Turquoise Blog’s Foodie Moments in: Houston – 2019

Turquoise Blog’s Foodie Moments in: Houston – 2019

So I know what y’all are going to say: you went to Texas and didn’t have any BBQ?! I know, shame on me. Quite honestly, the weather was pretty bad (cold and rainy), I wasn’t properly dressed for it (I had packed a carry-on for a two week trip to Florida, Mexico City and Houston, so warmer clothing wasn’t really my priority) and I just couldn’t be bothered to go out of my way (#nexttime).

Houston is one of the major cities in the state of Texas, and, according to my colleague in Dallas, not a great place to be haha. I really didn’t get to see much of it, as I arrived late on a Sunday and left early morning 3 days later. Plus, the majority of my time was spent at the convention center and also, it rained for the 2.5 days I was there. So yeah, Houston didn’t make a great impression on me. But, at least, I did very much enjoy all the meals I had, so that’s a plus.

Pepperoni’s (Montrose – UBER Eats) – Fast food pizza

Pepperoni’s (2019)

My first meal in Houston was actually a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Pepperoni’s at like midnight. I got in from Mexico City quite late and was famished; Pepperoni’s (in Montrose) was pretty much my only option on UBER Eats, so I took it. The pizza was nice, better than Pizza Pizza and really hit the spot. Perks of staying in an airbnb: I put the leftover pizza in the fridge and had that for breakfast/lunch for the next 2 days lol. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$, Would I order again?: Sure, it was a nice fast food pizza option. 

Huynh Restaurant x2 – Vietnamese

Huynh Restaurant (2019)
Huynh Restaurant (2019)

For some reason, I was in a Vietnamese food mood when I was in Houston (probably cause it was rainy and cold), so I was happy to discover a highly rated Vietnamese restaurant near the convention center (where I spend most of my time when travelling for work). Turns out Houston is a bit of a foodie city and actually had many Vietnamese restaurants. I chose the one closest to me and was not disappointed. I enjoyed an excellent pho on my first visit and after raving about it to my colleague, we went back the next day for dinner together. This time around, I had some grilled meats over noodles, which were very good too. Food: 9/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Certainly! I did 😉

Grotto Downtown (George R. Brown Convention Center) – Italian

Grotto Downtown (2019)

Remember when I said you’re tired AF after trade shows? Well, we chose a restaurant that was attached to the convention center, without thinking much of it. We were very pleasantly surprised by the food we ordered and everything was actually very good quality and tasty. We enjoyed some delicious Italian dishes like ravioli, braised beef gnocchi and cavatelli with sausage. Food: 9/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: Absolutely!

George Bush Intercontinental Airport – Breakfast

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (2019)

Can’t recall the name of the place, but on my way home, I stopped for breakfast at a sit-down restaurant at the G.B. airport. Breakfast was very simple and average, nothing to write home about. Food: 7/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Only if I had to.

Here’s some more pictures!

Grotto Downtown (2019)
Grotto Downtown (2019)
Grotto Downtown (2019)
Grotto Downtown (2019)
Huynh Restaurant (2019)
Huynh Restaurant (2019)
Huynh Restaurant (2019)
Huynh Restaurant (2019)
Mural at the Houston Convention Center (2019)

*All photos and opinions are mine

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