Turquoise Blog’s Foodie Moments in: Atlanta – 2018

Turquoise Blog’s Foodie Moments in: Atlanta – 2018

The second city in my “Foodie Moments” series is Atlanta, Georgia! Two weeks after having started my current job, I was sent to Atlanta for a week for a trade show (all about that timing). Atlanta happens to be the capital of Georgia and one of my least favorite USA destination (sorry not sorry). I’m sure Atlanta’s suburbs are lovely and all (I’ve watched the reboot of Dynasty), but the downtown area is one of the sketchiest I have ever experienced and I’ve traveled to 40 different countries and hundreds of different cities. Anyways. With that said, I did eat some pretty good food while I was there, so at least, that’s a positive point.

Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup (Downtown) – Vietnamese

Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup (2018)

My first foodie stop in Atlanta was at a Vietnamese restaurant! The airbnb we were staying at was located next to a really cute pedestrian street, with a lot of ethnic quick-stop type restaurants. Of course, my taste buds settled on Dua and I enjoyed a very lovely bowl of pho. The weather was quite cold and rainy too, so it definitely hit the spot. Food: 8.5/10, Price: $, Would I go back?: Definitely!

Hudson Grille Downtown – Bar

With a bunch of (male) colleagues, it was decided that we would go to a sports bar one evening (classic). We ended up ordering a bunch of different starters to share, like fried pickles (I wish I’d known before biting into one), slides, fries, tacos and more. The food was good, but nothing special to report. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Sure, it was a decent sports bar, but its not a priority. 

Red Phone Booth (Downtown) – Cigar lounge

Red Phone Booth (2018)

Ok, no eating involved here, but if you’re looking for a cigar lounge or at the very least, a unique bar experience, then you’ll like the Red Phone Booth. Basically, to get in, you have to dial in a “secret code” on the phone inside a red phone booth, which will unlock a door /wall behind the phone and allow you to enter the cigar lounge. To get this said code, you need to know someone who’s been before (we got lucky and our airbnb host gave it to us). Obviously, if you like cigars, you’ll be in cigar heaven. Otherwise, its a pretty smoky environment. Experience: 8/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Sure, but its not a priority as I don’t smoke cigars. 

Thrive Atlanta (Downtown) – Japanese, Italian, American

Thrive Atlanta (2018)

What started out as a Japanese restaurant, turned out to also be an Italian and American restaurant? It was kinda weird, but the food was great. Since we were a large group, we ordered a bunch of entrées to share, like burrata, dumplings and fried calamari. My initial thought had been to get Japanese, but when I saw the filet mignon with herb and garlic mashed potatoes, parmesan gratin and foie gras butter, I just had to get that. I was a bit disappointed as it didn’t taste like foie gras at all, but the steak was very nice. I also got to taste some of the sashimi and it was very good too. Food: 8/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: Yes!

NaanStop (Downtown) – Indian

After a long day on the trade show floor, my boss and I just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat back at the airbnb. We were originally going to get Vietnamese from Dua, but it was closed! Turns out pretty much every restaurant on that pedestrian street was only open for like lunch (wtf?). One of our few options was an Indian counter, NaanStop, so we decided to give it a go. I can’t quite recall what I had, but it was some chicken and sauce based dish, very similar to butter chicken; tikka masala chicken? No idea, but accompanied by a bottle of white wine, it was delicious and definitely hit the spot. Food: 8.5/10, Price: $, Would I go back?: Yes, if I were in the mood for Indian food.

Anh’s Kitchen (UBER Eats) – Vietnamese

Anh’s Kitchen (2018)

On my last (and lonesome) night in Atlanta, I decided to treat myself to some beef pho AND grilled Vietnamese meats by ordering on UBER Eats. It ended up being delicious and way too much food, but definitely worth it (I even had some leftovers for breakfast the next morning before flying out). Food: 8.5/10, Price: $$, Would I order again?: Most definitely!

Here’s some more pictures!

Anh’s Kitchen (2018)
Thrive Atlanta (2018)
Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup (2018)
Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup (2018)
Downtown Atlanta (2018)

*All photos and opinions are mine

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