Turquoise Blog’s 9 Unique Ice Cream Spots To Try This Summer 2019

Turquoise Blog’s 9 Unique Ice Cream Spots To Try This Summer 2019

Summer is officially upon us and what better way to enjoy it than with some ice cream?! (Okay, pools are a nice option too). Even better than your plain old ice cream cone; ice cream AND churros, world-wide inspired flavours, bubble waffle cones and more. Let your inner child free and make your way across the city to some new, and old, favorites of mine. Enjoy! *please note I am well aware there are other places too, I just haven’t had the pleasure of trying them out yet and I don’t blog about places I’ve never been to*

Les Papi Churros (Village) – First churro loops and cones in the city & Les Givrés ice cream

Les Papi Churros (2019)

Alright, this one’s not just about the ice cream, its mainly about the churros. Les Papi Churros in the Village just opened at the end of June and they offer a very simple menu; churro loop or churro cone. Easy. Both come with ice cream (you can also get the churro loop solo) made by Les Givrés, which is delicious. You can mix and match about a dozen churro loops with about half a dozen ice cream flavours, so there’s enough combinations for you to try a new one every day left of this summer! Choose Les Papi Churros for their churro loops & cones and Les Givrés ice cream. Fore more on Les Papi Churros, click here!

Unicone (Plateau) – Ever-changing and uniquely flavoured soft-serve ice cream

Unicone (2019)

Who doesn’t love to travel? With the all-new Unicone ice cream shop in the Plateau, embark on a new journey every week with out-of-the-ordinary flavours like banoffee pie (UK), mango and sticky rice (Thailand), strawberry cheesecake (NYC) and more! They also have their staple lactose-free vanilla and chocolate swirl for the less adventurous. Choose Unicone for their ever-changing and uniquely flavoured soft-serve ice creams! For more on Unicone, click here!

Radikal Dezzertz (St-Léonard) – Wide variety of homemade gelatos and more desserts!

Radikal Dezzertz (2019)
Radikal Dezzertz (2019)

Another new player in town this summer is Radikal Dezzertz located in St-Léonard. Are you a gelato lover? Then you’re sure to find your match with one of their many homemade gelato flavours. What’s great about Radikal Dezzertz is that they serve all kinds of other desserts too, like: churro bites slathered in Nutella or dulce de leche (a must try!), homemade popsicles, gelato sandwiches and more! Choose Radikal Dezzertz for their wide variety of homemade gelatos and more desserts! For more on Radikal Dezzertz, click here!

La Maison Lavande – beautiful lavender soft-serve ice cream, lavender fields

La Maison Lavande (2017)

I almost forgot about this place! I went to La Maison Lavande a couple summers ago and even though it was a bit late in the season, we still got to see their lavender fields in bloom (definitely best to go early July). The place is perfect for an Instagram photo shoot and best of all, you can also get some of their delicious and beautiful lavender flavoured soft-serve ice cream for your photos too. Choose La Maison Lavande for their beautiful lavender soft-serve nice cream and for their lavender fields! 

La Cabane de Danny (Chinatown) – The original Montreal bubble waffle and ice cream

La Cabane de Danny (2018)

Ok, maybe don’t quote me on this one, but I’m fairly certain La Cabane de Danny in Chinatown was the first to offer bubble waffles in Montreal. Even if its not true, doesn’t matter, as theirs is very good and the bubble waffle is freshly made in front of you! They’re much more limited in terms of toppings, which are more “traditional”, but nevertheless, always a nice treat after a nice meal in Chinatown. Choose La Cabane de Danny for their bubble waffles and ice cream! 

Gaufres & Glaces (multiple locations) – Bubble waffles and a wide array of toppings, available across the city

Gaufres & Glaces (2019)

If you’re not conveniently located nearby Chinatown, you can also check out Gaufres & Glaces which has 4 locations across the Greater Montreal Area (Plateau, Côte-Vertu, West Island and Terrebonne)! What’s great about Gaufres & Glaces is the wide array of ice cream flavours and types, toppings, chocolate sauces and more that you can choose from. They have something like 30 different chocolate sauces to smother your ice cream and bubble waffle in, plenty of sweet toppings and some exotic ice cream flavours too. Their plateau location even has vegan ice cream. Choose Gaufres & Glaces for their bubble waffles and a wide array of toppings, available across the city! For more on Gaufres & Glaces, click here!

30 sous zéro (Brossard, DIX30) – Rolled ice cream on the South Shore!

30 sous zéro (2018)

Alright, this one is all and only about ice cream. Ever seen those cups of rolled ice cream go by on Instagram? Well, that’s exactly what 30 sous zéro makes and the production process is quite cool. They basically toss the ingredients of your choice on a very cold metal surface and play around with them until they turn to an ice cream texture. Then, they flatten it out and roll sections up, to maked rolled ice cream. Not only is the final product beautiful, its also delicious! Choose 30 sous zéro for their rolled ice cream on the South Shore! For more on 30 sous zéro, click here!

Kem Coba (Mile-End) – The original unique soft-serve spot in the city

Kem Coba (2017)

If you haven’t heard of or been to Kem Coba yet, then I don’t know what to say (lol). I’ll admit those huge line-ups were a big turn off for me too for years, but turns out they’re not so bad (also, my friend Victor says you can line skip if you’re just after some soft-serve; haven’t tried his method yet lol). Every week or so, Kem Coba comes up with some of the wackiest ice cream flavours I’ve ever heard of, but they’re always delicious. I’ve had raspberry-rose and pear-dulce de leche and both were excellent and well balanced in terms of flavours. Choose Kem Coba for their unique soft-serve ice creams!

Juliette & Chocolat (multiple locations) – A Montreal staple in terms of desserts

Juliette & Chocolat (2019)
Juliette & Chocolat (2019)

And, last but not least, a classic: Juliette & Chocolat! Juliette & Chocolat is the perfect place to satisfy any of your sweet cravings, as they have multiple locations all over the Greater Montreal Area, they have a lot of variety in their product offerings and everything they make is delicious! I had the pleasure of checking out their Brossard (DIX30) location this year and had a wonderful experience. They have many ice cream based desserts, as well as desserts that include ice cream, like: milkshakes, chocolate mi-cuit served with ice cream, their ice cream pops, and many more. Choose Juliette & Chocolat, a Montreal staple in terms of desserts! For more on Juliette & Chocolat, click here!

*Al photos and opinions are mine

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