Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Brunch Spots 2019

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Brunch Spots 2019

Le Passé Composé (Village) – Decadent brunch plates, excellent service

Le Passé Composé (2018)
Le Passé Composé (2018)

Let’s start things off with one that everyone knows (or at least, that everyone should know). After a two year wait, I finally made it back to Le Passé Composé! Although I really liked my dish – Champêtre poached egg – I was a tad disappointed, as I think I had been holding on to these exceptional memories I had in my mind from years ago. With that said, Le Passé Composé remains an excellent brunch choice in Montreal and is far better than many others. Everything on their extensive brunch menu – sweet and savoury – is worth a try! Just beware, unless you want to wait in line for an hour, arrive for 9h00, 9h30 max. Choose Le Passé Composé for their decadent brunch plates and if you’re looking for a brunch spot in the Village! For more on Le Passé Composé, click here! 

Régine Café (Rosemont) – Decadent brunch plates, extremely rapid service, homemade sweets

Régine Café (2018)

Another one of my favorites, which I would say is quite similar (in terms of food) to Le Passé Composé, is Régine Café in Rosemont. This one, I can say I’ve been to in the last year. The wait can be quite long (my friend and I waited close to 1.5 hours for a table last summer) but is definitely worth it. Just be careful, because the service is so quick that once you’ve ordered, you literally receive your food 5 minutes later (feels like you’re in Chinatown). Therefore, once you’ve been sitting there for about half an hour, you feel like you’ve overstayed your welcome, since you’re already done eating and there’s a huge line of people waiting for you to leave. Choose Café Régine for their decadent brunch plates, amazing homemade sweets and if you’re looking for a brunch spot in Rosemont! (But go early lol). For more on Régine Café, click here! 

Le Butterblume (Mile-End) – German ravioli soup, creative small dishes

Le Butterblume (2018)
Le Butterblume (2018)

Le Butterblume is one of those rare places I’ve actually been to more than once, or twice, other than pho restaurants lol. Ever since I tried it, I’m kinda addicted to their German ravioli soup. There’s just something about those huge pork and spinach filled raviolis, the marinated onions, the heaps of fresh herbs and that salty rich broth, that keeps me coming back for more. They also have an ever changing menu, with small and creative dishes on it. I once went with Alex and so was able to order multiple things and share them with him (otherwise the soup is quite filling for just 1 person). They also make killer chocolate chip cookies. Choose Le Butterblume for their German ravioli soup, creative small dishes and if you’re looking for a brunch spot in the Mile-End! For more on Le Butterblume, click here!

India Rosa (Plateau) – Indian fusion brunch, out of the ordinary

Le Béné poulet au beurre (2019)
Poulet et gaufres (2019)
India Rosa Brunch (2019)
Le petit caprice à partager (2019)
Le brunch végé (2019)

Looking for something completely different and outside of the box for your next brunch experience?! If yes, then look no further, cause you’ve found the answer to your foodie prayers with India Rosa‘s all new Indian fusion brunch! Ever dreamt of having butter chicken for brunch? Well, now you can, thanks to India Rosa’s “Béné poulet au beurre” which translates to: eggs Benedict and butter chicken (so.good.). They have both sweet and savoury dishes, but my favorite was a combination of both: chicken and waffles. They use fried tandoori chicken, that sits atop some waffles and comes with this sweet sauce, loaded up with various Indian spices. Choose India Rosa for their out of the ordinary and all new Indian fusion brunch and if you’re looking for a brunch spot in the Plateau! For more on India Rosa, click herehere or here!

O’Thym (Village) – BYOW, creative dishes

O’Thym (2017)
O’Thym (2017)

O’Thym is the only BYOW brunch restaurant I’ve been to, so it easily takes that spot on my list. With that said, I still had a great time when I went. I loved that I was able to choose my own bubbles for my mimosas, as opposed to drinking crappy Hungaria. I would describe the menu at O’Thym as being creative, so you won’t find any of your typical and classic breakfast plates. If you do, they’ll all have a creative spin on them. Just be aware that if you make a morning reservation, you’ll be expected to leave around noon so they can turn the table for later reservations. Choose O’Thym for their creative brunch dishes and because you can bring your own bubbles! For more on O’Thym, click here! 

Rosewood (Old Montreal) – Bottomless mimosas, good food

Rosewood (2018)
Rosewood (2018)
Rosewood (2018)

Last year, I had the opportunity to go back to Rosewood as their guest and try out their bottomless mimosas brunch (again). We ended up ordering quite a number of dishes, which were all very good (steak and eggs, eggs Benedict, fried chicken, etc). Mimosas were lovely too and at just $25 per person, its a very good deal 😉 My bottomless friends and I (we like to call ourselves the Bottomless Brunch Biddies) have tried out many of the bottomless brunch spots in the city and I have to say, Rosewood comes out at the top, making it my favorite. Choose Rosewood for their $25 bottomless mimosas and great dishes. For more on Rosewood, click here!

Impérial (Chinatown) – Dim sum in the city

hargow & shumai (2018)
xiao long bao (2018)
Impérial dim sum (2018)

Impérial is located in Chinatown and serves up delicious dim sum; its my favorite one in Chinatown! Everything is excellent and the assortment is very extensive, from your more popular dim sum dishes like hargow (steamed shrimp dumpling) and shumai (pork and shrimp dumpling), to xiao long bao (soup dumplings). The service is also very good and attentive and the prices are very good, at less than $20 per person and a full belly. Choose Impérial if you’re looking for a dim sum spot in the city! For more on Impérial, click here! 

Perles & Paddock (Griffintown) – Fancy brunch, stunning location, pricey

Perles et Paddock (2018)
Perles et Paddock (2018)
Perles et Paddock (2018)

Perles & Paddock has to be one of the prettiest restaurants I’ve eaten at in Montreal. Its worth a visit just to see the space itself! So modern, light, white and pretty; its very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In terms of food, the food was very good, but pricey and the portions were on the small side (I had to order a full plate of bread after eating my omelette cause I was still hungry). Choose Perles & Paddock if you’re looking for a fancy brunch place in a beautiful setting. For more on Perles & Paddock, click here! 

L’oeufrier DDO (West Island) – Chain restaurant, brunch any day of the week

L’Oeufrier DDO (2018)
L’Oeufrier DDO (2018)

I’m really not a chain kinda person, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the brunch at L’Oeufrier DDO. Okay, its no Perles & Paddock, but everything was very good and I left without any complaints. Their eggs Benedict definitely passed my taste test! Choose L’Oeufrier DDO if you’re looking for a place to have brunch any day of the week and because its a chain, they’re sure to have a location near you! For more on L’Oeufrier DDO, click here!

Gaufrabec (Lachine) – Delicious homemade Belgian waffles and all-you-can-eat brunch on weekends

Gaufrabec (2019)
Gaufrabec (2019)
Gaufrabec (2019)

Oh yes, you read that one right. Gaufrabec actually offers an all-you-can-eat brunch option on weekends!!! Who wouldn’t want to stuff their faces full of waffles? Plus, they make both savoury and sweet waffles, so you can load up on some delicious savoury waffles like the chorizo and goat cheese one I had and then finish that up with a dessert waffle plate like the fondue waffle plate (enough for two!). Choose Gaufrabec for their delicious homemade Belgian waffles and all-you-can-eat brunch on weekends! For more on Gaufrabec, click here!

Café Zezin (Villeray) – Brazilian-French-Québécois fusion café and weekend brunches

Classic Bene & Croissant Bourgeois (2019)
Samba on ice (2019)
Black forest latte & macchiato (2019)

Last but not least, my brunch discovery of the year! Café Zezin is a Brazilian-French-Québécois fusion café, offering delicious brunch plates on weekends. It combines everything that’s great in three different cuisines, to present a unique offering to its customers. Their eggs Benedict are on point and if you like croissants, try their Bourgeois Croissant! They also have some very decadent desserts so make sure to leave some room for one! Choose Café Zezin for their Brazilian-French-Québécois fusion cafe and weekend brunches, in Villeray. For more on Café Zezin , click here or here!

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Ole Tapas (Delicious Spanish tapas & imported products boutique in the West Island)

*All opinions and photos are mine

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