La Selva: Delicious and refined 6-course Mexican tasting menu! (Plateau)

Restaurant: La Selva
Chef & Owner: Ali David Caro Garcia

Restaurant type: Mexican, BYOW, tasting menu
Prices: $5-$9 entrées, $14-$19 mains, $35 tasting menu

Date: Thursday October 3rd 2019
Table of: 4
My favorite dish: ceviche + cochinita taco + lime tart

Last month, I had the pleasure of experiencing yet again La Selva’s wonderful 6-course tasting menu! Stef @smarkfoodie was my plus one, while Evan @evanvanya and Gigi were also there as Evan won my La Selva giveaway a few months back!

La Selva is a Mexican restaurant, offering classic and authentic dishes like tacos and ceviches, as well as offering more refined and fusion dishes in its tasting menu (dessert not included). Once a month, La Selva also offers a vegan version of its tasting menu (please contact La Selva directly for more details). You’ll find La Selva in the Plateau, on Marie-Anne just East of St-Denis. La Selva is also a BYOW restaurant, so feel free to bring the wine, or beer, of your choice to pair up with your dinner! Here are the dishes we had the pleasure of eating as part of that evening’s 6-course tasting menu, as well as a couple extra things:

  • Guacamole [not included in 6-course tasting menu]
  • Pozole soup
  • White fish ceviche with coconut milk, lime, corriander and jalapeno mousse, pickled red onion, fresh corn
  • Lobster cake with chipotle mayo, red cabbage salad and guacamole
  • Cochinita (pork) taco with foie gras mayo, pickled red onion, green tomato salsa
  • Octopus à la plancha on a bed of beans purée and pico de gallo
  • Lamb chop on a cream of zucchini and mushrooms, corriander and guajillos peppers chimmichurri 
  • Lime tart with whipped cream and lime snow [not included in 6-course tasting menu]
Guacamole (2019)
Pozole soup (2019)
White fish ceviche (2019)
Lobster cake (2019)
Cochinita (pork) taco (2019)
Octopus à la plancha (2019)
Lamb chop (2019)
Lime tart (2019)

We had a lovely evening at La Selva and enjoyed many dishes. Of course, my all-time favorite La Selva dish is their cochinita pork taco with foie gras mayo; you can never go wrong with foie gras! I really liked the coconut milk mousse that accompanied the ceviche this time around, as I love coconut. As always, the ceviche is very fresh and tasty. I really enjoyed the lamb chop too, which was very flavourful and nicely seasoned, and that zucchini-mushroom cream was a real delight. The lobster cake was also very good and beautifully presented. At the end of the meal, I also ordered La Selva’s lime tart (not included in the tasting menu) as its very yummy; a perfect balance between the lime and the sweetness of the tart.

If you like Mexican food and are looking for a different kind of Mexican culinary experience, then La Selva’s tasting menu will surely pleasure your taste buds! And, if on the contrary, you’re not much of a Mexican cuisine fan, perhaps La Selva’s tasting menu is just what you need to properly discover what Mexican cuisine can be and what it has to offer to you! Plus, its BYOW, so you can never go wrong 😉

Cochinita (pork) taco (2019)
Cochinita (pork) taco (2019)
Lamb chop (2019)
Lamb chop (2019)
Lamb chop (2019)
Lamb chop (2019)
Octopus à la plancha (2019)
Octopus à la plancha (2019)
White fish ceviche (2019)
White fish ceviche (2019)
Lobster cake (2019)
Lobster cake (2019)
Lobster cake (2019)
Guacamole (2019)
Lime tart (2019)
More desserts! (2019)
Flan au caramel (2019)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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