Turquoise Blog’s Favorite MontrealRestaurant Dishes 2019 – Part 3

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Restaurant Dishes 2019 – Part 3 (#31 through #44)

31. Expensive Pho: Hà (Plateau)

ha pho
Expensive Pho: Hà (2015)

Yes, I made a distinction between expensive and affordable pho, because they are a different experience. ‘s pho is listed as expensive, because, well, it is (in comparison to pretty much every other Vietnamese restaurant in the city) and its due to the quality. As well, when you go to Hà, its to have a nice dinner. Then, sometimes, when you’re hungover and craving a hot bowl of pho, you’ve got an abundance of affordable options (see below for more). Hà is one of my favorite restaurant in the city, for the overall experience, quality of the food and ambiance. Pretty must every single time I’ve been (I’ve been many times over the last 5 years or so) the food was amazing, especially the beef pho. Unfortunately, I haven’t had it for some time now, but I can still remember the perfectly fragrant and delicious broth, with tender slices of beef, noodles and onions. Also, not only is it expensive, but the portion is quite small (it costs about $14 for a small bowl, whereas at any other Vietnamese place, $11 will get you a large or extra large bowl of pho). For more about Hà, click here!

32. Affordable Pho: Pho Bac 97 (Chinatown)

pho bac 97
Affordable Pho: Pho Bac 97 (2018)

pho bac 97-2

I actually have a few favorites when it comes to affordable pho (see my MTL Pho Hunt blog post) but my latest discovery last year was Pho Bac 97 in Chinatown. Pho Bac is one of those typically low-key Vietnamese restaurants, that you can find all over the city. The food is great and the decor, well, best we don’t talk about that 🙂 Everything about their beef pho was delicious: the broth, the noodles, the meat and the price was right. For more about Pho Bac 97, click here!

33. Poêlée de foie gras de canard: La Colombe (Plateau) ***MISE À JOUR LE 27 JANVIER 2020 : La Colombe est fermé indéfiniment***

Poêlée de foie gras de canard: La Colombe (2018)

***MISE À JOUR LE 27 JANVIER 2020 : La Colombe est fermé indéfiniment*** Last year, I discovered foie gras and La Colombe‘s poêlée de foie gras (pan-fried foie gras) was the best one of all. The fact that it was pan-fried made it 100 times better, more savoury, more decadent, warm and oh so yummy. If you’ve never had foie gras, I definitely recommend this form over your regular “cold” foie gras. For more about La Colombe, click here!

34. Pork belly and sweet potato glass noodles: Aunt Dai (Anjou & Downtown)

Pork belly and sweet potato glass noodles: Aunt Dai (2018)

When I tried Aunt Dai for the first time, many dishes were chosen by our very knowledgeable waitress, who made several excellent recommendations of traditional Chinese dishes and not so traditional dishes as well. One of these said traditional dishes was a pork belly and sweet potato glass noodles pot, which was amazing. The pork belly was braised, super tender and juicy and the overall dish was full of flavours. The seasoning reminded me a lot of Vietnamese cuisine, which I love, with the star anis and fresh coriander. For more about Aunt Dai, click here!

35. Scallops & foie gras: Ikanos (Old Montreal)

Ikanos: Scallops & foie gras (2018)

Ah yes, another delicious foie gras dish. Ikanos makes this superb scallops & foie gras dish, with giant pan-fried scallops and beautiful thin slices of foie gras. The accompanying ingredients are adapted depending on the season and its available ingredients. For us, the dish was accompanied by a celeriac purée and a dried apricot and capers salsa. It was a delightful dish, full of different textures and flavours; an excellent mix of ingredients. If you like foie gras and seafood, you’re not going to want to miss out on this dish! For more on Ikanos, click here or here!

36. Shrimp wonton soup: Papa Jackie (Brossard)

Shrimp wonton soup: Papa Jackie (2018)

My favorite shrimp wonton soup used to be Fung Shing’s in Chinatown, but over the last few years, they’ve changed their recipe and basically put much less shrimp in their wontons. So, I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered Papa Jackie last year and their amazing shrimp wonton soup. Their shrimp wontons are huge and full of big chunks of delicious shrimp. A must try if you’re on the South Shore! For more on Papa Jackie, click here!

37. Smoked meat dumplings: Ramen Plaza (Plaza St-Hubert)

Smoked meat dumplings: Ramen Plaza (2017)
Smoked meat dumplings: Ramen Plaza (2017)

Ok, I know this one sounds weird, but hear me through. When I went to Ramen Plaza, I was also very skeptical of their smoked meat dumplings (I ended up also ordering the vegetarian ones as back up) but they turned out to be delicious and amazing. Its not a combination I ever thought would work, but it does in so many ways. The dumplings are filled with juicy smoked meat and various herbs and seasonings to make these some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had! For more on Ramen Plaza, click here!

38. Sushi: Saint Sushi (Plateau & Westmount)

saint sushi 3
Sushi: Saint Sushi (2017)
saint sushi 2
Sushi: Saint Sushi (2017)
saint sushi 1
Sushi: Saint Sushi (2017)

Saint Sushi is hands down my favorite sushi place in Montreal (of the ones I’ve tried thus far). I always order the same thing, the table d’hôte for 2, which differs slightly from lunch time to dinner time. In any case, the salmon tartare Christmas trees are a MUST, as are all of their delicious rolls. Everything about Saint Sushi’s sushi is thought out, made with quality ingredients and made with care. They also offer different sauces to accompany your sushi and to spice things up. Just heads up, the Saint Sushi location in the Plateau has no alcohol, but I believe their new location in Westmount does. For more on Saint Sushi, click here!

39. Tikka Salmon Tandoori: India Rosa (Plateau)

Tikka Salmon Tandoori: India Rosa (2018)

Some of you have heard me rave about India Rosa‘s tikka salmon one too many times perhaps, but that’s because its just so good. Huge chunks of salmon are marinated in an Indian blend, then cooked in a traditional tandoori oven to make this the best cooked salmon I’ve ever had. Everything about it is just perfect; the charcoal exterior, the juicy, almost raw inside, the seasoning – everything. This dish is a must! For more on India Rosa, click here or here!

40. Tomato and mozzarella stuffed gnocchi: Machiavelli (Pointe-St-Charles)

Tomato and mozzarella stuffed gnocchi: Machiavelli (2018)
Tomato and mozzarella stuffed gnocchi: Machiavelli (2018)
Tomato and mozzarella stuffed gnocchi: Machiavelli (2018)

What’s better than a hot bowl of homemade gnocchi? A hot bowl of homemade gnocchi, stuffed with tomatoes and mozzarella. Machiavelli adds a nice twist to this classic Italian dish, by stuffing their gnocchi with tomatoes and cheese. End result: huge gnocchi balls (that are super light and fluffy by the way) and full of yummy goodness. For more on Machiavelli, click here or here!

41. Truffle mac n cheese: Moretti (Griffintown)

Truffle mac n cheese: Moretti (2018)

So truffle was my second big discovery of 2018 and I loved it. The truffle mac n cheese at Moretti is absolutely a must. If you love pasta and truffles, this mac n cheese will be one of the best things you ever put in your mouth. The pasta is coated in a thick and rich creamy tomato sauce, which tastes a lot like truffles. So good. For more on Moretti, click here!

42. Truffle ravioli: Le Serpent (Old Montreal)

Truffle ravioli: Le Serpent (2018)

When I went to Le Serpent with some friends last year, we chose the truffle ravioli, one of their dishes of the day and it was fabulous. Carefully handmade ricotta ravioli, tossed in a creamy sauce and covered in plenty of truffle shavings. Doesn’t get much better than that! I loved that the truffle shavings were so thin that they blended very well to the dish and melted in your mouth. For more on Le Serpent, click here!

43. Tuna steak: Nourri au beurre (Boucherville)

Tuna steak: Nourri au beurre (2018)
Tuna steak: Nourri au beurre (2018)
Tuna steak: Nourri au beurre (2018)

Not being the biggest fan of cooked fish, at first I was a bit skeptical of a tuna steak dish. However, after trying it, I must say, Nourri au beurre makes an excellent tuna steak. First, the grill and cook on the meat was perfect; nicely grilled on the outside and still raw on the inside. Every other accompanying component in the dish – guacamole, clams, salsa, beurre blanc – was perfect as well and added a lot of depth, complexity and flavour to the dish. For more on Nourri au beurre, click here!

44. $1 Tacos: Mr. Azteca (Villeray)

$1 Tacos: Mr. Azteca (2015)

Last but not least, my favorite $1 taco place! Ok, I’ll admit I haven’t actually been in a couple years, but back in 2016, I went about 3 or 4 times in like 2 months. I also checked out a few other $1 taco places back in the day and Mr. Azteca was the best. They have a bunch of different kinds of tacos, from beef to pork and other types of protein. They are garnished with some raw diced white onions and some fresh coriander. Make sure to try their spicy sauces, which are sure to give some heat to your tacos!

And there you have it for Turquoise Blog’s Favorite MTL Restaurant Dishes 2019! Come back next year for Part 4 and to see all the delicious new additions. Click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2!

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Brasserie 701 (Happening Gourmand is back for 2019!)

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