Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Restaurant Dishes 2019 – Part 2

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Restaurant Dishes 2019 – Part 2 (#16 through #30)

16. German ravioli soup: Le Butterblume (Mile-End)

German ravioli soup: Le Butterblume (2018)

Ever since I tried Le Butterblume‘s German ravioli soup, I’ve kinda been addicted to it. There’s just something about those huge pork and spinach filled raviolis, the marinated onions, the heaps of fresh herbs and that salty rich broth, that keeps me coming back for more. If you like soup and raviolis/dumplings in general, this soup is a MUST try. I cannot stress how delicious it is. This soup is so good, that although they have an ever-changing menu, this soup has been on it for years now. Read more about Le Butterblume here!

17. Grilled chicken udon: Ramen-Ya (Plateau)

Grilled chicken udon: Ramen-Ya (2017)

The first time I had Ramen-Ya‘s grilled chicken udon, I went back alone a couple days later just to have it again, it was so good. There’s just something about perfectly charcoal-grilled chicken, thick udon noodles, green onions and a delicious broth. So good!

18. Hand-pulled noodles soup: Nouilles de Lan Zhou (Chinatown)

Hand-pulled noodles soup: Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)
Hand-pulled noodles soup: Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)

Ah yes, more noodles and soups! Nouilles de Lan Zhou makes the best hand-pulled noodles in the city! They actually make 7 different types of noodles (different widths and whatnot) and they are so good; you can really taste the difference! Once you choose your noodle size, you can then opt for a beef soup (which kind of ressembles pho) or as a dish served with meats and vegetables. Get a seat at their counter and watch them prepare everything in their tiny little kitchen in the front of the resto. Read more about Nouilles de Lan Zhou here!

19. Kamayan Feast: Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (Mile-End)

Kamayan Feast: Mayhem (2018)
Kamayan Feast: Mayhem (2018)

A kamayan is a traditional Filipino dish, consisting of various meats, seafood and fish, served with rice over banana leaves that act as plates. Oh, and did I mention you eat everything with your hands? What’s really nice about Mayhem‘s kamayan is that it features many different Asian cuisines – Vietnamese, Thaï, Laotian, Korean and more – and not just Filipino cuisine. Every protein on those banana leaves has a different seasoning from a different Asian country. Oh and of course, its a feast fit for a king! Read more about Mayhem’s kamayan feast here, as well as this post and this other post on Mayhem!

20. Kangaroo tartare: Carte Blanche (Village) 

Kangaroo tartare: Carte Blanche (2018)

Having spent a fair amount of time in Australia (close to a year, over 3 different trips), I used to eat kangaroo on the regular, as its the cheapest meat available over there (like the equivalent of pork in Quebec). Not many restaurants serve it in Montreal, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it on la Carte Blanche‘s menu when I ate there last summer. Their kangaroo tartare is actually a main dish on their menu, but they were kind enough to make an exception for us and to serve it as an entrée. It was delicious, very flavourful and well seasoned. If you’ve never had kangaroo and love tartare, this would be a great way to try it out! Read more about Carte Blanche here!

21. Khao soi: Mayhem Saveurs Asiatiques (Mile-End)

Khao soi: Mayhem (2018)

I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Mayhem a few times last year and although everything is delicious, the Khao soi is really what marked me. Everything about this soup was absolute perfection, from the spicy, coconut broth, super rich and full of flavours, to the soft and crispy noodles, the eggplant, the tofu and the fresh coriander. The color of the broth was also stunning and very appetizing! Read more about Mayhem here , here and here !

22. Lamb cutlets: Modavie (Old Montreal)

Lamb cutlets: Modavie (2018)

I have to say, grilled lamb cutlets are one of the best things out there. Who could resist tender and juicy grilled lamb? Modavie serves them during the weekly 5@7s and they are absolutely perfect. A must try! Read more about Modavie here!

23. Lobster bisque: Chez Lévêque (Plateau)

Lobster bisque: Chez Lévêque (2018)

I’ve had a few lobster bisques in the city thus far and Chez Lévêque‘s is by far the best. It may not have any lobster chunks in it, but the taste of the bisque is really on point. Its creamy, rich, buttery and absolutely tastes like lobster. So good! Read more about Chez Lévêque here!

24. Lobster poutine: Le Shack du Pêcheur Boucherville (Rive-Sud)

Lobster poutine: Le Shack du Pêcheur Boucherville (2018)

The best lobster poutine I’ve had is at Le Shack du Pêcheur in Boucherville (South Shore). They use homemade, slightly greasy fries (just the way I like my fries), and cover them in cheese curds, huge chunks of lobster and a superb, béchamel-like sauce. The perfect recipe for a decadent lobster meal! Read more about Le Shack du Pêcheur here!

25. Lobster ravioli: Holder (Old Montreal)

Lobster ravioli: Holder (2018)

So by now, can you tell I like anything with lobster in it? I actually had these lobster ravioli from Holder a few years ago, but they were delicious and I can still remember them. Sometimes, lobster dishes can be disappointing, but Holder most certainly does not. The dish is a bit pricey, but well worth it. Everything about the dish tastes like lobster (which is not always the case) and every ravioli is carefully made by hand and filled with delicious lobster. You won’t be disappointed!

26. Mantoo: Khyber Pass (Plateau)

Mantoo: Khyber Pass (2018)

I haven’t had these little guys in some time now, but I used to go to Khyber Pass more often before and would always order the mantoo dish. After all, how can you go wrong with a pasta dish? Because Khyber Pass is an Afghani restaurant, their mantoo are made the Afghani way, but mantoo can be found in other cuisines as well (Turkey, Central Asia, etc.). They’re basically little dumplings, filled with ground beef and onions, and covered in a tomato sauce with yogurt and ground beef. If you like dumplings and ravioli, you’re sure to love mantoo too!

27. Molten brownie: Firegrill Restaurant & Bar (Downtown)

Molten brownie: Firegrill Restaurant & Bar (2018)

After eating at Firegrill, I couldn’t stop raving about how good their molten brownie dessert was. It was everything you could ever ask for of a brownie; rich, decadent, moist and chocolatey. Plus, it was topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and covered in a lavish chocolate sauce; the perfect match for a delicious dessert! Read more about Firegrill here!

28. Morel mushrooms: La Société (Downtown)

Morel mushrooms: La Société (2018)

I’d never had morels until this year and let me tell you, they are delicious little mushrooms! When I had them at La Société, they prepared them along with steamed asparagus, in a creamy white wine and parmesan sauce. Delicious! I love mushrooms, so its no wonder the morels were a great hit with me. This is definitely something I need to be eating more of in the coming years! Read more about La Société here!

29. Nduja pizza: Ristorante Pomodoro (Little Italy)

Nduja pizza: Ristorante Pomodoro (2018)

Another food I’d never had before was nduja. Nduja is basically a smashed sausage “jam” (or spread if you like) mixed with a lot of spices and hot peppers. Dropped into dollops atop a cheese pizza, its absolute perfection. I’ve had a few other nduja pizzas at other places and none can do justice to Ristorante Pomodoro‘s. Read more about Ristorante Pomodoro here!

30. Passionfruit tart: Le Blumenthal (Quartier des spectacles)

Passionfruit tart: Le Blumenthal (2018)

The passionfruit tart I had at Le Blumenthal is probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, if not the best tart I’ve ever had. Everything about it was absolutely perfect and delicious; from the rich and buttery base, to the excellent passionfruit filling, the berry coulis and the meringues atop. So good! Read more about Le Blumenthal here!

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