Turquoise Blog’s 11 Tested MTL à Table Restaurant Suggestions 2019

Turquoise Blog’s 11 Tested MTL à Table Restaurant Suggestions 2019

Every November 1st for roughly 2 weeks, Montreal celebrates food and culinary experiences through MTL à Table.  MTL à Table is a food festival, where more than 150 participating restaurants across the city offer a discounted 3 course menu for dinner or brunch. There are three different price points at which restaurants can sell their menu – $23, $33 and $43 – as well as brunch for $17. There’s always an excellent selection of restaurants to choose from, as well as so many great options. Which to choose? Here’s my 11 restaurant suggestions for MTL à Table, which I’ve all tried and tested before (just not during MTL à Table). Enjoy!

Ikanos (Old Montreal) – Seafood, modern Greek, fine dining

Ikanos (2018)
Ikanos (2017)

Ikanos tops my list, as its an excellent modern Greek restaurant, but on the pricier side of things. Therefore, MTL à Table makes it the perfect occasion to come and taste Ikanos and some of their wonderful seafood dishes (they have some meat dishes too). I’ve been twice before and loved both experiences. The food was always above and beyond my expectations and they definitely serve some of the best seafood in the city. Choose Ikanos for their seafood dishes, modern Greek cuisine and for a fine dining experience. For more on Ikanos, click here or here! To consult Ikanos’ MTL à Table menu, click here!

Prince (Plateau) – Creative and gourmet French dishes, BYOW

Prince (2019)
Prince (2019)

Although the chef at Prince has changed since my visit there in January of this year, I’ve heard the food is still as great as when I went. Prince was my first “coup de coeur” (favorite) of the year and rightfully so. The food is delicious, the portions are generous and there’s a nice finesse to the dishes. If you like non-standard French menus, then you’ll be very happy here. Another great pick to try during MTL à Table, AND its a BYOW restaurant! Choose Prince for their creative and gourmet French dishes and because they are BYOW! For more on Prince, click here! To consult Prince’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

Monsieur B (Plateau) – Excellent French restaurant, BYOW

Monsieur B (2019)

Monsieur B was another one of my favorite discoveries this year, which makes sense, as the owners are the same as at Prince. The cuisine and style is similar, but less so on the creative side and more on the traditional side. Their tasting menu is normally $59 so a three course menu at $43 is a great deal (you’re only really missing out on like a soup and a trou normand). When I went, I found everything absolutely delicious and I loved it! I had two pasta dishes when I went (yes, I really like pasta) – gnocchi and ravioli – and both were excellent. I very much look forward to going back! Choose Monsieur B for their excellent French food and because its bring your own wine! For more on Monsieur B, click here! To consult Monsieur B’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

Le Virunga (Plateau) – Creative, modern and authentic Central African cuisine

Le Virunga (2019)
Le Virunga (2019)

Ok, enough with the French (haha, just kidding <3). But seriously, if you’re looking for a unique dining experience that will allow your taste buds to travel to Central Africa, all the while offering you the comfort and finesse you need, you need to try Le Virunga. Le Virunga offers dishes made with traditional Central and Southern African ingredients, all the while using a high level of refinement not only in the plating of the dishes but the flavours as well. I was very skeptical about coming here the first time, but loved it so much I brought a group of 30 foodies for some more. If, like me, you are also hesitant, MTL à Table is a great time to try Le Virunga! Choose Le Virunga for their creative, modern and authentic Central African cuisine. To read more on Le Virunga, click here or here! To consult Le Virunga’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

Quindici (Little Italy) – Traditional yet modern and elevated Italian cuisine, fancy

Quindici (2019)
Quindici (2019)

Alright, this time, its enough with the Plateau restaurants! Lol jokes. But actually, I’m taking things up further North, to Little Italy, which is where you’ll find Quindici! I had the pleasure of first trying Quindici in 2017 and loved it. The food was delicious, the dishes traditional and modern at the same time and the portions extra generous. If you’re looking for a classic Italian pick that will impress, Quindici’s your man (well, restaurant). Choose Quindici for their traditional yet modern and elevated Italian cuisine and for a fancy dinner. To read more on Quindici, click here or here! To consult Quindici’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

Rosewood (Old Montreal) – Boozy bottomless brunch

Rosewood (2018)
Rosewood (2018)

I’ve actually been to Rosewood a couple of times for their boozy bottomless brunches and always had a good time. The second time around, they invited me over to take some pics and that’s exactly what I did. They have a lovely brunch menu with sweet and savoury picks; something for everything. They’re also one of the few restaurants in the city that offers bottomless mimosas (all you can drink) so definitely the place to go for a festive brunch! Choose Rosewood for their boozy bottomless brunch! To read more on Rosewood, click here! To consult Rosewood’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

Ibericos (Plateau) – Excellent Spanish tapas, creative and fusion tapas

Ibericos (2018)
Ibericos (2018)

Recently, more and more Spanish/tapas restaurants and bars have been popping up all around the city, but Ibericos is an OG (for those who don’t know what that means, it means they’ve been around for some time now). They offer a wide range of tapas and some more creative and fusion tapas too, for those who are more curious and ready for more of an adventure. Of course, you’ll also find paella on the menu as well as a few variations of it. Choose Ibericos for their excellent Spanish tapas and creative and fusion tapas. To read more on Ibericos, click here! To consult Ibericos’ MTL à Table menu, click here!

Ristorante Quattro (Old Montreal) – Classic and authentic Italian dishes, fancy dinner

Ristorante Quattro (2018)

Another lovely Italian pick is Ristorante Quattro, located in Old Montreal. The restaurant and food has a homemade Italian nonna feel to it, while still offering a classier dining experience. Choose Ristorante Quattro for their classic and authentic Italian dishes and fancy dining. To read more on Ristorante Quattro, click here! To consult Ristorante Quattro’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

Carte Blanche (Village) – French food, BYOW


Carte Blanche (2018)

Carte Blanche (2018)

In need of a French restaurant suggestion? La Carte Blanche not only ticks that box, but the BYOW box too 😉 They offer some classic French dishes, while also offering modernized dishes and ingredients too (hello kangaroo tartare). Choose Carte Blanche for their French food and because its BYOW. To read more on Carte Blanche, click here! To consult Carte Blanche’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

Fiorellino (multiple locations) – Wood oven pizzas, pastas

So its actually been quite a while since I’ve eaten at Fiorellino, maybe 4 years, but I really enjoyed my experience and the food when I went (I also checked out their downtown location, but same same). To this day, I can still remember their super fluffy and delicious gnocchi, covered in a lovely tomato sauce. The pizza was also very good and cooked in one of those giant stone ovens. Choose Fiorellino for their wood oven pizzas and pastas. To consult Fiorellino’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

La Raclette (Plateau) – Excellent raclette experience!

If you’ve never had or even heard of “raclette”, here’s your opportunity to see why French Québécois people love it. Basically, the dish consists in eating things covered in melted cheese; bread, veggies, meat – you name it, you can do it. In La Raclette‘s MTL à Table menu, they offer raclette (as well as cheese fondue, not the same, but similar) so its the perfect chance to check it out! If cheeses ain’t really your thing, they also have other dishes on the menu. Choose La Raclette for an excellent raclette experience! To consult La Raclette’s MTL à Table menu, click here!

*All photos and opinions are mine

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