Rasoï: Delicious modern Indian tapas & creative cocktails in an eclectic bar (St-Henri)

Bar: Rasoï
Bar type: Indian, tapas, fusion
Prices: $4.50-$23 entrées, $10-$23 mains

Date: Thursday April 25th 2019
Table of: 2
My favorite dishes: Chili 65 chicken brochettes + Coconut shrimps & scallops + Goat vindaloo

Last month, I had the pleasure of trying out Rasoï with Trang @trangreeny, as their guests. Rasoï is an Indian tapas bar (no longer a restaurant, therefore you must be 18+ to go), whose dishes reflect modern twists and touches of fusion from other cultures as well. It is located on the popular Notre-Dame street, just by the Atwater Market in St-Henri. At Rasoï, you’ll find your favorites like butter chicken but also, some dishes from other cultures that have been “Indian-a-fied” like their tuna tartare.

As their guests, we were treated to a house selection of dishes:

  • Tuna tartare served on chopped mango and avocado, with spiced mango purée and homemade rice papadum chips
  • Chili 65 chicken brochettes (off menu), served with a garlic yogurt dip and kachumber salad with fried vermicelli
  • Coconut shrimps & scallops: masala dusted tiger prawns and scallops, cooked in a spiced coconut based curry sauce and served with sautéed seasonal vegetables
  • Goat vindaloo & naan bread: fall off the bone leg of goat and marble potatoes in a fiery sherry vinegar based curry sauce, topped with a fried chilli pepper and garnished with fresh cilantro, accompanied by naan bread
  • Mom’s gulab jamun à la mode: Indian beignets in rosewater and saffron syrup served hot, with a side of vanilla ice cream, pecan bourbon “cheeky” and fresh berries
  • Mango mojito: Captain Morgan rum, limes, fresh mint, soda & mango nectar
  • Disco dancer: Hendrick’s gin, Dolin vermouth, tarragon, saffron rosewater syrup, cucumber, lemon juice & tonic
  • Glass of White Cliff, Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Winemaker’s Selection, Marlborough, New Zealand
Tuna tartare (2019)
Chili 65 chicken brochette (2019)
Coconut shrimps & scallops (2019)
Goat vindaloo & naan bread (2019)
Mom’s gulab jamun à la mode (2019)
Mango mojito & Disco dancer (2019)
Glass of White Cliff, Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Winemaker’s Selection, Marlborough, New Zealand (2019)

We enjoyed an excellent meal at Rasoï, which went from very good to excellent. As you can see from my “favorite dishes” list, they almost all made it (the tuna tartare was also good, I loved the combination of mango and avocado with it, but it was under seasoned to me (I eat quite salty). I would have added some soya sauce and maybe a couple other ingredients to the tuna, just to enhance its overall flavor, as the fish was not seasoned at all).

Let’s start things off with the Chili 65 chicken brochettes (off menu item), which were stunning in all regards; moist, spicy, flavorful and just delicious. I really liked the seasoning on the chicken. Next up was the coconut shrimps and scallops curry, which was divine. I love coconut and seafood, so this was the perfect combination of ingredients for me. The seafood was very nicely seasoned and cooked and the sauce was perfectly balanced. It even came with some sautéed vegetables which were very nice and still hard (I like my vegetables cooked but still firm). And, last but not least, Rasoï’s goat vindaloo and naan bread, which was just wow. I’ve had this dish before at other restaurants, but this was the best one by far. The meat was so tender and the sauce so good. Coupled with some delicious naan bread, this was an excellent dish.

We also accompanied our meal with some cocktails and wine. I chose the mango mojito which was nice, fruity and refreshing and then a glass of White Cliff, Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Winemaker’s Selection, Marlborough, New Zealand, which was excellent and just the way I like my Sauvignon Blancs (I also think I have a thing for New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs now).

Overall, we had a great time at Rasoï. The food was delicious and the decor was interesting and eclectic. If you’re looking for a great spot that serves a modern take on Indian food, through the form of tapas and fusion dishes, this is the place for you! As well, Rasoï’s owner, Rex, has something very special in the works for the bar loving people, so stay tuned for more!

Tuna tartare (2019)
Chili 65 chicken brochette (2019)
Chili 65 chicken brochette (2019)
Coconut shrimps & scallops (2019)
Coconut shrimps & scallops (2019)
Coconut shrimps & scallops (2019)
Goat vindaloo (2019)
Naan bread (2019)
Mom’s gulab jamun à la mode (2019)
Rasoï (2019)
Rasoï (2019)
Rasoï (2019)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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