Ca lem: Montreal’s original thick swirl ice cream & exotic flavours! (NDG)

Restaurant: Ca lem
Restaurant type: ice cream
Prices: $5.75 soft serve cone

Date: Wednesday August 14th 2019
Group of: 4

Last week, I finally made it around to Ca lem for the first time!!! Ca lem is one of Montreal’s best known ice cream spots and in my opinion, one of the “original”, new-wave ice cream joints too (along with Kem Coba). Ca lem’s only “fault” is that it is located far from any action, in NDG, which is the main reason why I’d never been before (I used to live in the Plateau and had no car, made no sense to go all the way to NDG for ice cream). But, now that I have a car, the sky is the limit! (jokes, Laval is the limit. I ain’t going to Mirabel for free ice cream unless you’re paying me to go).

What’s nice about Ca lem, other than their thick swirl soft-serve ice cream, is that they propose out of the ordinary ice cream flavours. The flavours are very unique and Asian, like taro, pandan, lychee and more (do you even know what taro is? Cause I don’t lol).

Each week, like many other ice cream shops in Montreal, Ca lem proposes a new soft-serve flavour. Last week, they were serving a chocolate-raspberry soft-serve, so I knew it was my time to shine and finally try it out. Overall, it was good, but I wouldn’t say I loved the flavours. The chocolate wasn’t sweet enough and overpowered the delicate raspberry. For example, I much preferred the tiramisu-raspberry swirl I got from Unicone earlier this summer, as the balance between flavours was better.

Overall, I’m happy I finally tried out Ca lemand can now finally tick this off my list. Will I actually go back? Sure, maybe, why not. Depends on the flavour of the week. However, I no longer feel the need to do so, especially that its quite out of the way for me and my now South Shore lyfe. Places like Unicone and Kem Coba are closer for me and I’m also more frequently in the Plateau than in NDG.

So, here is my review of Ca lem:
Food: 7.5/10 
Price: $ 
Would I go back?: Yes, but its not top priority right now.

Ca lem (2019)
Ca lem (2019)
Ca lem (2019)

*All photos and comments are mine

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