Bouffons MTL 2019: Just For Laughs’ open-air foodie site at Place-des-Arts! (Downtown)

Event: Bouffons MTL soirée de lancement
Restaurants: Apérol, Paella Marisol, Charlie’s Shack & more!
Date: Wednesday July 17th 2019

Last night, I was invited to Bouffons MTL’s launch night! Bouffons MTL is an open-air foodie site, which opens every summer for two weeks during the Just For Laughs Festival (July 17th-28th). Conveniently located at Place-des-Arts, you’ll find everything from food trucks to pop-up restaurants, desserts, drinks and more. Plus, this place is open all-day (noon to 23h00), so you can grab a bite during your lunch break or come after work for a 5@7.

I do have to say, the set-up was much better last year, with a nicer set-up (“village” style and centrally located) and a lot more savoury selections. This year, things are much more spread out (which is fine if you know where to go and look) and there seems to be a lot more dessert and alcohol stands that food stands.

With the minimal free coupons we were given, we got two Aperol Spritz from the Aperol stand which were very nice and then pooled our remaining two coupons to get a lobster roll from Charlie’s Shack which was excellent; I highly recommend.

We also got to try Paella Marisol’s seafood paella – thanks to an invite I received from them on Instagram – which was fine; not the best paella available in Montreal (I would recommend Olé Tapas or Silva‘s paellas).

If you happen to be in the area or enjoying one of the many shows, it’s worth a stop for a snack. Otherwise, you’re better off waiting for les premiers vendredis du mois for a wider selection of foods.

Bouffons MTL (2019)
Bouffons MTL (2019)
Lobster roll (2019)
Seafood paella (2019)
Paella Marisol (2019)
Paella Marisol (2019)
Paella Marisol (2019)
Lobster roll (2019)
Aperol (2019)
Aperol (2019)
Charlie’s Shack (2019)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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