Turquoise Blog’s 11 Desserts Worth Discovering in Montreal 2019

Turquoise Blog’s 11 Desserts Worth Discovering in Montreal 2019

Who doesn’t love dessert?! Okay, I’m more of a savoury person myself, but I’ve grown to appreciate (and sadly, crave) desserts too, more and more with all these restaurant outings! So, I figured I’d put a list together of some of my favorites of the year!

Patrice Pâtissier’s raspberry cream choux with caramel sauce (St-Henri)

Patrice Pâtissier’s raspberry cream choux with caramel sauce (2019)
Patrice Pâtissier’s raspberry cream choux with caramel sauce (2019)

Probably the best, most rich, most decadent most wonderful dessert I ate this year: Patrice Pâtissier‘s raspberry cream choux with caramel sauce. If you love French desserts, then you’ll surely love this one. The choux itself was perfectly crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the raspberry cream was a dream and the caramel sauce, just wow. If you like “WOW” desserts, this one is for you! However, they don’t serve it all year long so you have to be strategic about it! To read more about Patrice Pâtissier, click here!

Pho 88’s fried ice cream (CDN)

Pho 88’s fried ice cream (2019)
Pho 88’s fried ice cream (2019)

A close second favorite this year is Pho 88‘s fried ice cream. I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten my fair share of fried ice creams over the years and they’ve only ever really been good at best. Pho 88 makes THE BEST fried ice cream and its everything you ever thought it could and should be. A perfect ball of vanilla ice cream, covered in a perfect layer of crispy friedness. Even looks wise, the other fried ice creams are jelly. It was so good, I brought my sister along the first time and she went back on her own for some more. To read more about Pho 88, click here!

Lucille’s key lime pie (multiple locations)

Lucille’s key lime pie (2019)

As much as I enjoy a decadent, chocolatey dessert, I discovered this year that key lime pie is one of my favorites. I’ve always loved the taste of limes, so no surprise here really. I’ve tried a few around the city and can say that Lucille‘s key lime pie is the best one I’ve had so far. The base is rich, the lime custard thick and creamy with a nice balance between the lime and the sugar. To read more about Lucille’s, click here!

Tavla’s kanolaki (St-Leonard)

Tavla’s kanolaki (2019)

I’m not the biggest cannoli fan – although I am more so now than before – which is why I loved Tavla‘s (formerly known as Neos) kanolaki, because its a cannoli shell stuffed with Nutella flavoured Greek yogurt. The taste is great and the filling is much lighter than its ricotta counterpart, which is what I love about them. To read more about Tavla, click here or here!

Firegrill’s molten brownie with vanilla ice cream (Downtown)

Firegrill’s molten brownie with vanilla ice cream (2018)

After eating at Firegrill, I couldn’t stop raving about how good their molten brownie dessert was. It was everything you could ever ask for of a brownie; rich, decadent, moist and chocolatey. Plus, it was topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and covered in a lavish chocolate sauce; the perfect match for a delicious dessert! To read more about Firegrill, click here!

Le Passé Composé’s apple beignets (Village)

Le Passé Composé’s apple beignets (2019)

A nice discovery this summer was Le Passé Composé‘s apple beignets! This basically consists in slices of apple covered in batter and then deep fried to make the perfectest little fried apple donuts. I guess you could say its a healthier alternative to donuts (lol) but its also a softer and sweeter alternative too. If you like apple desserts, this ones for you! To read more about Le Passé Composé, click here!

Basilico Italian Express’s cannoli (West Island)

Basilico Italian Express’s cannoli (2019)

Speaking of cannoli, Basilico Italian Express is the first “real” and “traditional” Italian cannoli I’ve tasted that I loved. The shell was perfectly crunchy and the ricotta filling was smooth, rich and creamy but not overly thick, cheesy and heavy, which is what I usually dislike about cannoli. They also offer different flavoured cannoli, like a Nutella cannoli, which was a real delight. To read more about Basilico Italian Express, click here!

Crêperie Le St-L’s sucre à la crème crêpe (St-Lambert)

Crêperie Le St-L’s sucre à la crème crêpe (2019)

This one’s for my Québécois fans! (or anyone who likes maple desserts!). As you should be able to tell by their name, Crêperie Le St-L makes crêpes (amongst many other things). Their one crêpe you have to try is their sucre à la crème crêpe, which is perfectly sweet and delicious. This crêpe may not look like much, but boy is it good. If you love very sweet and maple desserts, you’ll love this one. To read more about Crêperie Le St-L, click here!

Juliette & Chocolat’s entire menu (multiple locations)

Juliette & Chocolat’s entire menu (2019)
Juliette & Chocolat’s entire menu (2019)

Of course, no desserts list would be complete without the classic that Juliette & Chocolat is! I’ve been eating her desserts for years now and they are some of the best in the city in terms of taste, quality, price and consistency across the locations. There are now so many locations around the city that if you choose to go there for desserts, you know you’ll get the same great product that you would at another location. Some of my favorites are the brownies, fondant au chocolat and waffle tower. To read more about Juliette & Chocolat, click here!

Café Zezin’s samba on ice brownie (Villeray)

Café Zezin’s samba on ice brownie (2019)

Café Zezin’s brownie was one of the best brownies I’d had in a long time. It reminded me a lot of Juliette & Chocolat’s brownie, as its rich and decadent, but not heavy and there’s a really nice balance between the chocolate and the sweetness of it. It also comes topped with a nice scoop of ice cream, which is always a good pairing for a brownie. To read more about Café Zezin, click here or here!

Quindici’s deconstructed cannoli (Little Italy)

Quindici’s deconstructed cannoli (2019)

Last but not least, Quindici’s deconstructed cannoli! This is the first form of a cannoli I’ve ever tasted and that I liked. Quindici’s deconstructed cannoli is everything that an authentic cannoli should be, just put together in a different way. The shell is crispy and the dollops of ricotta cream smooth, rich and silky. To read more about Quindici, click here or here!

*All photos and comments are mine

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