Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Plateau & Mile-End Restaurants 2019

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Plateau & Mile-End Restaurants 2019

I decided to make a series of my favorites, based on location, because, why not? To me, location is super important, because if you live in the Plateau and don’t have a car, chances are you’re going to want restaurant recommendations for what’s nearby. And, even if you do have a car, sometimes, you just want to walk 5-10 minutes to get to a good restaurant (amiright?). Because I used to live in the Plateau and because there are so many restaurants there, I’ve had the opportunity to try out many in that area. So, here are my favorite Plateau and Mile-End restaurants! (p.s. if you’ve read some of my other blog posts on my other favorites, you’ll definitely notice some overlap).

Restaurant Prince – Creative and gourmet French dishes

Restaurant Prince (2019)
Restaurant Prince (2019)

One of my favorite discoveries of the year, actually, the very first of the year, was Restaurant Prince. Its one of the first restaurants I went to this year and it definitely had a great impact on me. I chose it as my birthday restaurant with my friends and was not disappointed. If you like non-standard French menus, then you’ll be very happy here. I got to eat some excellent dishes, like the homemade agnolotti and the beef tartare with bone marrow croquettes. However, its important to note that since I visited, the chef has changed. Choose Restaurant Prince for their creative and gourmet French dishes. For more on Restaurant Prince, click here!

Le Bay Ca Phe – Great traditional Vietnamese dishes, nice ambiance & cocktails menu

Le Bay Ca Phe (2018)
Le Bay Ca Phe (2018)

Le Bay Ca Phe is a relatively new player in the Mile-End, located on St-Laurent near Fairmount street. Le Bay Ca Phe is one of the last discoveries I made in 2018, especially in terms of Asian food. We ordered a bunch of different things when we went and everything was beyond delicious. I’m a huge fan of Vietnamese food (its my second favorite, after Italian) so I’m always pleased to find new spots in the city. I always judge a Vietnamese restaurant by its pho and Le Bay Ca Phe’s pho was pho-nominal (haha). Le Bay Ca Phe stands out from other Vietnamese restaurants in the city, because the place looks nice (no offense) and they have an alcohol license, which most Vietnamese places do not. Of course, you can just go to grab a quick bite of Vietnamese food, but if you’re looking to maybe have a 5@7 or enjoy a drink or two with your meal, Le Bay Ca Phe is a great option. Choose Le Bay Ca Phe for its great traditional Vietnamese dishes, nice ambiance & cocktails menu. For more on Le Bay Ca Phe, click here!

India Rosa – Out of the ordinary Indian fusion brunch, delicious Indian tapas, gorgeous cocktails

India Rosa (2018)
India Rosa (2019)

India Rosa was one of my favorite discoveries in 2018 and every time I’ve been, the food has been excellent. Of course, some dishes are better than others, like their salmon tikka (a MUST try!). On top of serving tapas and dinner, they also serve an Indian fusion brunch on weekends which is a must try too! Ever dreamt of having butter chicken for brunch? Well, now you can, thanks to India Rosa’s “Béné poulet au beurre” which translates to: eggs Benedict and butter chicken (so.good.). They have both sweet and savoury dishes, but my favorite was a combination of both: chicken and waffles. They use fried tandoori chicken, that sits atop some waffles and comes with this sweet sauce, loaded up with various Indian spices. Oh, and did I mention they have a great cocktail list with some of the most beautiful cocktails ever? Choose India Rosa for their out of the ordinary Indian fusion brunch, delicious Indian tapas, gorgeous cocktails! For more on India Rosa, click here, here or here (full brunch review coming up soon!).

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques – Amazing Asian fusion & BYOW

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)
Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques is now on three of my “favorites” lists, so it must be good, right? I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Mayhem 4 times in the last year and each time was delicious. May, the chef and owner, puts her own spin on more traditional Asian dishes, from countries like Vietnam, Korea, China and others. She is also one of the only restaurants in the city to serve a Kamayan – a traditional Filipino dish – which combines the flavours of many Asian restaurants on the different meats and seafood served. If you’re looking for an Asian dining experience out of the box, then look no further! Choose Mayhem for amazing Asian fusion dishes and because its a BYOW. For more on Mayhem, click herehere or here!

Le Jardin de Panos – Terrasse, tzatziki and white wine

Le Jardin de Panos (2019)
Le Jardin de Panos (2019)

Ok, I’ll say it right away and get it out of the way: Le Jardin de Panos does not have amazing food, its the experience that’s definitely worth it (some of the dishes are very good though). I’ve been many times over the years, ever since I discovered it in 2010 before taking a school trip to Greece. Jardin de Panos is definitely a place to go to in the summer, to enjoy their garden terrasse. There’s nothing breathtaking about their terrasse, but there’s something I just can’t quite put my finger on. The mixture of garden terrasse, bring your own wine, hot summer nights and Greek food; its almost a magical experience, both great with friends and your significant other. Some of my go-to dishes that I always order when I go: tzatziki, Greek salad, fried calamari, escargots (and the baked potatoes which accompany the mains are amazing). Choose Le Jardin de Panos for their summer garden terrasse, tzatziki and don’t forget to bring your own wine! For more on Le Jardin de Panos, click here!

P’tit Frère Dumpling – Delicious fried dumplings

P’tit Frère Dumpling (2019)

P’tit Frère Dumpling is, as you guessed it, an all-new dumpling spot in the Plateau which opened not too long ago! They serve both boiled and fried dumplings and about 10 different flavours (vegetarian options too). They also have a few other dishes like noodles, salads and soups, as well as a tea and bubble tea menu. I’ve eaten my fair share of dumplings in my life and P’tit Frère Dumpling’s were super juicy, flavourful and nicely fried on the outside; a real delight! Choose P’tit Frère Dumpling for their delicious fried dumplings! For more on P’tit Frère Dumpling, click here!

Monsieur B – Excellent French restaurant, BYOW

Monsieur B (2019)

For a full year, I would walk past Monsieur B twice a day (I used to take the metro nearby) and was always curious to try it out but never got around to it. This year, finally, we went for my bachelorette party. The menu is quite simple, offering only a handful of options for entrées and for mains, as well as a $59 tasting menu option. Everything was absolutely delicious and I loved it! I had two pasta dishes when I went (yes, I really like pasta) – gnocchi and ravioli – and both were excellent. I very much look forward to going back! Choose Monsieur B for their excellent French food and because its bring your own wine! For more on Monsieur B, click here!

Le Butterblume – German ravioli soup, creative small dishes

Le Butterblume (2019)
Le Butterblume (2019)

Le Butterblume is one of those rare places I’ve actually been to more than once, or twice, other than pho restaurants lol. Ever since I tried it, I’m kinda addicted to their German ravioli soup. There’s just something about those huge pork and spinach filled raviolis, the marinated onions, the heaps of fresh herbs and that salty rich broth, that keeps me coming back for more. They also have an ever changing menu, with small and creative dishes on it. I once went with Alex and so was able to order multiple things and share them with him (otherwise the soup is quite filling for just 1 person). They also make killer chocolate chip cookies. Choose Le Butterblume for their German ravioli soup and creative small dishes! For more on Le Butterblume, click here!

Saint Sushi Bar – Amazing sushi place in the city (no alcohol license at the Plateau location)

Saint Sushi Bar (2017)

Saint Sushi Bar is one of my favorite restaurants in the city, regardless of categorization. They have some of the best sushi in Montreal and they are so good. I always order their tasting menu, which consists of their famous salmon or tuna tartare Christmas trees (a must try!!) as well as a platter of mixed sushi. What’s really nice about their sushi – other than the fact that they’re amazing – is that they are outside the box and not your typical California roll. Every roll is unique, creative, different and delicious. The only thing missing to Saint Sushi is the fact that they have no liquor license (no BYOW either), but they’ve managed to solve this problem by opening up a new location in Westmount, which does serve alcohol 🙂 Choose Saint Sushi Bar for amazing sushi in the city. For more on Saint Sushi Bar, click here!

Le Filet – Amazing Italian-Asian fusion dishes, fancy dinner

Le Filet (2019)
Le Filet (2019)

And, last but not least, Le Filet ; another one of my all-time favorites. Le Filet offers a fusion of many different cuisines – Italian, French, Asian – but that’s what makes it so special and delicious. I’d been to Le Filet a few years ago and just recently had the pleasure of checking it out again for my friend’s last service as a sous-chef (he’s now headed for Paris where he hopes to make his culinary dreams come true #gomikey). As always, it was an excellent dining experience; the veal cheek cavatelli with foie gras was to die for. Choose Le Filet for their amazing Italian-Asian fusion dishes and if you’re looking for a fancy dinner.For more on Le Filet, click here!

*All photos and opinions are mine

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