Portovino: Sumptuous all-you-can-eat brunch on Sundays for $38! (Brossard)

Restaurant: Portovino
Restaurant type: brunch, Italian
Prices: $38 all-you-can-eat brunch

Date: Sunday June 2nd 2019
Table of: 2

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of trying out Portovino’s all-you-can-eat brunch as their guest! For those who don’t know what Portovino is (like I didn’t before going earlier on this year) check out my previous blog post on Portovino. But, long story short, there is only one Portovino left and its on the South Shore, more specifically, in Brossard at Quartier Dix30. Portovino is a bring your own wine (BYOW) Italian restaurant, serving fresh and quality dishes. So, it should come as no surprise that their brunches are just the same; fresh and made with quality ingredients.

Portovino’s all-you-can-eat brunch is offered every Sunday starting at 10h00. They have multiple stations – Breakfast, Cold/Raw Bar, Hot Station, Pasta Bar and Desserts Station – offering a wide variety of dishes from omelettes to fresh oysters and roast beef to waffles. So, what this means, is that for $38 (per adult), you can eat delicious and very varied dishes till your full and even enjoy a great bottle of wine (or mimosas) that you brought from home.

Breakfast Station

Egg Benedict with ham and a side of bacon and breakfast potatoes (2019)

I’m a very methodical person, so for me, it only made sense to start with a classic breakfast dish and then slowly make my way towards dessert. I opted for an egg Benedict with ham and a side of bacon and breakfast potatoes. I have to say, Portovino’s breakfast potatoes are some of the best I’ve ever had, if not the best. They were so warm and rich and almost creamy and super flavorful; delicious!

Cold/Raw Bar

Cold/Raw Bar (2019)
Oysters (2019)
Cold/Raw Bar (2019)

Up next, a few items from the Cold/Raw Bar. These weren’t my favorite, as I’m not a huge fan of salads and whatnot (especially not at 10h00 lol), but Alex quite enjoyed it and there was a very large selection.

Hot Station

roast beef and the roasted leg of lamb (2019)
roast beef and the roasted leg of lamb (2019)
Meatballs (2019)
shrimps in a creamy white wine sauce (2019)
Beef rib, shrimps in a creamy white wine sauce & fried calamari (2019)

I’d have to say, the Hot Station was probably my favorite. We tried everything from it and there were a lot of excellent dishes. Both available meats that day – the roast beef and the roasted leg of lamb – were excellent. Both were nice and juicy and flavorful and I chose to accompany them with their respective jus (sauce made from the juices the meats cooked in) and some really nice roasted vegetables. Speaking of roasted vegetables, I’d just like to make a parenthesis here, where I hate when restaurants tell you they are going to serve you roasted vegetables and you get bland, over-cooked frozen vegetables instead. Portovino definitely pays attention to the little details and the overall quality of everything they prepare.

Next up at the Hot Station: everything else! I preferred some dishes to others, like: the fried calamari, the giant meatballs, the shrimps in a creamy white wine sauce and the beef ribs. The fried calamari were perfectly crispy and fried; the meatballs were huge, delicious, juicy and full of flavour; the creamy white wine sauce was excellent; and the beef ribs were very nicely seasoned and cooked.

Pasta Bar 

Pasta Bar station (2019)
Pasta Bar station (2019)
Chef Vijay cooking up a storm (2019)
Chef Vijay’s pasta creation (2019)

Up next, some freshly made pasta at the Pasta Bar! This is where Chef Vijay was stationed and he made me an excellent plate of pasta, with the shrimps in the creamy white wine sauce. How could you resist some pasta?!

Desserts Station

Desserts Station (2019)
waffle with caramel and strawberry sauce (2019)
Mini crème brûlées (2019)

And, last but not least, Portovino’s immense Desserts Station. From macarons to mini crème brûlées and a chocolate fountain to waffles and crêpes, Portovino is bound to have a dessert for you. I really enjoyed my waffle with caramel and strawberry sauce, which went really well together. Of course, anything covered in chocolate is also good, so the chocolate fountain is a must for chocolate lovers.

Overall, we enjoyed a very sumptuous brunch at Portovino. They have a great selection of dishes, which will surely please the entire family. Enjoy!

Fresh fruit smoothie (2019)
Oysters (2019)
Roast beef (2019)
Roasted leg of lamb (2019)
A little big of (almost) everything from the hot station (2019)
Macarons (2019)
Mini cannolli (2019)
Mini yogurt parfaits (2019)
Chooclate fountain (2019)
Fresh fruits (2019)
Watermelon art decoration (2019)
Watermelon art decoration (2019)
Cheeses & bread station (2019)
Desserts station (2019)
Food art (2019)

UP NEXT: Mon billet sur Lucille’s Laval (Plus que juste des fruits de mer! – Nouvelle ouverture mai 2019)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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