Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Asian Restaurants 2020

***Updated February 18th 2020***

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Asian Restaurants 2020


Saint Sushi Bar (Plateau & Westmount) – Amazing sushi place in the city (no alcohol license at the Plateau location)

Saint Sushi Bar (2017)
Saint Sushi Bar (2017)

I decided to start this list off strong with not only one of my favorite sushi places in Montreal, but also, one of my favorite restaurants in the city, regardless of categorization. Saint Sushi Bar has some of the best sushi in Montreal and they are so good. I always order their tasting menu, which consists of their famous salmon or tuna tartare Christmas trees (a must try!!) as well as a platter of mixed sushi. What’s really nice about their sushi – other than the fact that they’re amazing – is that they are outside the box and not your typical California roll. Every roll is unique, creative, different and delicious. The only thing missing to Saint Sushi is the fact that they have no liquor license (no BYOW either), but they’ve managed to solve this problem by opening up a new location in Westmount, which does serve alcohol 🙂 Choose Saint Sushi Bar for amazing sushi in the city. For more on Saint Sushi Bar, click here!

Le Bay Ca Phe (Mile-End) – Great Vietnamese dishes, nice ambiance & cocktails menu

Le Bay Ca Phe (2018)
Le Bay Ca Phe (2018)
Le Bay Ca Phe (2018)

Le Bay Ca Phe is one of the last discoveries I made in 2018, especially in terms of Asian food. We ordered a bunch of different things when we went and everything was beyond delicious. I’m a huge fan of Vietnamese food (its my second favorite, after Italian) so I’m always pleased to find new spots in the city. I always judge a Vietnamese restaurant by its pho and Le Bay Ca Phe’s pho was pho-nominal (haha). Le Bay Ca Phe stands out from other Vietnamese restaurants in the city, because the place looks nice (no offense) and they have an alcohol license, which most Vietnamese places do not. Of course, you can just go to grab a quick bite of Vietnamese food, but if you’re looking to maybe have a 5@7 or enjoy a drink or two with your meal, Le Bay Ca Phe is a great option. Choose Le Bay Ca Phe for its great Vietnamese dishes, nice ambiance & cocktails menu. For more on Le Bay Ca Phe, click here!

Nouilles de Lan Zhou (Chinatown) – Delicious hand-pulled noodle dishes

Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)
Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)

If you love noodles, and soup, Nouilles de Lan Zhou is the place for you! Nouilles de Lan Zhou is located in Chinatown and prepares 7 different sized homemade and hand-pulled noodles. With their kitchen located in the front of the restaurant, with bar stools to one side and a large window on the other (gives onto the street outside), you can watch all the noodle pulling action from either of these two places. In my case, I do love noodles and soup and so I loved Nouilles de Lan Zhou. If you’re not so much a soup kinda person, no worries, Nouilles de Lan Zhou also offers noodle based dishes (so not soup). Choose Nouilles de Lan Zhou for their delicious hand-pulled noodle dishes in Chinatown. For more on Nouilles de Lan Zhou, click here!

Tchang Kiang (NDG) – Delicious authentic Chinese food

Tchang Kiang (2018)

Although I was adopted by French Canadian parents, my origins are Chinese and one cultural thing I grew up with was Chinese food. Every few weeks, we would go to the restaurant (mostly for lunch) and held multiple Chinese, Vietnamese and Italian restaurants on rotation. So, I did grow up eating some pretty authentic Chinese food, at a few different restaurants across the city. Tchang Kiang was my Chinese restaurant discovery of the year last year, for its delicious and authentic Chinese dishes of cuisines from all over the country (yes, there is more than just 1 cuisine in China). We enjoyed some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had, the most delicious steamed ginger and shallot fish and an amazing red curry beef stew. Choose Tchang Kiang  for their delicious and authentic Chinese food in the NDG area. For more on Tchang Kiang, click here!

Niji Sushi Bar (Brossard) – Delicious Japanese dishes & upscale dining experience on the South Shore

Niji Sushi Bar (2018)
Niji Sushi Bar (2018)
Niji Sushi Bar (2018)

Last year, I made an amazing Japanese restaurant discovery on the South Shore: Niji Sushi Bar at Quartier DIX30! If you like Japanese food – sushi, sashimi, sautéed meat dishes and more – you’ll be very pleased with Niji and what it has to offer. When we went, Helen (the owner) prepard a six course tasting menu for us which was delicious. The aburi salmon sushi was my absolute favorite and one of the best pieces of sushi I’ve ever had! Choose Niji Sushi Bar for their delicious Japanese dishes and an upscale dining experience on the South Shore. For more on Niji Sushi Bar, click here!

Pamika (Plateau) – Best Thai food in Montreal

Pamika (2018)
Pamika (2018)
Pamika (2018)

Pamika is the only real Thai restaurant I’ve ever been to in the city, but I can say with confidence that its the best Montreal has to offer. Everything during our dining experience was perfect; from the dishes, to the drinks and the ambiance to the service. The restaurant is hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly and is kind of hidden in the wall of a hotel on Sherbrooke. Once you step inside, you feel like you’ve beent transported to another world, with the beautiful decor and dim-lit lights. The food was delicious and definitely some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had (I’ve been to Thailand twice). Whether or not you’re looking for a Thai restaurant, Pamika is a MUST try! Choose Pamika for the best Thai food in Montreal. For more on Pamika, click here!

Pho Bac 97 (Chinatown) – Great quick serve Vietnamese spot

pho bac 2
Pho Bac 97 (2018)
pho bac
Pho Bac 97 (2018)
Pho Bac 97 (2018)

If you’re ever in the Chinatown area and craving a nice hot bowl of pho, or even some grilled meats, Pho Bac 97 is the place to be. There isn’t much to say about this place, other than its small, busy, cheap and packed full during peak meal hours. Oh ya, and that their food is delicious. This ones my new go-to Vietnamese spot in the Chinatown area! Choose Pho Bac 97 for a great quick serve Vietnamese spot in Chinatown. For more on Pho Bac 97, click here!

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (Mile-End) – Amazing Asian fusion & BYOW

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)
Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)
Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)

If you read my last blog post about my favorite MTL BYOW restaurants, then you’ll remember reading about Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques. If its on two lists, it must be good, right? I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Mayhem 3 times last year and each time was delicious. May, the chef and owner, puts her own spin on more traditional Asian dishes, from countries like Vietnam, Korea, China and others. She is also one of the only restaurants in the city to serve a Kamayan – a traditional Filipino dish – which combines the flavours of many Asian restaurants on the different meats and seafood served. If you’re looking for an Asian dining experience out of the box, then look no further! Choose Mayhem for amazing Asian fusion dishes and because its a BYOW. For more on Mayhem, click here, here or here!

Restaurant Impérial (Chinatown) – Best dim sum in Chinatown

Impérial dim sum (2018)
Impérial dim sum (2018)

Impérial is located in Chinatown and serves up delicious dim sum; its my favorite one in Chinatown! Everything is excellent and the assortment is very extensive, from your more popular dim sum dishes like hargow (steamed shrimp dumpling) and shumai (pork and shrimp dumpling), to xiao long bao (soup dumplings). The service is also very good and attentive and the prices are very good, at less than $20 per person and a full belly. Choose Impérial if you’re looking for the best dim sum in Chinatown! For more on Impérial, click here!

Sushi Sama (Village & Rosemont) – Great sushi & poke bowl take-out/delivery

Sushi Sama (2018)
Sushi Sama (2018)
Sushi Sama (2018)

Sometimes, its not about a culinary journey. Sometimes, you just want to eat sushi, at home, in your pajamas, while binge watching some Netflix. That’s where Sushi Sama comes into play! They have 2 locations in Montreal, ready to satisfy your sushi needs and cravings. In terms of take-out sushi, they are my favorite. Not only do they have your typical sushi, they also have delicious poke bowls and dessert sushi! Choose Sushi Sama for a great sushi & poke bowl take-out/delivery option. For more on Sushi Sama, click here or here! p.s. you can also dine-in if you choose to, they have some seating 🙂

Beni Hana (Montréal-Est) – Great teppenyaki experience & more Japanese dishes

Beni Hana (2017)
Beni Hana (2017)
Beni Hana (2017)

I remember the first time I ever had Beni Hana; I was 17, we were in Washington D.C. for our sec. 5 grad trip and I loved it. Ok, I’ll admit its not the greatest food of life, but the teppenyaki experience as a whole is something you need to experience at least once in your life. Montreal’s Beni Hana offers not only their famous teppenyaki – its like a show with a chef who cooks everything in front of you and adds in his own tricks, like a flaming onion volcano –  they also have a large à la carte menu full of Japanese dishes. Back when I went, they were beginning to offer poke bowls and they were delicious. So, if you’re not into teppenyaki, you can also get a “normal” Japanese meal. Choose Beni Hana for a great teppenyaki experience & more Japanese dishes! For more on Beni Hana, click here!

Restaurant Hà (Plateau & Old Montreal) – Amazing South-East Asian dishes & upscale dining experience

Restaurant Hà (2017)
Restaurant Hà (2018)
Restaurant Hà (2015)

Did I save the best for last? Maybe. Restaurant Hà is not only one of my favorite MTL Asian restaurants, but one of my favorite MTL restaurants period. Ever since I moved to the Plateau 5 years ago (sadly, I’m not there anymore) and my friend/roommate Jo made me discover Hà, I’ve been a big fan. I sometimes reflect upon the fact that there are so many restaurants in this city and that its hard to go back to the same place because you always want to try new places (well, I do) but Hà is one of the rare places I go to at least once a year. At first, my love for Hà was developed through their delicious beef pho; the best I had ever had in the city. But over the years, I tried different dishes (cold seafood salad, tom yum, pork belly buns, pad Thaï, poke bowl, etc.) and came to love them all. Whenever someone asks me for a restaurant recommendation for either Asian food or a fancier dining experience, Hà is my go-to recommendation. Choose Hà for their amazing South-East Asian dishes & upscale dining experience. For more on Hà, click here! *Please note that I have only ever dined at the Plateau location.

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Mélisse (Great spot for a quiet and cosy, yet chic 5@7)

*All opinions and photos are mine

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