Le Kioko: New sushi counter & more in St-Henri

Restaurant: Le Kioko
Restaurant type: sushi, Japanese, poke bowls
Prices: $4.50-$23 entrées, $10-$23 mains

Date: Wednesday June 12th 2019
Table of: 2
My favorite dishes: salmon sashimi + sushi roll

Last month, I had the pleasure of trying the all-new Le Kioko as their guest. Accompanying me this time around, one of the first foodie friends I made, Tommy @lecuisinomane! As mentioned, Le Kioko is a new sushi counter, serving up different sushi, sashimi, tartares and poke bowls (no alcohol). They are located on Notre-Dame Street, right by a bunch of other popular establishments. Here are the dishes we had the pleasure of sampling:

  • Octopus sashimi
  • Wakame salad
  • Scallop and mango bouchées
  • Karaage poke bowl: crispy chicken, oshinko, edamame, fried onion, roasted nori
  • Salmon tartare
  • Platter: sashimi, sushi roll, spot prawn
Octopus sashimi (2019)
Wakame salad (2019)
Scallop and mango bouchées  (2019)
Karaage poke bowl (2019)
Salmon tartare (2019)
Platter: sashimi, sushi roll, spot prawn (2019)

Overall, we had a nice time at Le Kioko and it was great to catch up with an old friend. My favorite dishes of the evening were the salmon sashimi and the sushi roll. I really enjoyed the salmon sashimi, as it was fresh and tasty and also, my favorite raw fish. I also really liked the sushi roll, because I love sushi and that was the only sushi we got. Everything else was very good too, just not necessarily things I would have ordered myself or there were small things missing. The octopus sashimi dish for example was very flavourful and good, but I found the octopus itself a bit tough. I really liked the idea of the karaage chicken poke bowl and the chicken was very nicely seasoned, but I found it a bit dry. I loved the flavours and combinations of ingredients for the scallop and mango bouchée and it tasted very nice, but its just not something I would normally order at a sushi counter. I really like “normal” sushi, but I’m thankful and appreciative to have been able to try all of these different and tasty dishes.

I would definitely recommend Le Kioko as a great sushi counter option in the area, if you are looking for fresh sushi and sashimi. I’ve been told they are also on UberEats, so that’s always a good way to try them out too. Not that its the end of the world, but they don’t serve any alcohol, so I would definitely prefer to just pick some up on the go, or order some for delivery (unless its lunch time lol). Enjoy!

Karaage poke bowl (2019)
Salmon tartare (2019)
Platter: sashimi, sushi roll, spot prawn (2019)
Platter: sashimi, sushi roll, spot prawn (2019)
Platter: sashimi, sushi roll, spot prawn (2019)
Octopus sashimi (2019)
Scallop and mango bouchées  (2019)
Spot prawn (2019)
Spot prawn (2019)
Le Kioko (2019)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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