Turquoise Événements’s Recommended Montreal Wedding Vendors 2020

Turquoise Événements’s Recommended Montreal Wedding Vendors 2020

I was originally planning on making this a private PDF for future clients, but what’s the point if no one’s going to read it until I get clients? Besides, a lot of the vendors in this list are already on my wedding highlights blog post, as they are the vendors I used for my own wedding lol. Otherwise, I’ve also included other vendors I was either considering for my own wedding but did not end up choosing (cause you can only have 1 venue lol) or vendors I just really like, based on appearances. So, here are my Turquoise Événements’s Recommended Montreal Wedding Vendors 2020!


La Vieille Brasserie, Lachine (Montreal) 

La Vieille Brasserie, as you may have guessed from its name, used to be an old brewery. Located by the water and just on the edge of Lac Saint-Louis in Lachine, La Vieille Brasserie proposes a rustic-chic look for your wedding venue; think stone walls and a lot of wood (ceiling beams, floors, tables and chairs). The venue also boasts 2 floors and 3 different rooms (main room on the second floor), as well as 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and an elevator. This is a “do it all yourself” type of venue, where only the venue, the tables and chairs are provided. You will have to figure out everything else yourself: catering, wait staff, entertainment, dinnerware, décor, etc.
Capacity: 110 people
Cost: starting at $127/hour

Centre communautaire de l’Est, Pierrefonds (Montreal)

Le Centre communautaire de l’Est was the other venue my husband and I were debating between. Completely different in terms of style, this venue offers more of a modern feel with its beautiful all-windows wall and lots of metal beams. The venue has a main hall and many smaller rooms for rental, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and is accessible to handicaps. This is another “do it all yourself” type of venue, however there are a few more inclusions in the rental fee like dinnerware and room set-up. You will have to figure everything else out yourself though: catering, wait staff, entertainment, décor, etc.
Capacity: 150 people
Cost: starting at $983/day

Fritz Community Centre, Baie-D’Urfé (Montreal)

The Fritz Community Centre sits on Lakeshore Drive, facing Lac Saint-Louis. My friend’s sister hosted her engagement party here and it looked beautiful; very charming, cosy and rustic. There’s also a beautiful gazebo next door (if you’re from the West Island, you know) that can be reserved for your wedding! The venue comes with tables, chairs and dinnerware, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. We personally came across this venue too late in our decision making process and the capacity was just under what we needed.
Capacity: 87 people
Cost: starting at $500/8 hours

Maison Principal, Saint-Henri (Montreal)

Two of my friends have recently booked Maison Principal for their wedding this year and I really wish I were in town to go, as the place looks beautiful. I haven’t looked it up much, but this seems more like your typical “Italian hall type” venue, where you pay a set price per head and they literally take care of everything for you: catering, DJ, photo booth, decor, etc. They have two rooms you can rent, the grand salon (450 pax) and the Mignon hall (200pax over two floors).
Capacity: 450 people


Elle Jay’s Private Dining by Marissa Leon-John

For those who don’t know her, Marissa competed on season 5 of MasterChef Canada and finished in the Top 7. I don’t know about you, but just making it on the show is a huge accomplishment! Marissa’s main service offering is private dinners in the comforts of your own home, but she can also be persuaded to cater your wedding. From Thai food to Mexican and Italian to grilled meats, she can pretty much make anything you want, and its delicious too.

Délices Lafrenaie

Délices Lafrenaie is an Italian bakery that has been serving all kinds of sweet treats for 40 years now! From stunning custom wedding cakes to mini cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and more, anything sweet you can think of, they can make. They have 6 locations across the GMA (Greater Montreal Area) to better serve their customers, with 4 on the island of Montreal, 1 on the South Shore (Brossard) and one on the North Shore (Rosemère).

Sushi Sama

The Sushi Sama family has multiple locations across Montreal and also offers a catering service with delivery for all your sushi needs. They offer all of your typical sushis, as well as some more creative options with colorful rice paper wrappers and dessert sushi. For more on Sushi Sama, click here or here!

Sfingy’s, Côte-Saint-Luc (Montreal)

Who doesn’t want a donut wall full of custom made donuts at their wedding?! Not only are Sfingy’s donuts beautiful and delicious, they are also nut-free, peanut-free and lactose-free (and also Kosher). These are the perfect treat to have at your wedding if you love donuts and if you have any guests with any allergies to the above-mentioned allergens. For more on Sfingy’s, click here!

Niji Sushi Bar, Brossard (South Shore of Montreal)

Niji Sushi Bar is a restaurant in Brossard’s Quartier DIX30, that serves very nice, pretty, tasty and fancy sushi. They also have a catering service, so if you’re looking for something a little more fancy, with torched/fambléed sushi or premium ingredients like lobster or scallops, Niji has you covered. For more on Niji, click here or here!

Basilico Italian Express, West Island (Montreal)

Basilico Italian Express opened up its doors in 2019 in the West Island and serves excellent pizzas, pastas and salads. They also offer a catering service, so if you’re looking for some delicious café-style Italian food, you’ll be very pleased with Basilico’s products. For more on Basilico Italian Express, click here!

Montreal Home Bakers

And if you’re looking for some sweets with a bit of a homemade touch to them, check out my blog post on Turquoise Blog’s 16 Tested Home Bakers Recommendations 2019!


Emanuela Buonamici

Ema is an amateur photographer (she’s actually a BI analyst) who enjoys taking photos and will offer you a great price in return. We visited the venue with her the week before the wedding, to scout photo locations, which turned out to be a great use of our time, as when the big day came around, we didn’t lose any time. The day of, Ema was great at directing everyone around for all of the different group photos we wanted. In the end, we very extremely happy with the photos Ema took.

Annabelle Agnew

Annabelle Agnew is a professional wedding and engagement photographer I had the pleasure of meeting and benefitting from her services, after winning a free engagement photoshoot with her. Annabelle was very professional, engaging yet discreet and fun to work with.


Funky – Funkalestic Prod (Wladimir Chavez)

Funky is actually now my brother-in-law and a formidable MC (and occasional DJ too). One of the most recurring comments I received after my wedding was that the MC was stellar! He truly did an amazing job, not only at making sure everyone was partying and having a great time, but he also knew how to read the room and crowd to adapt his style and entertainment offer and pretty much led the wedding from start to end. Funky has been an MC at dozens and dozens of weddings, corporate events and others, and can also provide you with a DJ, photo booth and lights system.

DJ Latin Soul (Mike Torvisco)

One of Funky’s main DJ partners, DJ Latin Soul did an amazing job too, from providing back-to-back hit bangers when everyone was down to party on the dance floor, composing super smooth and seamless transitions between songs and providing some ambiance music during the dinner.

Kreate Photobooth (Tyffany)

@kreate.photobooth (2020)

I did a collab this year with Tyffany and her company – Kreate Photobooth – for one of my foodie events and it was great! As you guessed it, Kreate Photobooth is a photo booth service. Photos are taken with a mirror-like iPad screen, where you can select different photo frames, effects and styles, take photos and then send them to yourself electronically. The interface was super easy to use, the user experience was perfect (I’ve used some of these screens before that did not work well) and Tyffany was there throughout the event to make sure everything went well and to help us if we needed or had questions. Tyffany will also prepare a backdrop and all the necessary props you need for your photos and then send them all to you at the end of the event! A great, fun and affordable photo booth service!



Ethereal provided a gorgeous balloon arch for my wedding and it could not have been more perfect. Ethereal specializes in custom balloon décor like arches, custom text on balloons and stand-alone balloon arrangements. They also provide a customized gift service.


Elvira’s Floral Studio

I already knew Elvira from previous collaborations together (floral arrangements for my events) but I ended up winning her contest on Instagram and so got my bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere from her. Elvira took in all of my comments and wants with regards to my bouquet and fashioned me a gorgeous bouquet full of pink and white flowers and stunning peonies, as well as a white rose boutonniere for my husband. 

Summit Flora (Summit School), Ville-Saint-Laurent (Montreal)

I’ve recently collabed twice with Summit Flora and loved their arrangements both times (especially the gorgeous holiday wreath center piece!). Summit Flora is a work-oriented training program for special needs students between the ages of 16 and 21. Its primary objective is to provide an environment where students can develop problem solving, fine motor, and social skills through a creative and hands on approach. Any orders placed with Summit Flora provides the students with the opportunity to practice their skills and gain valuable working experience that will hopefully increase the likelihood of future employment.

Fleuriste Abaca, Rosemont (Montreal)

I have also collaborated numerous times with Fleuriste Abaca and they have always provided me beautiful floral arrangements for my foodie events.


If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can buy bulk flowers at most physical Costco stores, as well as online and fashion your own bouquets and center pieces at a fraction of the cost. If you go to the Promenades Saint-Bruno Costco store (formerly in Saint-Hubert on the South Shore) ask for Sandra and she’ll even let you place a special order ahead of time, to make sure you get all the flower you desire.


La Nouvelle Tablée

After a nightmare experience on Kijiji, La Nouvelle Tablée was a life saver in terms of last minute dinnerware rentals. Their prices are also very good and competitive and they offer a wide range of products. They also offer a delivery service, or you can pick it up yourself at their Longueuil warehouse.

Cité Fêtes

I only rented a coffee percolator from Cité Fêtes for my wedding, but the experience and service was seamless. With that said, they do offer a full range of products from pop-up bars to tables and chairs, and cutlery to dinnerware.

Location Gmax

I have a friend who rented his dinnerware from Location Gmax for his wedding at La Vieille Brasserie and he recommended them to me. Their pricing was very similar, maybe even a bit cheaper than La Nouvelle Tablée, but they are located in Delson whereas La Nouvelle Tablée is 10 minutes from our home (Longueuil) so we went with them instead for proximity.


Rouge et Blanc, Centre de vinification / Winemaking center

Looking for something outside of the box to gift to your guests?! At Rouge et Blanc, you can make your own wine, bottle it, personalize it with the label and corking of your choice and then offer it as a favor to your wedding guests! You can even make smaller bottles (375ml) if you’re more on a budget. Depending on the quality of the wine and the bottle size, these gifts can cost as low as $2.15/bottle! Click here to read more about Rouge et Blanc!


BEELUX offers delicious Quebec-made honey jars, of different shapes and flavours (blueberry, clover and buckwheat). If you want to gift something sweet and personalized to your guests, this is a great gift!



Sarah was the head waitress and bartender at my wedding and I highly recommend her in both roles. She has many years of industry experience as both a waitress and a bartender and provides 5 start service throughout the event.


Marc-André was one of two waiters/bartenders at my wedding and I also highly recommend him for either or both roles. He has many years of industry experience as both a waiter and a bartender and provides 5 start service throughout the event. Being a married man himself, Marc-André knows what it takes to run a successful one from a F&B perspective. Marc-André is also available as a manual worker if you need someone to set up your venue.


If you’re getting a civil wedding, you’re going to need someone to officiate the wedding! This can be done by a relative or friend, as long as they do a quick online course. However, if no one steps up, you’ll have to get a notary who can both officiate and make sure everything is done legally.

Me Yaidelys Valdes C

On a recommendation from my brother-in-law, we chose Me Yaidelys Valdes C, who is a trilingual notary (French, English, Spanish). She has an office in Anjou just off the 40, where you’ll have to meet with her to go over little details like: who is walking down the aisle, who is walking who down the aisle, what music will be playing, what’s the exit like, etc.


Pharmaprix, Pointe-Claire

I actually got my wedding make up done the morning of at a Pharmaprix I had never been to. The make-up artist was quite stunned to learn that I was getting married that very same afternoon, as future brides normally go in for a test session to make sure they like their make-up. Nonetheless, my make-up artist did exactly what I wanted (natural make-up) and I loved her work. This service is free at all participating Pharmaprixs, as long as you spend $50 in their “premium” section.

Cool Nails Mtl, Brossard (South Shore of Montreal)

I’ve done a few collabs with manicurists over the years and my most recent partnership is with Norma from Cool Nails Mtl. Norma is a certified manicurist from LaSalle College and does manicures and pedicures with either UV gel or regular polish. She also does prosthetics/tips, so if your nails break a lot like mine do, don’t fret, she’ll sculpt you some beautiful nails of the length and shape of your choice. Norma also offers a mobile service so she can come to you, wherever you are!

LUX bar à ongles & esthétique, Saint-Hubert (South Shore of Montreal)

If you’re looking for a salon experience, LUX bar à ongles et esthétique in Saint-Hubert will offer you a great one. The space is beautiful and welcoming, and the staff is professional. I’ve only ever had my nails done there, but they do many other services too which can be useful for the big day like eyelash extensions, spray tans, laser hair removal, facials and more. You can even rent the space and host a private party there, perfect for a bachelorette party or the day before your wedding day!


Elise Bernier-Gravel (me!)

I may have only organized 1 wedding (my own) and been a day-of wedding coordinator once (three experiences coming up in 2020!), but I have more than 10 years of event planning experience (including 5 years of professional event planning experience in the corporate world and I’m the face behind all of Turquoise Blog’s Foodies & Bloggers Dinners and Insta Foodie Dinners), a Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in marketing with a focus on event planning and a passion for events 🙂
My Wedding Planner rate is $1000* and my Day-Of Wedding Coordinator rate is $450* – contact me today for more information; the first meeting is always on the house!

– Elise

*Pricing may vary upon evaluation of your exact needs

Turquoise Événements tried, tested and recommended vendor

**All opinions are mine and all photos are mine unless otherwise credited

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