Satay Brothers (Atwater Market) : The original Singaporean and Malaysian foodie hot spot!

Restaurant: Satay Brothers
Restaurant type: Singaporean, Singaporean street food, Malaysian, Asian, South-East Asian
Prices: $3-$16 dishes

Date: Wednesday August 21st 2019

Last week, I finally checked out Satay Brothers’ food stall at the Atwater Market! Satay Brothers offers authentic Singaporean, Malaysian and South-East Asian cuisines, like papaya salad, laksa, buns and more. They have three locations: Atwater Market (the original one), one on Notre-Dame in St-Henri and one at the new mega hospital on Décarie.

I was in the area for the day for work and my boss decided we should have lunch at the Atwater Market; clever man. Atwater Market is, of course, a market where you can buy fresh produce, fish, cheeses and more, but they’ve also adapted to modern times and incorporated a small dining area with food stalls.

My initial thought was to try out Le Petit Sao as I love Vietnamese food, but it was a rainy day and I really felt like having something warm. Unfortunately for them, Le Petit Sao did not have any pho and so I chose Satay Brothers for their laksa.

Chicken laksa (2019)

I ordered the chicken laksa, which comes with: bean sprouts, shrimps, fish cakes, quail egg, tofu and of course, chicken meat. After my first bite, I was in love, in heaven. The richness, the flavourfulness and the spicyness of the broth, combined with that delicious coconut taste, was divine. However, the more and more I ate it, the more and more it tasted like (a good) homemade chicken noodle soup, and less and less like laksa; so that was a bit weird and off-putting (but it still tasted good). Also, I disliked how the noodles were all cut up; it made me feel like I was eating a mac n cheese soup lol. I also had the Arnold Palmer, which is half iced tea and half lemonade. It was good, but not sweet enough to my liking.

Overall, I enjoyed my laksa, but wish it had been globally more flavourful and spicier too (it was not really spicy). Perhaps it was a bad day, or the person who served me my soup didn’t stir the broth pot enough?

So, here is my review of Satay Brothers (Atwater Market) :

Food: 3/5 (good)
Price: $ 
Would I go back?: Yes but I think I’d rather give the actual restaurant another shot first 

Chicken laksa (2019)
Chicken laksa (2019)
Chicken laksa (2019)
Arnold Palmer (2019)
Satay Brothers @ Marché Atwater (2019)
Satay Brothers @ Marché Atwater (2019)
Marché Atwater (2019)

*All photos and comments are mine

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