Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Italian Restaurants 2019

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Italian Restaurants 2019

After publishing my favorite BYOW, Asian and brunch restaurants in Montreal, its time for my favorite Italian restaurants!

MUCCA (Little Italy) – Northern Italian cuisine, Italian steakhouse, excellent dishes throughout, weekly changing menu, organic wines

MUCCA (2019)
MUCCA (2019)
MUCCA (2019)

I decided to start this next series of “my favorite restaurants” with a restaurant I very recently discovered – and loved – MUCCA. MUCCA presents a unique concept in Montreal, offering Northern Italian cuisine and an Italian steakhouse, featuring an ever-changing menu (weekly) reflecting local produce and availabilities. All of their steaks are Canadian and aged in-house. The entire menu sounded very appealing, but the three dishes we did get to try were all outstanding. Super smooth aged beef carpaccio, fluffy pea gnocchi and melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon with bone. I highly recommend if you are looking for a different Italian dining experience in Montreal! Choose MUCCA for their Northern Italian cuisine, Italian steakhouse, excellent dishes throughout, weekly changing menu and organic wines. For more on MUCCA, click here!

Le Serpent (Old Montreal) – Delicious food throughout the menu, stand-out pasta dishes, fancy dinner

Truffle ravioli: Le Serpent (2018)
Lobster risotto: Le Serpent (2018)

My next two picks are both knock-out choices I hope you’ve heard of before. First up, Le Serpent. Le Serpent isn’t your most “traditional” Italian restaurant, but it definitely still fits in this category and deserves its spot there. When I went last year, I had some of the most delicious pasta dishes ever, like their mozzarella ravioli with a black truffle sauce (dish of the day). Two words for you: so. good. For my non pasta lovers out there (do those people even exist?) Le Serpent has many non-pasta dishes that are meat-focused, in both the entrées and the mains sections. They also make and offer a nice list of desserts, that are beautifully presented and taste great. Choose Le Serpent for their delicious food throughout the menu, stand-out pasta dishes and if you’re looking for a fancy dinner. For more on Le Serpent, click here!

Le Filet (Plateau) – Amazing Italian-Asian fusion dishes, fancy dinner

Duck: Le Filet (2019)
Cavatelli: Le Filet (2019)
Gâteau au fromage: Le Filet (2019)

Next up on this list is another one of my all-time favorites: Le Filet. If you were skeptical as to Le Serpent being on this list, you’re going to be even more confused with this pick, as its really not your traditional Italian restaurant. Le Filet offers a fusion of many different cuisines – Italian, French, Asian – but that’s what makes it so special and delicious. Plus, they offer a good amount of pasta dishes; pasta = Italian, right? I’d been to Le Filet a few years ago and just recently had the pleasure of checking it out again for my friend’s last service as a sous-chef (he’s now headed for Paris where he hopes to make his culinary dreams come true #gomikey). As always, it was an excellent dining experience; the veal cheek cavatelli with foie gras were to die for. Choose Le Filet for their amazing Italian-Asian fusion dishes and if you’re looking for a fancy dinner. For more on Le Filet, click here!

Quindici (Little Italy) – Delicious authentic & modern Italian dishes, generous portions

Quindici (2019)
Quindici (2019)
Quindici (2019)

What I love about Quindici, is that they offer both authentic and modern Italian dishes at the same time. Dishes are carefully chosen and a nice modern twist is added to them, which makes them unique to Quindici. They also serve huge portions, so that’s always a winner. I had the pleasure of returning with a group of foodies last month and we all had an amazing time and left so full. Not only were the dishes delicious (think foie gras and braised beef orecchiette, lobster risotto, butternut squash and duck cavatelli to name a few) the presentation was on point too. Choose Quindici for their delicious authentic and modern Italian dishes and generous portions. For more on Quindici, click here or here!

Ristorante Quattro (Old Montreal) – Delicious and authentic Italian cuisine

Seafood squid ink pasta: Quattro Piatti (2019)
Lamb shank: Quattro Piatti (2019)

Well, if you were looking for a more traditional kind of Italian restaurant, here it is! Ristorante Quattro, located in Old Montreal, will give you just that. This is one of the rare non-tourist-trap restaurants in Montreal, offering quality and tasty dishes. Sure, the prices are a bit high, but you’re paying for location. Choose Ristorante Quattro for their delicious and authentic Italian cuisine! For more on Ristorante Quattro, click here!

Pizzeria Bros (Old Montreal) – Pizzas ready in less than 5 minutes

PIzzeria Bros (2019)

The best thing about Pizzeria Bros, is that you can literally stroll in, choose a pizza and 5 minutes later, you’ll be eating this said pizza. Pizzeria Bros boasts a large menu of fresh and homemade pizzas to choose from, or, you can pick and choose the ingredients you’d like, kind of like Subways (but so much better). Pizzeria Bros is kind of like going to a food court for pizza, but you get a product that’s restaurant quality and worth every penny. Choose Pizzeria Bros for their pizzas ready in less than 5 minutes! For more on Pizzeria Bros, click here!

La Pizzaiole (Plateau) – Great spot for a cheesy pizza

Gnocchi & pizza: La PIzzaiolle (2019
Eggplant parmigiana: La PIzzaiolle (2019

La Pizzaiole has been around Montreal for quite some time and even offers multiple locations across the city. My favorite though has to be their Plateau location, on the corner of Villeneuve and St-Denis (super close to the Southern Laurier Metro Station), because its an old American diner. The space is super cute and cozy and the food is great. They offer both pizzas and pastas, which is perfect for someone like me who loves both. I also find their pizzas very cheesy, which is an excellent thing. Choose La Pizzaiole, a great spot for a cheesy pizza! For more on La Pizzaiole, click here!

Pizzeria Moretti (Griffintown) – Amazing truffle mac n cheese, lovely selection of pizzas and pastas

Burrata pizza: Pizzeria Moretti (2019)
Truffle mac n cheese: Pizzeria Moretti (2019)

As much as I loved the food at Moretti – especially their amazingly delicious truffle mac n cheese – I’ve decided to include them on this list purely for their food, as their service is bad at best. Fine, I’ve only been once, but once was enough to know that if you aren’t driving up in your BMW, they don’t care about you. Also, my experience while making a reservation over the phone was basically getting yelled at. Perhaps they do take out? Good luck with that. Choose Pizzeria Moretti for their amazing truffle mac n cheese, lovely selection of pizzas and pastas (& bad service). For more on Pizzeria Moretti, click here!

Bevo Bar & Pizzeria (Old Montreal) – Perfect spot for an Italian-style 5@7 

Bevo Bar & Pizzeria (2019)
Bevo Bar & Pizzeria (2019)

I find the majority of restaurants in Old Montreal to be sad tourist traps, so if you’re set on dining there, at least you have the Groupe Antonopoulos restaurants to choose from (and a few other stand-alones). Bevo Bar & Pizzeria is their Italian restaurant from their portfolio and the food is very good. They also host Italian-style 5@7 on Thursdays, with certain discounts, so that’s a good time for a visit. Choose Bevo Bar & Pizzeria as your perfect spot for an Italian-style 5@7 in Old Montreal. For more on Bevo Bar & Pizzeria, click here!

Portovino (Brossard) – Bring your own wine, South Shore, variety & quality

Grilled calamari: Portovino (2019)
Lamb chops: Portovino (2019)

South Shore restaurant alert! Since I’m now a proud resident of the South Shore of Montreal, I gotta rep my restaurants on this side of the world too! To be honest, I haven’t been to that many as of yet, but I have been to Portovino and I was very pleasantly surprised with my food and dining experience. Long story short, if you’re in Brossard and looking for some quality Italian food, Portovino is your go to; plus, its BYOW so that’s always nice. Choose Portovino if you’re looking for a BYOW Italian restaurant on the South Shore, with a lot of variety but emphasis on quality too. For more on Portovino, click here!

Pizzeria No. 900 (multiple locations) – consistent quality, delicious pizzas, multiple locations

Pizzeria no. 900 (2019)

The thing I love about Pizzeria No. 900 the most, is the consistency and quality that they offer throughout all their locations, which is in my opinion, the idea and base behind restaurant chains. Ok fine, I’ve only tried two of their locations (Outremont and Westmount) but both times were great and their pizzas are very good and affordable. Choose Pizzeria No. 900 for their delicious pizzas, consistent quality and multiple locations! For more on Pizzeria No. 900, click here!

*All opinions and photos are mine

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