Le Sinclair: bottomless mimosas & crab cakes eggs benedict for weekend brunch (Old Montreal)

Restaurant : Restaurant Sinclair
Restaurant type: French, terrasse, sharing boards, $1 oysters and $8 cocktails on Thursdays, 5@7, seafood, weekend brunches
Prices: $8-$19 entrées, $13-$29 mains, $25 bottomless mimosas
Date: Saturday September 29th 2018
Table of: 5
My favorite dishes: the foie gras waffle 

Last month, my Bottomless Brunch Biddies and I (yes, that’s our Facebook messenger group chat name) checked out Le Sinclair for their bottomless brunch. I’d been to Sinclair twice already this year for my blog and both times were delicious (came for dinner and came for a 5@7). So, I figured brunch would be as delicious.

Overall, the experience was ok. There were a lot of set backs, more so than positives. To begin, the service was snobby at best. I can understand that we were 30 minutes early for our reservation and that the restaurant was “not ready to receive us”, but to wait the half an hour and then be told that our table still was not ready; how much preparation and time do you need to set up a restaurant with 25 tables? Then, when we informed our waitresses that we would like the bottomless option, the reply was “You know its $25 right?” Well gee thank you for that, I had no idea and am actually illiterate and didn’t see the big “$25 bottomless mimosas” on your menu. Service improved throughout the meal, but the mimosas refills were slow and every time they asked us if we wanted a refill, they seemed displeased when we would say yes. As well, the atmosphere was dull at best, as we were practically the only table throughout a 2 hour stay. We typically do bottomless brunches for 3-4 hours, but decided to cut it short as the ambiance and service were bad. We were also unpleasantly surprised by the brunch menu, which only really offered 3 more “typical” breakfast/brunch dishes: omelette, big brekky and crab cakes eggs Benedict (which is why we all ended up ordering the same dish).

Le Sinclair (2018)

Service and ambiance aside, the food was good. Frank and I ordered the foie gras and waffles as a starter, which was delicious as always (I’ve had these 3 times now). The foie gras at Le Sinclair is soft in taste and rich and creamy in texture. It pairs really well with the slightly sweet and airy waffles, as well as the sweet dry figs. As mentioned, we all ordered the crab cakes eggs Benedict, which was a very generous portion. Although you could taste the crab in the crab cakes, the cakes themselves were loaded with potatoes and thus were very thick and heavy (I was unable to finish my dish). Crab cakes are meant to be light, a bit airy and 95% filled with just crab. There was also a parsnip purée which accompanied the dish and went very well with the crab cakes, but it was overpowering in taste and I could not taste the Benedict sauce. The dish was also served with a house salad of mixed greens, over-drenched in vinaigrette.

Le Sinclair (2018)

Overall, the food was good, the mimosas were great, but the place lacked in ambiance and liveliness and the service was bad. I have my own criteria when it comes to reviewing restaurants, which I also use on my Instagram account (@elisebgravel). It’s very simple, there are only three points: the quality of the food (on 5), the price (from $ to $$$$$) and the following question: would I go back?

So, here is my review of Le Sinclair (for brunch) :
Food: 3/5 (good)
Price: $$$$ 
Would I go back?: Not for brunch. This was the poorest bottomless brunch experience I’ve had in Montreal. 

Le Sinclair (2018)
Le Sinclair (2018)
Le Sinclair (2018)
Le Sinclair (2018)
Le Sinclair (2018)
Le Sinclair (2018)

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Fung Shing (My go-to Chinese restaurant in Chinatown!)

*All photos and opinions are mine

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