Rockaberry Monkland: Now more than just pies and cakes! New menu now available! (NDG)

Restaurant: Rockaberry Monkland
Organized by: Eleven Waves

Restaurant type: pies, cakes, desserts, coffee, salads, sandwiches, hot dishes, cafe
Prices: $6-$14 entrées, $14-$19 mains, table d’hôte

Date: Wednesday January 16th 2019
Table of: 4
My favorite dish: key lime pie

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of attending a little soirée at Rockaberry Monkland, organized by Eleven Waves, with three other Montreal foodies! If you’re from Montreal, you have to at least have heard of Rockaberry, if you didn’t at least go once in your life for a first date or something. There are multiple locations across the island (Griffintown, west island, etc), like the one on Monkland that we went to.

Typically, Rockaberry is known for their pies and cakes, but they have an all new food menu which is now available! The new menu features entrées, salads, sandwiches and warm dishes like pastas and stir frys. And, did you know that Rockaberry is a fully licensed restaurant? (I sure didn’t). They serve beers, wines, cocktails and coffees with alcohol. They even offer a table d’hôte menu, which includes a soup of the day and a coffee or tea.

Nachos (2019)

We all ended up ordering our own dishes and a huge platter of nachos to share as a starter. The nachos were really good and hit all the right spots with the abundance of cheese they had and fresh tomatoes and onions. We noted and especially liked that there wasn’t just cheese on the top, but also within the multiple layers of nacho chips, which is key in keeping things extra cheesy (who doesn’t like cheese???). To accompany these said nachos, we also got some drinks: the white sangria (times two), the sex on the beach and a glass of Woodbridge Pinot Grigio from California. All drinks were good, but nothing special. The wine list in my opinion could include a few choices, of a more premium variety.

Balsamic glazed Caprese grilled chicken, teriyaki vegetable stir fry with grilled chicken over rice, French dip steak sandwich & grilled chicken parmigiana (2019)

In terms of mains, I opted for the Balsamic glazed Caprese grilled chicken, served with a portion of San Marzano tomato sauce pasta, which was very good. The chicken breast had a nice grill to it and you could taste all of the yumminess of the ingredients: mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves and balsamic glaze. It was a very nice combination of ingredients and flavours! As for my foodie friends, they chose: the teriyaki vegetable stir fry with grilled chicken over rice, the French dip steak sandwich and one of the table d’hôte dishes, the grilled chicken parmigiana. Everyone enjoyed their dishes and all of the portions were very generous! We all left with some lunch for the morrow.

Rockabrownie, apple crumb with ice cream, Chocolate hazelnut and Nutella cake & key lime pie (2019)

Of course, no visit to Rockaberry is complete without some dessert! We mostly all stayed with the classics that we knew: Ashley got the apple crumb with ice cream, Bri got the Rockabrownie and Dini got the Chocolate hazelnut and Nutella cake and a scoop of ice cream too. Not being the biggest fan of desserts, I opted for something that wasn’t too heavy: the key lime pie. I was very pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. The lime custard was rich, creamy and tasted a lot like lime, the base was rich and buttery and the top of the pie was full of whipped cream! A very good slice of pie indeed that will definitely have me back for more.

Overall, we had a great time at Rockaberry Monkland, getting to sample a few dishes from their all new menu. So the next time you’re craving a nice slice of pie from Rockaberry, you can also get some dinner before indulging in one of their many delicious pies and cakes!

Nachos (2019)
Nachos (2019)
Balsamic glazed Caprese grilled chicken (2019)
Balsamic glazed Caprese grilled chicken (2019)
teriyaki vegetable stir fry with grilled chicken over rice (2019)
French dip steak sandwich (2019)
grilled chicken parmigiana (2019)
key lime pie (2019)
key lime pie (2019)
Chocolate and hazelnut cake with Nutella (2019)
apple crumb (2019)
Rockabrownie (2019)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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