Che Churros e Empanadas: Great new spot to enjoy some Latino favorites in the Plateau!

Restaurant: Che Churros e Empanadas
Restaurant type: churros, empanadas, Argentinian, Chilean, Colombian, Latino, Latin American, cafe
Prices: $3.50+ empanada, $1.50+ churro, $3-$12.95 others
Date: Saturday December 15th 2018
Table of: 2
My favorite dish: Carne picante empanada (spicy beef) + choripan (Latino hot dog) + Che latte

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of trying the relatively new Che Churros e Empanadas as their guest. Che Churros e Empanadas opened just a few months ago and replaces what used to be La Chilenita, on the corner of Marie-Anne and St-Urbain in the Plateau. At Che Churros e Empanadas, you’ll obviously find churros and empanadas, two delicious Latino foods, but other popular picks like tacos and quesadillas, as well as less known dishes like choripan (like a Latino hot dog), barros lucos (steak sandwich) and more.

They offer not one, not two, but three kinds of empanadas: Argentinian, Chilean and Colombian. Do you know what the difference is? Colombian empanadas set themselves apart from the other two, as they are deep fried as opposed to being oven-baked. The slight difference between Argentian and Chilean empanadas is that the dough of the Chilean ones are slightly thicker. Nonetheless, all are delicious and the specialty at Che Churros e Empanadas is definitely their Argentinian empanadas, which are made on the spot (the Colombian and the Chilean empanadas come from a supplier).

Wanting to try as many different things as possible, we opted for:

  • Empanada de carne piquante (spicy beef empanada)
  • Empanada de chorizo (sausage empanada)
  • Choripan con chimmichurri (Latino hot dog with a fresh herbs sauce)
  • Barros luco (steak sandwich with cheese, avocado, fresh tomatoes and lettuce)
  • Quinoa salad with chickpeas and red onions
  • Fresh guava juice
  • Che latte (café latte with whipped cream, dulce de leche and a churro)
  • Dulce de leche & chocolate and hazelnut churros
Argentinian empanadas (2018)
Empanadas de carne piquante & chorizo (2018)
Barros luco & choripan (2018)
Barros luco (2018)
choripan (2018)
Quinoa salad with chickpeas, tomatoes and red onions (2018)
Che latte (café latte with whipped cream, dulce de leche and a churro)
Dulce de leche & chocolate and hazelnut churros (2018)

Everything we ate was very good and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Che Churros e Empanadas. My favorites were the Empanada de carne piquante and the Choripan con chimmichurri. The meat filling inside the empanada was rich, flavourful and juicy; it reminded me a lot of a beef taco filling. It also was not very spicy, so I added some homemade spicy sauce to it which was perfect. The choripan was delicious, better than your average hot dog. The sausage was an Argentinian style sausage, which was sliced in the middle and grilled on both sides. On top of that was some chimmichurri, which I love. It was a bit greasy, but oh so good. The other savoury dishes were very good too and Alex especially loved the quinoa salad (he’s got a thing for quinoa and chickpeas).

In terms of churros, they were delicious too! I especially liked the Che latte, which reminded me a lot of a fancy Starbucks coffee, with that dulce de leche drizzle all over the whipped cream. It was the perfect dose of sugar and also came with a churro! Both the Dulce de leche & chocolate and hazelnut churros were very good and very sweet. The texture of the churro itself was perfectly crispy on the outside, as it should be. I do have to say though, I preferred the dulce de leche one, so good!

We had a lovely time at Che Churros e Empanadas, where we got to try a bunch of different things. We also got to see how churros are stuffed, which was pretty cool too. I recommend Che Churros e Empanadas to anyone with a sweet tooth looking for some delicious churros in Montreal as well as a quick Latino bite!

Nails by: Lux Bar à Ongles


Argentinian empanadas (2018)

Barros luco & choripan (2018)
Argentinian empanadas (2018)
Barros luco & nails by Lux Bar à Ongles (2018)
Barros luco & nails by Lux Bar à Ongles (2018)
Barros luco & nails by Lux Bar à Ongles (2018)
Dulce de leche churro & nails by Lux Bar à Ongles (2018)
Dulce de leche & chocolate and hazelnut churros & nails by Lux Bar à Ongles (2018)
Che Churros e Empanadas (2018)
Che Churros e Empanadas (2018)
Che Churros e Empanadas (2018)
Che Churros e Empanadas (2018)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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