Turquoise Blog’s 13 MTL Terrasses To Discover This Summer 2019

Turquoise Blog’s 13 MTL Terrasses To Discover This Summer 2019

Discover, rediscover, who’s checking anyways?

Here are 14 of my favorite terrasses in Montreal; some unique, some for food, some that are BYOW, some that are rooftop terrasses, etc. Enough selection to please everyone! Which are you excited to try?!

Le Jardin de Panos – Garden terrasse, Greek food & BYOW

Le Jardin de Panos (2019)
Le Jardin de Panos (2019)
Le Jardin de Panos (2019)

Le Jardin de Panos is probably my overall favorite terrasse experience in the city, based on: food, terrasse “quality” and the fact that I won’t walk out of there broke. Oh, and every time I’ve been was a good time. I’ve been many times over the years, ever since I discovered it in 2010 before taking a school trip to Greece. Jardin de Panos is definitely a place to go to in the summer, to enjoy their garden terrasse. There’s nothing breathtaking about their terrasse, but there’s something I just can’t quite put my finger on. The mixture of garden terrasse, bring your own wine, hot summer nights and Greek food; its almost a magical experience, both great with friends and your significant other. Some of my go-to dishes that I always order when I go: tzatziki, Greek salad, fried calamari, escargots (and the baked potatoes which accompany the mains are amazing). Choose Le Jardin de Panos for their summer garden terrasse, Greek food and don’t forget to bring your own wine! 

Marché des Éclusiers – Super cute terrasse by the water in the Old Port

Marché des Éclusiers (2019)
Marché des Éclusiers (2019)
Marché des Éclusiers (2019)

Unfortunately for me, I checked out Marché des Éclusiers on a rainy day, but the space itself was super cute and I could almost imagine myself there on a nice warm and sunny day. The space is very big and there’s like 3 distinct spaces – bar, picnic tables and a second floor. There are even some swings and two bars, plenty to keep everyone hydrated 😉 Choose le Marché des Éclusiers for their super cute terrasse by the water in the Old Port.

Quindici – Lovely terrasse in Little Italy, amazing Italian cuisine

Quindici (2019)
Quindici (2019)
Quindici (2019)

Quindici not only offers a lovely terrasse in Little Italy, but amazing Italian cuisine as well. I had the pleasure of hosting an event there just two days ago and it was the best; I highly recommend. I would definitely love to go back and get to enjoy their terrasse, while sipping on an Aperol Spritz on a sunny day. Choose Quindici for their lovely terrasse in Little Italy and amazing Italian cuisine. For more on Quindici, click here!

Terrasse William Gray – Old Montreal rooftop terrasse with a view [1]

Terrasse William Gray (2017)
Terrasse William Gray, by Leila Manseur (2017)

Terrasse William Gray is probably my favorite Old Montreal rooftop terrasse with a view, because it has the view I like best. From their terrasse, you can see the ferris wheel, Terrasses Bonsecours and the Old Port. I’ve only ever been once and never ate anything, but you can only a moderately priced bottle of wine for about $40, which is totally acceptable (and then head over to Chinatown for some cheap grub). Choose Terrasse William Gray for an Old Montreal rooftop terrasse with a view! 

Machiavelli – Garden terrasse, comforting dishes, BYOW

Machiavelli (2018)
Machiavelli (2018)
Machiavelli (2018)

Ok, I’ve never actually been to Machiavelli and taken advantage of their garden terrasse, but I’ve seen it in person, seen it in photos and in stories, so that’s enough for me to recommend it (right?). Plus, I’ve dined at Machiavelli three times and the food is great, so it must be even better on their garden terrasse. Machiavelli is a “cuisine du marché” kind of restaurant, with an ever-changing menu reflecting seasonal produce. If you’re feeling more adventurous, they also have some Asian fusion dishes, like the Coconut curry bouillabaisse which is actually amazing (if you like coconut and red curry paste). If you’re a pasta lover, I highly recommend the stuffed gnocchi; trust me, you won’t regret it! Choose Machiavelli for their garden terrasse, comforting dishes and don’t forget to bring your own wine! For more on Machiavelli, click here, here or here!

Olé Tapas – Terrasse overlooking Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Village, excellent tapas

Olé Tapas (2019)
Olé Tapas (2019)
Olé Tapas (2019)

Another suburban terrasse escape option: Olé Tapas in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue (West Island). Fun fact of the day: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue is the Western most point of the Island of Montreal (hence, West Island). Olé Tapas is located in the Village part of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, just by the water (Lac St. Louis) so its a really cute place to have dinner, walk around, enjoy a drink, etc. Olé Tapas not only offers you wonderfully delicious and authentic Spanish tapas, they also have a boutique of imported Spanish products, host wine tastings and more. I’ve been twice this year and both times were fantastic. Beware though, their terrasse is very small, there’s only a few tables, so you might want to arrive early if you want to dine on it! Choose Olé Tapas for their terrasse overlooking Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Village and their excellent Spanish tapas! For more on Olé Tapas, click here or here!

Terrasse Nelligan – Old Montreal rooftop terrasse with a view [2]

If one Old Montreal rooftop terrasse suggestion wasn’t enough, here’s a second! I wouldn’t say I prefer Terrasse Nelligan over Suite 701, or vice versa, as they are both relatively the same (same owners too) ; they just offer different views of the city. This is one of the most popular terrasses in the city, so best you arrive early for your 5@7! Its also a nice terrasse to visit at other times of the day, like for lunch or early afternoon. Choose Terrasse Nelligan for an Old Montreal rooftop terrasse with a view!

Grumman ’78 – Unique parking lot terrasse, delicious fusion street food

Grumman ’78 (2019)
Grumman ’78 (2019)
Grumman ’78 (2019)
Grumman ’78 (2019)

I finally tried out Grumman ’78 for the first time this year and loved it! Right as you get there, you find this tiny, garage-looking building, at the end of a large parking lot. In-front of this said garage building (the garage building is actually an old garage, converted into a restaurant, Grumman ’78) is the cutest and very colorful terrasse, right in the middle of the parking lot. Choose Le Grumman ’78 for their unique parking lot terrasse and delicious fusion street food! For more on Grumman ’78, click here!

Terrasse Sinclair (Restaurant Sinclair) – Secret hidden garden terrasse, sharing boards

Terrasse Sinclair (2018)
Terrasse Sinclair (2018)
Terrasse Sinclair (2018)

Terrasse Sinclair is probably one of Montreal’s best kept secrets. Located at the back of Restaurant Sinclair, which is inside Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel, Terrasse Sinclair offers a quiet, hidden, secretive garden terrasse. If you’re looking for a lit 5@7, this isn’t the place; rather, Terrasse Sinclair proposes a quieter, more relaxed terrasse vibe. You can also enjoy one of their many sharing boards, but I definitely recommend the foie gras and waffles dish. Choose Terrasse Sinclair for their secret hidden garden terrasse and sharing boards! For more on Terrasse Sinclair, click here!

Terrasse Place d’Armes – Old Montreal rooftop terrasse with a view [3]

I haven’t been in a few years, but I don’t see it having changed much (its on the roof of a hotel after all, its not going anywhere). Like I said earlier, no notable difference between Terrasse Place d’Armes and Terrasse Nelligan. They are both relatively the same (same owners too) ; they just offer different views of the city. This is one of the most popular terrasses in the city, so best you arrive early for your 5@7! Its also a nice terrasse to visit at other times of the day, like for lunch or early afternoon. Choose Terrasse Place d’Armes for an Old Montreal rooftop terrasse with a view!

Lucille’s Laval – Covered suburban terrasse, seafood, meats

Lucille’s Laval (2019)
Lucille’s Laval (2019)
Lucille’s Laval (2019)
Lucille’s Laval (2019)

Lucille’s Laval isn’t your typical terrasse, but it is nice (as is the inside of the restaurant). Lucille’s Laval is located in a parking lot of Carrefour Laval, but, they’ve managed to camouflage that fact. Their terrasse is very big and fully covered, with a lot of tables and lounge areas and presents a really nice escape from your typical suburbia restaurant. Another strong point is that their food is excellent; not just the seafood, but the meat dishes too. Choose Lucille’s Laval for their covered suburban terrasse and excellent food! For more on Lucille’s Laval, click here!

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques – Balcony terrasse in the Mile-End, Asian fusion cuisine, BYOW

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2019)
Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)

Alright, I’m guilty of choosing another terrasse I’ve never actually been to, but I’ve seen it and dined at Mayhem four times so, I still know what I’m talking about. Mayhem’s terrasse is actually super cute and (must) feel like you’re sitting on your friend’s Mile-End balcony at their apartment. Only difference is, the food is much better. Mayhem proposes an Asian fusion cuisine and the food is really excellent. If you’re feeling adventurous, book ahead of time for their Kamayan Feast experience; trust me, you won’t regret it. Choose Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques for their balcony terrasse in the Mile-End, Asian fusion cuisine and don’t forget to bring your own wine! For more on Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques, click here, here or here!

Les Enfants Terribles (PVM) – Terrasse with a view

Les Enfants Terribles PVM (2017)
Les Enfants Terribles PVM (2017)
Les Enfants Terribles PVM (2017)

To me, Les Enfants Terribles at Place Ville-Marie is one of those places that you have to go to once in your life, to say you’ve done it. Alternatively, you can also choose to get engaged there, but that’s another story lol. Les Enfants Terribles PVM offers the highest (I think) viewpoints over the city, from a restaurant/bar. Its really worth it in that regard, as the views are great, but I would recommend only going for a drink or two during a 5@7 and then heading out elsewhere, or later at night just for drinks. Choose Les Enfants Terribles PVM for their terrasse with a view over the city of Montreal! For more on Les Enfants Terribles PVM, click here!

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar (Seafood themed brunch menu & sunny terrasse)

*All opinions and photos are mine




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