Country #40: Andorra!

Destination: Andorra La Vella, Andorra
Local attractions: nature, shopping, skiing
Accommodation: Hôtel Pyrénées
Transport: walking
Dates: June 27, 2019

After Toulouse, we caught a bus to Andorra La Vella, to mark my 40th country visited! Andorra La Vella is the capital of Andorra, a very tiny country located in the Pyrénées mountains, right in between Spain and France. It sits at the bottom of a valley, surrounded by mountains. Culturally, I’d say its much more Spanish than French and even more so, more Catalan than Spanish. With that said, you can pretty much be served in any of those languages or English.

Andorra La Vella and Andorra in general is known for its shopping (tax free), surrounding nature and ski resorts in the winter. We took advantage of our hotel’s rooftop pool, before heading out for a stroll in Andorra La Vella.

The city wasn’t very busy, as I can imagine that the high season is actually in the winter. We walked around a lot, saw the Church of Saint Stephen, Salvador Dali’s bronze clock sculpture – La Noblesse du temps – and mostly just did some window shopping.

We had pre-dinner drinks at a cute winter themed restaurant/bar and then had a very nice and cheap dinner at l’Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant, 1940. Dinner featured: cassoulet de fromage, assiette de charcuteries et de fromages, joues de porc, filet de boeuf, sorbet au citron.

Church of Saint Stephen (2019)
La Noblesse du temps (2019)
Andorra La Vella (2019)
Hôtel Pyrénées’ rooftop pool (2019)
Andorra La Vella (2019)
Flauta & chocolate covered churro (2019)
McDonald’s in Andorra (2019)
1940 – Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant (2019)
1940 – Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant (2019)
1940 – Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant (2019)
1940 – Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant (2019)
1940 – Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant (2019)
1940 – Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant (2019)
1940 – Hôtel Pyrénées’ restaurant (2019)

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