Salada Street Food Market: Montreal’s new weekend hangout spot – check it out before its gone! (TMR)

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of checking out the all-new Salada Street Food Market, as their guest. As its name implies, Salada Market is home to street food style vendors and food trucks, but also to DJs, drinks, artisans and more, within an artistic atmosphere. Salada Market has taken over an old factory just West of the intersection of highways 40 and 15 and is easily recognizable on the outside by its very colorful painting all over the building. The inside is just as colorful, with hanging colorful garlands, graffitis, art and mis-matched tables and chairs.

Salada Market has been open every Friday (16h-23h) and Saturday (12h-23h) of March and will continue to do so until the end of this month (April)! Therefore, if you love a good time, food, booze and music, you only have 3 weekends left to check out Salada Market!

Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)

Of course, being a foodie, my main objective was to sample foods from as many vendors as possible during my visit. We checked out and got: Quai Roulant’s poutine du Quai, Agrikol’s griot, plantain chips and chicken wings, Grumman ’78’s spicy salmon tartare, Jerry Ferrer’s foie gras and truffle poutine (OMG SO AMAZING) and La Choppe’s key lime pie. All in all, a great success. It wasn’t over-crowded like other food truck events can be (think les premiers vendredis du mois if you’ve ever been) and there was plenty of room to sit which is good. This allowed us to take our time, take in the beautifully decorated space and choose from which vendors we wanted to order and eat. I was even able to get some photos of food from different vendors, in one shot, which is rare at food truck events haha.

Jerry Ferrer’s foie gras poutine (2019)
Agrikol’s griot and plantain chips (2019)
Grumman ’78’s spicy salmon tartare (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
La Choppe’s key lime pie (2019)

In terms of food, Jerry Ferrer’s foie gras and truffle poutine was by far the best dish we ate. If you love foie gras and truffles like I do, this poutine will NOT disappoint you! There was a nice big piece of foie gras sitting atop a mountain of fresh homemade fries, covered in cheese curds, poutine sauce and their famous truffle sauce. You could really taste the foie gras and the truffles, which is super important. As well, we got the small portion for $10.50 and I think that’s a very good price for the portion size. I also had pretty much my first Haitian food and it was very good. We got Agrikol’s griot, plantain chips and chicken wings and now I understand why my boyfriend loves griot so much. Griot is basically seasoned fatty cubes of pork that are crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside; delicious. The plantain chips were also very good, nice and crispy on the outside and nicely seasoned too. I also really liked Grumman ’78’s spicy salmon tartare, which was another great portion for the price and perfectly balanced and seasoned. For dessert, we opted for two servings of La Choppe’s key lime pie, which was the perfect way to end our night.

Overall, Salada Market was a great experience, where there’s something for everyone; the foodies, those looking to have a couple drinks on a Friday night and even for families with children. As mentioned, Salada Market is open every Friday (16h-23h) and Saturday (12h-23h) until the end of April. The space features more than 12 food trucks / food vendors (with both savory and sweet dishes), drinks, a DJ, artisans and more. Enjoy!

Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Agrikol’s chicken wings (2019)
Quai Roulant’s poutine du quai (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Salada Market (2019)
Bae cleaning up at Salada Market (2019)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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