Pizzeria No. 900: Excellent pizza chain across the city!

Restaurant: Pizzeria No. 900
Restaurant type: pizza, Italian
Prices: $4-$19 entrées, $9-$18 mains

Date: Sunday March 31st 2019
Table of: 2

A little while back, my foodie friend Dini @dini_the_foodie_mtl and I had dinner at Pizzeria No. 900 in Westmount. I had been craving pizza for quite some time, so I was happy to finally find someone who wanted to have some with me 🙂

I’d been to a Pizzeria No. 900 once before, but the one in Outremont and for brunch. I had really enjoyed my pizza that time and the prices were very good, so I was happy to try another one out. Just like last time, Pizzeria No. 900 did not disappoint and lived up to my memories of it. The restaurant is very nice and well decorated and the food was delicious. Dini and I shared the Burrata with a pistachio pesto and sides as an entrée and it was very good; how can you go wrong with burrata? We also got the Aperol Spritz (for myself) and the Rum and Brio (for Dini) which were great. I love a good Aperol Spritz!

Pizzeria No. 900 (2019)

For the mains, Dini opted for the Margherita pizza with extra mozzarella and extra sausage and I got the Prosciutto pizza with extra mozzarella. Prosciutto pizza is my favorite kind of pizza and Pizzeria No. 900 did a great job. The pizza dough itself is nice and thin where its supposed to be and thicker around the edges to form a perfect crust. The extra mozzarella was a great idea (thanks Dini!) as pizza places can be a bit stingy with their cheese quantity sometimes. This way, the extra ensures there’s a good amount of cheese (normal amount IMO). Overall, a very good pizza! I also chose to accompany my pizza with a Glass of I Feudi di Romans Pinot Grigio (private import) which was very nice.

For the desserts, of course, Dini got two – cannolli and gelato – while I opted for the chocolate mousse cake. I was a tad disappointed, as I was hoping for a more cake-y chocolate mousse and this one turned out to be a full out mousse. However, it was very good, sweet dark chocolate but not overly sweet.

Overall, we enjoyed a great meal at Pizzeria No. 900 and I highly recommend for some delicious pizzas, good prices and great times. I have my own criteria when it comes to reviewing restaurants, which I also use on my Instagram account (@elisebgravel). It’s very simple, there are only three points: the quality of the food (on 10), the price (from $ to $$$$$) and the following question: would I go back?

So, here is my review of Pizzeria No. 900:
Food: 4/5 (very good)
Price: $$ 
Would I go back?: Yes!

Burrata with pistachio pesto and sides (2019)
Aperol Spritz (2019)
Prosciutto pizza (2019)
Pizzeria No. 900 (2019)
Prosciutto pizza with spicy oil (2019)
Pizzeria No. 900 (2019)
Gelato, cannoli & chocolate mousse (2019)
Me & Dini (2019)
No900 (2019)

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*All photos and comments are mine

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