Turquoise Blog’s Fancy Series: 12 Places to Eat Foie Gras in Montreal 2019

Turquoise Blog’s Fancy Series: 12 Places to Eat Foie Gras in Montreal 2019

I decided to launch a new FANCY SERIES of blog posts, because why not? Early this year, I started writing and publishing list-type blog posts, of my favorite bring-your-own-wine (BYOW) restaurants, my favorite desserts, my favorite South Shore restaurants, etc.

Now, I’d like to present to you (for now) a 4 part series called Turquoise Blog’s Fancy Series! As the title indicates, these blog posts will highlight some of the best places in Montreal to eat fancy things, starting with this first post on foie gras.

I don’t know about you, but foie gras is one of those super fancy things I love to eat. I only discovered it in 2018 through all my blogging and restaurant collabs and at first I was like eh, this is interesting. Fast forward to me eating it a few more times and now I can’t live without it lol. There’s more than one way to eat foie gras – pan-seared for example, which is beyond excellent – but one of the the most “traditional” and common ways found in Montreal is “au torchon”, a big chunk of foie gras on your plate, with pain brioché and a chutney of some kind (usually fig).

The next three Turquoise Blog’s Fancy Series blog posts will be on truffles, bone marrow and fancy restaurants in Montreal.

So, do yourself a favor this holiday season and indulge in one of the most decadent foods out there: foie gras. Here’s my Turquoise Blog’s Fancy Series: 12 Places to Eat Foie Gras in Montreal 2019.

Rosélys (Downtown) – Foie gras au torchon

Rosélys (2019)

It could just be because I was craving foie gras badly and Rosélys more than satisfied that craving of mine, but Rosélys’s foie gras au torchon is currently my favorite foie gras in the city! First off, the foie gras is everything you ever imagined it to be – rich, silky, meaty and decadent – and the portion is more than generous (considering price). It comes with the classic pain brioché, but make sure to ask for a loaf of their fresh bread from their Marché des Artisans next door, which is actually stuffed with cheese and oh so good. For more on Rosélys, click here!

La Colombe (Plateau) – Foie gras poêlé ***MISE À JOUR LE 27 JANVIER 2020 : La Colombe est fermé indéfiniment***

La Colombe (2018)

***MISE À JOUR LE 27 JANVIER 2020 : La Colombe est fermé indéfiniment*** I think the first time I had foie gras, it was La Colombe’s poêlée de foie gras (pan-fried foie gras) and it was the best. The fact that it was pan-fried made it 100 times better, more savoury, more decadent, warm and oh so yummy. If you’ve never had foie gras, I definitely recommend trying this form first! For more about La Colombe, click here!

Le Filet (Plateau) – Foie gras shavings cavatelli with veal cheeks  

Le Filet (2019)

Le Filet’s foie gras shavings cavatelli with veal cheeks is a superbly executed pasta and foie gras dish, and just generally, one of many beautifully done dishes by one of my all-time favorites, Le Filet. Pasta was cooked to perfection and covered in a delicious veal cheeks sauce and then topped with decadent foie gras shavings. Delicious! For more on Le Filet, click here!

Sinclair (Old Montreal) – Foie gras and waffles

Sinclair (2018)

Le Sinclair allowed me to discover a new way to enjoy foie gras (still au torchon), with a sweet waffle and a lovely glass of fortified white wine. So rich, smooth, decadent and sweet! Almost like a savoury dessert lol. For more on Le Sinclair, click herehere or here!

La Selva (Plateau) – Foie gras mayo and tacos

La Selva (2019)

Now this one’s super original. La Selva actually prepares a FOIE GRAS MAYO for your tacos; tacos + foie gras mayo = love. It might sound weird, but trust me, its a stellar combo. For more on La Selva, click here or here or here!

Le Passé Composé (Village) – Foie gras eggs Benedict

Le Passé Composé (2019)

Another super original way to enjoy foie gras, is Le Passé Composé’s foie gras eggs Benedict. Here too, the foie gras is pan-fried and adds this rich decadence to an already super rich (but not too heavy) and delicious dish that I adore. One of my favorite brunch dishes! For more on Le Passé Composé, click here!

Quindici (Little Italy) – Foie gras pasta

Quindici (2019)

As a pasta and a foie gras lover, you can bet I loved this dish. Quindici prepares homemade orecchiette pasta with braised beef, a foie gras sauce and small bits of foie gras; so. good. For more on Quindici , click here or here!

Jerry Ferrer (Food truck) – Foie gras and truffle poutine

Jerry Ferrer (2019)

Not only does Jerry Ferrer’s food truck serve a poutine with a nice chunk of foie gras on top, they also add truffles to it. Really, what more could you ask for? Everything is really well balanced and it all blends very nicely together, to create the ultimate gourmet poutine experience. Definitely a must try if you like foie gras aaand truffles!!

Ikanos (Old Montreal) – Foie gras and scallops

Ikanos (2018)

Ah yes, another delicious foie gras dish. Ikanos makes this superb scallops & foie gras dish, with giant pan-fried scallops and beautiful thin slices of foie gras. The accompanying ingredients are adapted depending on the season and its available ingredients. For us, the dish was accompanied by a celeriac purée and a dried apricot and capers salsa. It was a delightful dish, full of different textures and flavours; an excellent mix of ingredients. If you like foie gras and seafood, you’re not going to want to miss out on this dish! For more on Ikanos, click here or here!

La Belle et la Barbe (South Shore) – Foie gras poêlé

La Belle et la Barbe (2019)

If you’re on the South Shore and not keen on crossing over into Montreal for some foie gras, fret not, La Belle et la Barbe in Saint-Hubert has you covered with their decadent pan-seared foie gras. Again, if you’ve never tried it this way, its definitely worth a try. For more on La Belle et la Barbe, click here!

Chez Alexandre (Downtown) – Foie gras au torchon

Chez Alexandre (2018)

Another great place to enjoy a classic serving of foie gras au torchon is Chez Alexandre in the heart of downtown Montreal. You really can’t go wrong with this type of foie gras. Plus, if you really like French food, you’ll have an abundance of dishes to choose from. For more on Chez Alexandre, click here!

Machiavelli (Pointe-Saint-Charles) – Foie gras au torchon

Machiavelli (2019)

Last but not least, Machiavelli! A third place to enjoy a nice classic foie gras au torchon is Machiavelli in Pointe-Saint-Charles. The portion is smaller, but just enough to wet your pallet and leave you wanting for more. Machiavelli also offers great fusion cuisine, so if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you’ll be pleased. For more on Machiavelli, click here, here or here!

*All opinions and photos are mine

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