Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Restaurant Dishes 2019 – Part 1

Turquoise Blog’s Favorite Montreal Restaurant Dishes 2019 – Part 1 (#1 through #15)

Ever get craves for certain foods? A good juicy burger? A cheesy slice of pizza? Or a nice bowl of pasta? Well, I certainly do. So, I’ve decided to put together a list of my favorites and where to find them all in Montreal! However, this list is a bit special, because I’ve decided to focus on some really amazing dishes that I’ve eaten, that are original or different or just absolutely worth mentioning. Most of them are something I’d never eaten before too. So, which will you succumb to?

Because I have so many favorites, I’ve had to cut this list into THREE parts!!! And, because I’m unoriginal, I decided to list the dishes in alphabetical order lol. Enjoy!

1. Aburi sushi: Niji Sushi Bar (Brossard, Rive-Sud)

Aburi sushi: Niji Sushi Bar (2018)

First up on the list, we have aburi style sushi from Niji Sushi Bar in Brossard. Aburi is a Japanese cooking technique, which involves torching raw fish on the top, so that it gets that nice smokey and grilled flavour up on top, while stay raw on the bottom. I had never had this type of sushi before and loved it. It was a delight! For more on Niji, click here!

2. Beef panaeng: Pamika (Plateau)

Beef panaeng: Pamika (2018)
Beef panaeng: Pamika (2018)

Pamika‘s beef panaeng is executed to perfection. The mix between all of the ingredients and the flavours really comes together in this dish and that’s what I really love about it. The beef is super moist and tender and covered in this delicious spicy, nutty and coconutty (I just made that up) sauce that kinda makes you want to bathe in it. For more on Pamika, click here!

3. Bone marrow: Chez Alexandre (Downtown)

Bone marrow: Chez Alexandre (2018)

Bone marrow is one of the many things I ate for the first time in 2018. Chez Alexandre executed it to perfection, making it a dish I still dream about at night. Its a dish that’s a bit tricky to define, but if you like meat and fat, you’re in for quite the treat with bone marrow. For more on Chez Alexandre, click here!

4. Braised beef cheeks (bajoue de boeuf) : Quindici (Little Italy)

Braised beef cheeks (bajoue de boeuf) : Quindici (2017)

The braised beef cheeks I had at Quindici were probably one of the best beef dishes I’ve ever had, other than steak. The cheeks were braised to perfection, which made them extra moist and juicy. The sauce and the seasoning was also on point, which in my opinion deserves big kuddos. For more on Quindici, click here!

5. Cavatelli: Ikanos (Old Montreal)

Cavatelli: Ikanos (2017)

You know me, I’m a sucker for pasta. When I had Ikanoscavatelli, I knew right away what heaven would taste like. The cavatelli were so soft and light and covered in a delicious creamy yet light, cheesy sauce. What more could you ask for? For more on Ikanos, click here and here!

6. Choripan (Argentinian hot dog) : Che Churros E Empanadas (Plateau)

Choripan (Argentinian hot dog) : Che Churros E Empanadas (2018)

I know what you’re going to say, a hot dog? Really Elise? Ok, but a choripan is not just any hot dog. Che Churros E Empanadas uses grilled Argentinian sausage, which reminds me a lot of chorizo, nestled in a soft baguette-like bun and smothered in chimmichurri (corriander, onion, parsley and oil based salsa). Muy rico! For more on Che Churros e Empanadas, click here!

7. Cochinita taco: La Selva (Plateau)

Cochinita taco: La Selva (2018)

Continuing on the Latino theme, we have La Selva‘s cochinita taco; a Mayan-style braised pork taco featuring foie gras and coffee mayo, marinated onions and a salsa verde (green salsa). This taco is hands down one of the best I’ve ever had; so juicy, rich and full of flavours. An excellent combination of ingredients and flavours! If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find this taco on La Selva’s tasting menu, which they only offer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! For more on La Selva, click here!

8. Cocktails: India Rosa (Plateau)

Cocktails: India Rosa (2018)
Cocktails: India Rosa (2018)

I’m not a big fan of cocktails, but I do love me a stunning cocktail from India Rosa. Not only are they beautiful and guaranteed to get you some likes on Instagram, they are also well balanced and delicious. Really, the perfect cocktail a girl (or boy) could ask for! For more on India Rosa, click here and here!

9. Croquetas de rabo de torro (beef tail and mushroom croquettes) : Ibéricos (Plateau)

Croquetas de rabo de torro (beef tail and mushroom croquettes) : Ibéricos (2018)
Croquetas de rabo de torro (beef tail and mushroom croquettes) : Ibéricos (2018)

Have you ever had Spanish croquetas? Not many restaurants in Montreal make these, and Ibéricos surely knows how to make them perfectly. They may not look like much from the outside, but they are packed full of flavor on the inside. When I went last year, I got to try their three different croquetas and the beef tail and mushroom croquette was definitely my favorite. The filling inside was just so smooth and divine, and tasted like braised beef and mushrooms. So good! For more on Ibéricos, click here!

10. Drunken octopus: Estiatorio Skara (Brossard, Rive-Sud)

Drunken octopus: Estiatorio Skara (2018)

Many restaurants in Montreal serve octopus, but not everyone can nail a good grill on the outside and a soft, non-chewy inside. Estiatorio Skara most definitely can and its delicious! Definitely one of the best grilled octopus I’ve had in the city! For more on Skara, click here and here!

11. Duck confit grilled cheese: Le Sinclair (Old Montreal)

Duck confit grilled cheese: Le Sinclair (2018)

Another simple dish, a duck confit grilled cheese, but you’d be surprised how many restaurants make a very average grilled cheese. Le Sinclair definitely nails it, with a buttery and toasted bread, filled with oozing cheese and lots of confit duck. A delicious combination! For more on Le Sinclair, click here, here and here!

12. Foie gras & waffles: Le Sinclair (Old Montreal)

Foie gras & waffles: Le Sinclair (2018)

Yup, foie gras is another one of those “I tried it for the first time last year” foods (can you believe it?). After having foie gras a few times, Le Sinclair allowed me to discover a new way to enjoy it, with a sweet waffle and a lovely glass of fortified white wine. So rich, smooth, decadent and sweet! For more on Le Sinclair, click here, here and here!

13. Fried saganaki: Ikanos (Old Montreal)

Fried saganaki: Ikanos (2018)

If you like cheese, this dish is for you, as saganaki is a type of firm Greek cheese. I love Ikanos’ preparation of it, where you cover the saganaki in ouzo and then flambéed it! This allows for a crispy, fried exterior with a cheesy oozing inside, with a touch of the taste of ouzo; a real delight! For more on Ikanos, click here and here!

14. Fried goat cheese balls: Greasy Spoon (Mile-End)

Fried goat cheese balls: Greasy Spoon (2018)

I was very pleasantly surprised by the starter of fried goat cheese balls I ordered at Greasy Spoon, as it was delicious on all accounts. The Outside was nice and crispy and the inside was rich, warm and creamy, full of goat cheese. There was also a tiny drizzle of honey, to add a touch of sweetness, which was perfect.

15. Galaxy Lemonade: Le Majesthé (Downtown)

Galaxy Lemonade: Le Majesthé (2018)

And finally, to end this note on a sweet one, we have Le Majesthé‘s Galaxy Lemonade; another beautiful and yummy drink. Did you know that this lemonade is made with tea only? No artificial colors or food colorant or anything! So crazy; crazy beautiful and crazy good (who doesn’t like a cold glass of beautiful rainbow lemonade?). For more on Le Majesthé, click here!

UP NEXT: Turquoise Blog’s Favorite MTL Restaurant Dishes 2019 – Part 2

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