Le XVI XVI: The new Sunday family brunch experience in the city! (Downtown)

Restaurant: Le XVI XVI
Restaurant type: Robot bartender, 5@7, Sunday family brunch experience, French, lunch menu, tasting menu, no à la carte menu
Prices: $45 adult brunch, $22 kids brunch, $45 for 3-course dinner menu, $28 for 3-course lunch menu

Date: Sunday November 25th 2018
Table of: 5
My favorite dish: Truffle scrambled eggs

I had the pleasure of trying out the all new Le XVI XVI with my family a few Sundays ago. Le XVI XVI is located on Sherbrooke, in the heart of downtown Montreal. They offer quite a different dining experience than other Montreal restaurants, and this, in more than one way. For starters, they have the only robot bartender in the city; how cool is that?? R1B1 is there not only to serve you a glass of wine or to pour you a drink, he’s also there to entertain you and converse with you! Second, it seems as though there is no à la carte menu and thus everything is a table d’hôte with multiple courses. And lastly, they do brunch differently. Instead of your normal brunch where you only get to eat 1 dish, at Le XVI XVI, you get to order that one dish and to eat as much as you want from their find products brunch buffet! Plus, the whole brunch experience is super child friendly, with a scientific workshop going on at the same time, to keep these busy minds occupied and out of trouble! (And allows the adults to quietly enjoy their mimosas).

Here are the 2 dishes Alex and I tried, as well as some of the products you can find at the brunch buffet:

  • Truffle scrambled eggs
  • Bagel Benedict: bagel, poached egg, duck confit, sautéed spinach, Hollandaise sauce
  • Fine products brunch buffet: quiche, oysters, charcuteries & cheeses, croissants, chocolatines, bacon, fresh fruits, pastas & salads, sausage, etc.
  • Mimosas
R1B1 the robot bartender! (2018)
Truffle scrambled eggs (2018)
Bagel Benedict (2018)
My first picks from the brunch buffet (2018)
Selection of cheeses and charcuteries from the brunch buffet (2018)
Mimosa! (2018)

I have to say, the brunch buffet selection was excellent. The quiche was excellent; fluffy and flaky. The sausages were very good, as were the croissants, the charcuterie  & cheese selection, etc. They even have freshly shucked oysters! The kids especially loved the brunch buffet; it allowed them to eat a bit of everything and to fill up their plates as often as they wanted to (Alex’s kids have huge appetites for their age). In terms of dishes to choose from, Alex and I chose the truffle scrambled eggs and the bagel Benedict. We both found the scrambled eggs delicious; they were fluffy, warm, rich and even kind of creamy. Unfortunately, we couldn’t taste the truffle. The bagel Benedict was good; there was a nice combination of flavours and textures with the sesame bagel, the poached egg, the sautéed spinach, the confit duck and of course, the hollandaise sauce. Unfortunately, the egg was not cooked to my liking (I like my poached eggs runny but only the yolk, not the white gooey part, it’s a very easy 3 minute boil to nail a poached egg, I make them every other weekend at home). The sauce was also a tad acidic, which was explained to us was to contrast with the other ingredients, but I definitely prefer a milder, rich, buttery and salty hollandaise sauce. Personal preference. This isn’t the first restaurant to serve quite an acidic hollandaise sauce; l’Avenue does as well. We also enjoyed two glasses of mimosas with our brunch, which was on point.

Overall, we had a lovely time at Le XVI XVI. The highlight for the kids was definitely R1B1, from whom they ordered about 10 glasses of juice. My personal fave was the buffet brunch, which had so many delicious things that you were sure to find something to your liking. The service was also excellent; plates and cutlery were changed in between every visit to the buffet and we were never left wanting anything. I highly recommend Le XVI XVI’s brunch to families looking for a different brunch experience and at the same time, a family friendly activity to do on a Sunday. Grown ups can enjoy a lovely brunch, while the kids interact with R1B1 or partake in the scientific workshop.

Truffle scrambled eggs & Bagel Benedict (2018)
Truffle scrambled eggs (2018)
Bagel Benedict (2018)
My first picks from the brunch buffet (2018)
Selection of cheeses and charcuteries from the brunch buffet (2018)
brunch buffet (2018)
brunch buffet (2018)
brunch buffet (2018)
R1B1 the robot bartender! (2018)
R1B1 the robot bartender! (2018)
Le XVI XVI (2018)
Science atelier! (2018)

UP NEXT: Soirée foodies & blogueurs #ExperienceMayhem de Turquoise Blog!

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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