Turquoise Blog’s 16 Tested Home Bakers Recommendations 2019

Turquoise Blog’s 16 Tested Home Bakers Recommendations 2019

This fall, I shared with you a blog post about some must-try desserts in the city at restaurants, but what about home baked goods?! Whether you’re looking for cookies, brownies, brookies (brownie+cookie), cakes, cupcakes or any other sweets, these ladies sure know how to satisfy a sweet tooth! Located across the city too, whether you’re on island or off, you’ll find someone in your area who makes something yummy. Now’s the perfect time to discover one (or many) of these amazing home bakers and to place an order for any and all of your holiday parties! Thank you ladies for all your generous and delicious goodies over the years! Here are my Turquoise Blog’s 16 Tested Home Bakers Recommendations 2019!

The Coookie Twins (West Island) – Chocolate chip cookies

The Coookie Twins (2019)

The Coookie Twins probably make some of my favorite cookies ever. They are so good, rich, buttery and yummy. They offer a wide range of “chocolate chip” type cookies, like their birthday cake cookies, Easter mini eggs cookies and many more. Contact Sarah and Amanda from @thecoookietwins more information! (And yes, they are twins).

Bak.d By Mona (Ville-Saint-Laurent) – Caramel Crac’k & other cookies

Bak.d By Mona (2019)

I’m still not 100% certain I understand what these are (neither does Google), but one things for sure, they’re a real delight. If you love caramel, you’ll love Bak.d By Mona’s sea salt caramel crack, topped with chocolates. Plus, Mona ain’t a one trick pony; she makes a large variety of cookies and other sweets too. Contact Mona from @bak.d_by_mona for more information!

Lucy’s Treats (Laval) – Cakes & other sweets

Lucy’s Treats (2019)

Okay, I haven’t actually ever tasted any of Lucy’s baked goods, but after spending over an hour decorating a cake with her and talking about all kinds of sweets, I can tell she is a knowledgeable and talented home baker who puts a lot of effort and quality into the sweets she bakes. Plus, how you could resist her beautiful cakes?! Contact Lucy from @treatsbylucy.mtl for more information!

Smash Cakes MTL – Smash cakes

Smash Cakes MTL – before (2019)
Smash Cakes MTL – after (2019)

Have you ever heard of a “smash cake” or a “piñata cake” ? These cakes are one of the latest food trends to hit Montreal and provide a fun alternative to your traditional baked cake. Basically, they consist in a dome of chocolate that you smash with a small wooden hammer (kind of like a piñata) to get to the candy-filled center. Perfect for a birthday, gender reveal, or any other event or celebration, Smash Cakes MTL can customize your smash cake to your liking with the colors, text and candy fillings of your choice! (They even offer vegan options). Contact Claudia and Jeff from @smashcakesmtl for more information!

British Bake (Villeray) – British baked goods

British Bake (2019)

Looking for sweets that are out of the ordinary? Opt for Lisa’s British Bakes goodies, which are all inspired from traditional British desserts – they are heavenly. From little cakes to buttery cookies, these British treats are all delicious! Contact Lisa from @britishbakeco for more information!

Em & Breez (Ville-Saint-Laurent) – Nut-free baked goods

Em & Breez (2018)

If you have any nut allergies, Em & Breez is the way to go! Everything that comes out of Mandy’s kitchen is guaranteed nut-free, so perfect for that special someone you want to treat but never can! Mandy can pretty much make anything – cakes, cupcakes, cakepops, biscotti (my personal fave) and more – so your options are endless! Contact Mandy from @emandbreez for more information!

KOOKEBOX (Laval) – Chocolate chip cookies


I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying a KOOKEBOX cookie in a couple years now, but I can still remember how delicious they were. Since, Nathalie’s business has blown up and her cookies are all the rage across town (you can also find her cookies in select boutiques and cafés!). Contact Nathalie from @kookebox for more information!

Azucar Sucreries (Longueuil) – Meringues & other sweets

Azucar Sucreries (2019)

Azucar specialises in meringues and mookies (meringue cookies stuffed with a creamy filling) and is also located on the South Shore, so perfect for all my fellow South Shore foodies looking to get their sweet on! Contact Marie-Elen from @azucar.sucrerie for more information!

Brookies (Laval) – Brownie+Cookie 

Brookies (2019)

Can’t decide between brownies and cookies? Then why not have your cake and eat it too with Mary’s Brookies; a dessert that consists of both a brownie (base) and a cookie (top) ! Available in many flavours like chocolate chip, triple chocolate and Nutella, Brookies are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Contact Mary from @brookiesmtl for more information!

MTL From Scratch (Saint-Leonard) – Chocolate chip cookies, stuffed cookies

MTL From Scratch (2019)

MTL From Scratch offers a bunch of different flavours of cookies, as well as their famour stuffed cookies, which are delicious. Similar to the brookie bownie+cookie experience, with these ladies, you can get a brownie stuffed cookie because why not? Contact Frankie and Katherine from @mtlfromscratch for more information!

Très Flavoured Cookies (Verdun) – Uniquely flavour cookies

Très Flavoured Cookies (2019)

Not a fan of chocolate or overly sweet desserts? Très Flavoured Cookies (formerly known as Cultural Dough) is the perfect pick with Natalie’s superbly unique and very flavoured cookies. She’s got some for all palates, inspired from spices and ingredients from around the world, including: Reggaeton Remedy (pineapple, lime, mint), Green with Zenvy (matcha, strawberries), Saharan Heat (dates, lemon zest, North African spices) and more! Contact Natalie from @tresflavoured for more information!

Sweets2Go (West Island) – Cakesicles, macarons & other sweets

Sweets2Go (2018)

Angela from Sweets2Go makes some of the prettiest treats out there; her macarons especially are like a work of art! If you’re looking for a highly customized dessert, Angela is your gal. She also makes uniquely flavoured treats, so if you’re looking for something customized in terms of look and taste, you’ll be a happy customer. Contact Angela from @sweets2gomtl for more information!

Bcuit MTL (Villeray) – Fortune cookies

Bcuit MTL (2018)

Another unique and different cookie alternative is Bcuit MTL’s fortune cookies! Available in many color and flavour options, these little treats are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face and you can also customize them by putting the message(s) of your choice inside them. Contact Caroline from @bcuit.mtl for more information!

Toute Sweet Cookies (Laval) – Custom cookies

Toute Sweet Cookies (2018)

Lydia from Toute Sweet Cookies was actually one of the first home bakers I connected with and made some beautiful custom turquoise “thank you” cookies for my first-ever foodies event. Not only were the cookies beautiful and on point with my branding, they were some of the best sugar cookies I’ve ever had; oh so buttery, rich and a touch sweet. Lydia can make any custom cookie for you and you’ll find a wide array of her creations on her Instagram page; all beautiful pieces of work. Contact Lydia from @toutesweetcookies for more information!

Blissful Brownies (Laval) – Brownies

Blissful Brownies (2019)

I’m sure some of you were thinking: but what about the brownies Elise?! Yes, I’m a big brownie lover too, I just haven’t had the opportunity of trying out that many haha. I collaborated with Samantha from Blissful Brownies this summer and so I got to taste some of her brownies and they were delicious (even Lucy from @treatsbylucy.mtl says they were the best!). Contact Samantha from @blissfulbrownies.mtl for more information!

Cupcake Couture (West Island) – Cupcakes, cakes & other sweets

Ok, I’ve never actually tried Cupcake Couture’s baked goods, buuuut Tanya and I go way back (literally to like the third grade in elementary school) and I’ve only ever heard and read great reviews about her cakes and cupcakes. They not only look beautiful, they look mouth-watering good too. Contact Tanya from @cupcake_couture_mtl for more information!

*All photos and opinions are mine

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