikka chicken (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Butter chicken (2020)
Goan shrimp curry (2020)
Aloo Gobi Bahar (2020)
Naan (2020)
Shahi Tukda (2020)

We enjoyed a lovely pre-Valentine’s Day dinner at Chez Dévi, full of great Indian food. I particularly liked their butter chicken, which was absolutely on point in terms of flavors and seasoning. The chicken was still moist and the sauce very fragrant and delicious (especially with some naan!). We also really enjoyed the rose malai tikka chicken, which had been marinated in cream cheese and rose water and then grilled. The chicken was super moist and juicy, almost liked a pulled-chicken, and very tasty. You couldn’t really taste the rose water, but that was totally fine; it was still a great dish.

I also enjoyed the Dilli ki tikki – crispy heart shaped potato cake – which were also nicely seasoned with spices like coriander, which I adore. We were also served some lentil soup/stew with the mains, which Alex absolutely ADORED; but I can’t recall the name of the dish. In terms of the shrimp curry, the taste was good, but it could have used more seasoning in comparison to its butter chicken counterpart, as well as a nice grill on the shrimp to add texture and flavour. The aloo gobi bahar was excellent too; if I were a vegetarian, I would have been in vegetable heaven. The seasoning and spices on the vegetables were just perfect and really, they were probably some of the best vegetables I’ve ever eaten! Of course, no Indian feast is complete without some basmati rice and naan. Although I enjoyed the naan (and ate it all), the taste was great, but texture wise, I prefer mine a little fluffier. We accompanied our meal with some house white wine, which was a great match to the dishes we ate. For dessert, Chez Dévi served us their Indian bread pudding. The taste was good, but for me, the textures of this dessert were not my favorites (I would definitely opt for the brownie instead).

Overall, we enjoyed a great Indian meal at Chez Dévi. The prices are very good, especially considering location, so if you’re looking for a nice but affordable Valentine’s Day dinner, Chez Dévi is a lovely choice! Chez Dévi’s Valentine’s Day menu is only offered this Friday, February 14th 2020. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Me at Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Dilli Ki Tikki & Rose Malai Tikka chicken (2020)
Dilli Ki Tikki & Rose Malai Tikka chicken (2020)
Butter chicken (2020)
Butter chicken (2020)
Naan (2020)
Chez Dévi – Valentine’s Day menu (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)
Chez Dévi (2020)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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