Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Bring-Your-Own-Wine (BYOW) Restaurants 2019

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Bring-Your-Own-Wine (BYOW) Restaurants 2019

Since I eat out so much and often get asked by friends to recommend a restaurant, I figured I would put together a list of my favorite Montreal restaurants, based on food type (brunch, BYOW, Asian, etc.). I always find it a daunting task, as there are many things to consider: cuisine, location, price, etc. So, I’ve decided to put a few lists together, that will hopefully help some people out and starting with my favorite BYOW Restaurants!

Restaurant Prince (Plateau) – Creative and gourmet French dishes

Restaurant Prince (2019)
Restaurant Prince (2019)
Restaurant Prince (2019)

Restaurant Prince is one of the first restaurants I went to this year and it definitely had a great impact on me. I chose it as my birthday restaurant with my friends and was not disappointed. If you like non-standard French menus, then you’ll be very happy here. I got to eat some excellent dishes, like the homemade agnolotti and the beef tartare with bone marrow croquettes. Choose Restaurant Prince for their creative and gourmet French dishes. For more on Restaurant Prince, click here!

Restaurant Pho 911 (Plateau) – Traditional Vietnamese dishes and other Asian favorites

Pho 911 (2018)

I’m usually a tad skeptical of restaurants who serve dishes from multiple cuisines, but Pho 911 nails them all. They are first and foremost a Vietnamese restaurant, but they also serve other Asian favorites like pad Thaï, general Tao chicken and more. We didn’t get to taste everything off the menu, so I can’t generalize too much, but the different dishes we did order, were excellent. For me, I judge a Vietnamese restaurant by its pho, so we obviously had to have some. Pho was on point in all respects; rich, sweet and salty broth, full of rice noodles and delicious sliced beef. Same goes for the Vietnamese grilled meats and the pad Thaï; both were very good and met all of my expectations. Choose Pho 911 for their traditional Vietnamese dishes and other Asian favorites. For more on Pho 911, click here!

La Selva (Plateau) – Creative Mexican dishes & 6-course tasting menu

La Selva (2018)
La Selva (2018)
La Selva (2018)

I’ve actually been to La Selva a few times now and each time was delicious. The first time around, I got to sample their 6 course tasting menu (for only $30!) which was amazing. Every dish that came out looked beautiful and some were very out of the box, creative and original, like the octopus, mole and sunny side up egg dish we had; delicious! The menu also featured a pork taco with foie gras mayo, which I’ve now had twice and that I still dream about at night. The only thing with the tasting menu, is that it changes and varies depending on the chef (Ali Garcia) as well as availability of fresh produce. Therefore, you never know what you’re going to get, but what you can know, is that you’ll have an amazing meal! The chef is also quite famous for using huitlacoche, which are known as and referred to as Mexican truffles or corn truffles (they are mushrooms that grow on corn). Choose La Selva for their creative Mexican dishes and their 6 course tasting menu. For more on La Selva, click here!

Machiavelli (Pointe-Saint-Charles) – French, Italian and Asian fusion elevated comfort food

Machiavelli (2018)
Machiavelli (2018)
Machiavelli (2018)

Machiavelli is one of those restaurants that has a bit of everything for everyone, in a super comfort, “feel at home” kinda atmosphere. They have some more “classic” dishes if you want, like pastas and boeuf bourguignon, but they also have more exotic dishes for the more adventurous, like their French-Asian fusion bouillabaisse which I highly recommend. Their menu changes with the seasons too, to highlight what’s available at that time of the year. So for example, their famous tomato and mozzarella stuffed gnocchi are available all year long, but the sauce will adapt itself’s to seasonal produce. When I had them in the summer, they were covered in a light and creamy sage sauce, whereas in the fall, they were covered in a thick and creamy squash sauce. In both cases, delicious and a must try! Choose Machiavelli for their French, Italian and Asian fusion elevated comfort food. For more on Machiavelli, click here or here!

Jardin de Panos (Plateau) – Terrasse, tzatziki and white wine

Jardin de Panos (2017)
Jardin de Panos (2017)

Ok, I’ll say it right away and get it out of the way: Jardin de Panos does not have amazing food, its the experience that’s definitely worth it (some of the dishes are very good though). I’ve been many times over the years, ever since I discovered it in 2010 before taking a school trip to Greece. Jardin de Panos is definitely a place to go to in the summer, to enjoy their garden terrasse. There’s nothing amazing about their terrasse, but there’s something I just can’t quite put my finger on. The mixture of garden terrasse, bring your own wine, hot summer nights and Greek food; its almost a magical experience both great with friends and your significant other. The tzatziki and the Greek salad are two of my favorite dishes there; the fried calamari is good too. Choose Jardin de Panos for their summer garden terrasse, tzatziki and don’t forget to bring your own wine! 

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (Mile-End) – Dishes from all over East-Asia 

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)
Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)
Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)
Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (2018)

Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques is one of my favorite Asian fusion restaurants in the city! After discovering it for the first time back in April 2018, I’ve been back for their Kamayan Feast, as well as for an Insta Foodies dinner I hosted! Chef May took over after her parents and has made some wonderful, adventurous and delicious changes to the menu. The last time I was there, I got to try her Khao soi and it was to die for, soo good! Mayhem features dishes from all over East-Asia, like: Vietnam, Thaïland, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, China and more! Choose Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques for a variety of dishes from all over East-Asia. For more on Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques, click here!

O’Thym (Village) – Creative brunch dishes and bottomless mimosas

O’Thym (2017)
O’Thym (2017)

I’ve actually only been to O’Thym for brunch, but I’ve heard their dinners are great too. O’Thym is located in the Village, right by many other popular spots like Le Passé Composé and Le Blossom. The best part about O’Thym, is that its BYOW so you can literally have a bottomless mimosa brunch but with the bubbles of your choice and with great food (I’ve been to a few bottomless brunches in the city and at times the food is average at best). At O’Thym, the dishes are creative and the ingredients and carefully chosen, which makes for beautiful and tasty, out of the box brunch dishes. If you’re looking for classics eggs benny, you won’t be finding them here. Choose O’Thym for their creative brunch dishes and bottomless mimosas with your own bubbles! For more on O’Thym, click here!

Papa Jackie (Brossard) – Excellent Chinese restaurant on the South Shore

Papa Jackie (2018)
Papa Jackie (2018)
Papa Jackie (2018)

So although Papa Jackie is a BYOW restaurant, I didn’t know until I got there so I didn’t bring any wine (in any case, I went with Alex and his boys for lunch so wasn’t really a wine and dine moment). The original plan had been to try out Kam Fung, but it was so jam packed that we had to find a quick alternative; hence Papa Jackie. Many of the dishes were ordered were excellent, but a couple were average, so its a hit or miss kinda situation. I highly recommend their shrimp wonton soup, which was divine; their wontons were huge and filled with delicious shrimps. Cantonese style chow mein and ginger beef with shallots were the other two excellent dishes. Dumplings and egg rolls were a miss. Nonetheless, an excellent Chinese restaurant if you’re on the South Shore and craving some authentic Chinese food! Choose Papa Jackie for some excellent Chinese food on the South Shore! For more on Papa Jackie, click here!

That’s all for my favorite MTL BYOW Restaurants 2019! Stay tuned for more lists!

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Porto Mar (Rustic Portuguese restaurant in Old Montreal)

*All opinions and photos are mine

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