BoulZeye: the new amusement center for kids and adults! (Montréal-Est)

Location: BoulZeye
Event: Un après-midi de fun au centre d’amusement BoulZeye (journée média)

Location type: bowling, laser tag, pub, virtual reality
Date: Saturday May 4th 2019
Party of: 4

Last month, my family and I had the pleasure of checking out the all-new BoulZeye amusement center as their guests! BoulZeye is a new amusement center, located in the East end of Montreal and offers bowling, laser tag, virtual reality and an on-site pub/restaurant. BoulZeye hosted a media day, where hundreds of people got to come and try out their facilities.

Of course, being a foodie, we had to get some food and test the quality. We chose the chicken tenders, the BoulZeye nachos with grilled peppers, cheese and pork jowl (no olives, no jalapenos) and the Mac and cheese with cheddar cheese and pork jowl. Overall, the food was good – some dishes better than others – but it remains pretty basic pub food. The chicken tenders were probably the best, but considering how they were likely frozen, not much credit to be had. The nachos were quite nice and I enjoyed the addition of grilled peppers which I’ve never had on nachos before. Unfortunately, to me, the Mac and Cheese was not edible; I very much did not enjoy it (and I’m the kind of person who eats KD every now and then). Alex on the other hand said it was fine and ate it.

Our visit at BoulZeye was not just about eating; we tried out the virtual reality which was fun but there were some kinks in the machine. Bowling and laser tag were also enjoyed; both without a hitch. Overall, we had a good time at BoulZeye, as did the kids who did not want to leave.

I would recommend BoulZeye as an amusement center option for a party, as they have all the pieces in place for such an event. Even for a small group outing for adults, it could be a good time. Thanks for having us!

BoulZeye (2019)
BoulZeye (2019)
BoulZeye nachos (2019)
Chicken tenders (2019)
BoulZeye (2019)
BoulZeye (2019)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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