Ratafia: Montreal’s first ever desserts bar! (Little Italy)

Restaurant: Ratafia
Restaurant type: desserts, wine bar, cocktails
Prices: $6-$16 desserts, wine bottles starting at $39

Date: Thursday October 3rd 2019
Table of: 4

After a delicious night out at La Selva, Stephane @smarkfoodie and I decided to join Dini @dini_the_foodie_mtl and Victor @randomcuisine at Ratafia for round 2 of desserts (well, round 3 really if you count the ice cream we had before dinner).

Ratafia is an all-new dessert bar in Montreal, which offers a unique concept of desserts and drinks (because why not?). You’ll find an extensive list of cocktails, wines, liquors and more, along with a minimal list of fancy desserts to choose from. The space is very beautiful and dark, which definitely reminds me of other fancy bars in the city like Big in Japan bar.

Chocolate cake (2019)
Chocolate cake (2019)
Domaine La Tour Vieille Reserva (2019)

Not having much space left for a third dessert, Stef and I opted to split the chocolate cake dessert and accompanied it with a glass of sweet red wine. The chocolate cake is composed of a black garlic infused chocolate ganache, hazelnuts and green apple sorbet (Thank you Stef for taking note of the ingredients!). The cake was delicious, very chocolatey but without the heaviness I often dislike of chocolate desserts. There was a really nice balance with the sweetness too, which can also often be overpowering. The red wine the waitress recommended we accompany our chocolate cake with was a Domaine La Tour Vieille Reserva which is available at the SAQ. If you pay attention to my content, you know by now I rarely ever drink any red wine (but I can if there’s no white lol). I actually really enjoyed this red wine and its sweetness; a perfect match for this chocolate cake!

I ended up really liking Ratafia, which I was slightly “opposed to” in the beginning, as I don’t like to mix alcohol and dessert (I never thought they paired well together). Having tried it out, I can say that they can pair together very nicely and its definitely worth a stop if you enjoy both elaborate desserts and drink pairings. It also makes for a unique and different date night idea, for those who have a sweet tooth.

So, here is my review of Ratafia:
Food: 4/5 (very good)
Price: $$$ 
Would I go back?: Of course, but I’m not the biggest desserts fan, so probably not anytime soon. 

Chocolate cake (2019)
Stef and Victor doing their thing (2019)

*All photos and comments are mine

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