Turquoise Blog’s #ExperienceIndiaRosa Foodies & Bloggers Dinner

Restaurant: India Rosa
Event: Turquoise Blog’s #ExperienceIndiaRosa Foodies & Bloggers Dinner
Restaurant type: Indian, cocktails, Indian bites (tapas) and sharing plates, spicy 4@7
Prices: $2-$17 entrées, $13-$21 mains, wine bottles starting at $44

Date: Sunday December 9th 2018
Table of: 6
My favorites: Bohemia tikki cocktail + salmon tikka + malai shrimp + butter chicken + naan bread

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting yet another Foodies & Bloggers Dinner, this time, at the relatively new, chic, resto-bar, India Rosa! The evening featured their gorgeous (and yummy!) cocktails, as well as a wide selection of their Indian bites and plates to share – butter chicken, tikka salmon, vegetarian biryani rice, naan bread, samosas and more – you name it and we ate it!

India Rosa is located in the heart of the Plateau, right on Avenue Mont-Royal (corner Brébeuf, so in between St-Denis and Papineau). Everything at India Rosa is set-up for you to have the perfect evening; the food is delicious, the cocktails are wonderful, the staff is on point, the decor is stunning, the music is enjoyable and the overall ambiance is great. India Rosa accommodates all guests; friends catching up over a nice Indian dinner, couples having a romantic night out and even families with their children (India Rosa is, after all, a family fun business!).

Present this time around to #ExperienceIndiaRosa, there was myself @elisebgravel, Sabrina @hangryinmtl, Rola @montrealesque, Dini @dini_the_foodie_mtl, Sabrina @tinyfoodie and Alex @jellybeaneats!

First Course: India Rosa’s famous cocktails!

Tashan, Bohemia & Tashan cocktails (2018)
Tashan cocktail (2018)
Bohemia cocktail (2018)

To begin the evening in style and beauty, we all chose one of India Rosa’s famous and super Instagram-able cocktails! (Okay, everyone except for Sabrina (@tinyfoode) lol). I chose the Bohemia (tikki) cocktail (rum based), Alex and Rola both got the Tashan (tequila based), Sabrina (@hangryinmtl) got Rosa’s Elixir and Dini got the Peachmary Mule (Vodka based). I really liked my Bohemia cocktail – dark rum, spiced rum, coconut Malibu, Cointreau, Orgeat syrup, lime juice, passion fruit purée, pineapple juice and bitters – it was both fruity and sweet (but not too much) at the same time and you could also taste the alcohol. There were also a bunch of ingredients in it that I love, that coconut and pineapple. And, of course, the presentation is so beautiful! It’s almost too pretty to drink!

The perfect way to start this amazing Indian feast!!

Second Course: Selection of sharing bites – tikka salmon, malai shrimps, vegetarian samosas, beef samosas, bahji onions & lamb sheek kebab

India Rosa (2018)
Malai shrimps (2018)
Tikka salmon (2018)
bahji onions (2018)
samosas (2018)
lamb sheek kebab (2018)
From top left, clockwise: bahji onions, tikka salmon, malai shrimp, vegetarian samosa & lamb sheek kebab (2018)

I said it the first time I went to India Rosa and I’ll say it again; their tikka salmon – Marinated salmon with homemade spices and cooked in a tandoor oven – is NEXT LEVEL! I NEVER eat cooked salmon, but this is the one exception I’ll make, cause its so delicious. The exterior of the salmon is nice and grilled from the tandoor oven, while the inside is super moist and juicy and even a tad raw in the center, which is absolute perfection. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the malai shrimps – Giant shrimp marinated with cardamonne and cashews – this time around. I had found the sauce a bit heavy last time, but this time, the flavours and seasoning were perfect. These are some real giant shrimps, they are juicy, flavourful and delicious.

The lamb sheek kebab – Mix of lamb, fresh herbs and Indian spices, chopped and baked in the tandoor oven – were good, I liked the flavours and the subtle taste of lamb, but they were missing a little something, maybe a bit more grill (I love that “grill” taste on my meats). The bahji onions – Onion fritters with Indian herbs in a chickpea breadcrumbs – were very good bundles of fried goodness; kind of like a latka (hashbrown) but with onions. Last but not least, the vegetarian samosas – Crispy triangular chickpea patties stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas – and beef samosas – Fried chickpea paste stuffed with beef and Indian spices – were delicious as well. Most dishes were also served with some small house salads, which were nicely seasoned, as well as with this green yogurt and coriander dipping sauce which is very good!

Third Course: Selection of sharing plates – lamb korma, butter chicken, curry fish, saag paneer, vegetarian biryani & chicken pizza

India Rosa (2018)
Indian pizza (2018)
Vegetarian biryani (2018)
Indian pizza, garlic naan bread, fish curry, lamb korma, saag paneer & butter chicken (2018)

Following some delectable Indian bites for starters came another mouthwatering round of Indian sharing plates. Like the last time, I very much enjoyed the butter chicken – Chicken pieces marinated in a creamy tomato sauce and Indian spices. The sauce is well balanced throughout and the seasoning is on the point. The chicken pieces are nice and juicy too. All of the other dishes, I had never had before and so it was great to be able to try them out! The curry fish – Pieces of fish simmered in a tasty curry sauce – was especially nice, with some lovely chunks of bassa (white fish) that were still moist and covered up in a delicious curry sauce. However, I did find the sauce lacked a bit in seasoning and could have used a little extra something (salt and heat).

The saag paneer – Homemade Indian cheese in a spinach and onion sauce – was quite interesting and consisted of chunks of cheese (similar in texture to halloumi), covered in a thick spinach based sauce. The sauce and cheese were good, but could have used a little extra something too. The lamb korma – Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a creamy Korma spice sauce – the vegetarian biryani – Basmati rice cooked with mix vegetables – and the chicken pizza – naan bread with chicken, cheese, onions, green peppers and Indian spices – were all enjoyable too.

As always, all of the dishes came with servings of basmati rice and we got to sample all three of their naan breads: regular, garlic and cheese. My favorite was the original naan bread, cooked in the tandoor oven, but the garlic one was quite tasty too.

Fourth Course: Dessert! – gulab jamun & ras malai

Gulab jamun (2018)
ras malai (2018)

To finish the evening off on a sweet note, we got to try two of India Rosa’s desserts: the gulab jamun and the ras malai. The gulab jamun are basically India’s equivalent of a fried dough dessert, kind of like how Canadians and Americans have donuts and the Greeks have loukoumades. What makes gulab jamun different and delicious is the fact that they are these small round balls of dough (the same size as timbits) that are deep fried, so they are crispy on the outside but super moist and soft on the inside. Plus, they are soaked in a yummy cardamon honey sauce. The ras malai on the other hand consists of a cheese based dessert, similar to ricotta, which is shaped into small 3D ovals and are very flavourful. India Rosa’s tasted like rose water a lot, as well as pistachios, honey, cardamon and more. If you like cheese cake, you’ll surely love this dessert.

Overall, we had an amazing time at India Rosa, where we got to try a wide range of dishes from their bites and sharing plates menu. I’ve said it before, but I really like the concept and the idea of sharing plates and bites, as it allows you to “maximize” your visit and try many different things. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to making this evening special, to my guests for attending and to India Rosa for the wonderful dinner!

Goodie bags! (2018)
Goodie bags by Turquoise Marketing, chocolate tea by Avanaa chocolat, flowers by Fleuriste Atropea Belladonna, Cupcake by Katys.Kreations & mini log cakes by Delices Lafrenaie (2018)
flowers by Fleuriste Atropea Belladonna (2018)
Chocolate tea by Avanaa chocolat (2018)
mini log cakes by Delices Lafrenaie (2018)
mini log cakes by Delices Lafrenaie (2018)
Cupcake by Katys.Kreations (2018)
Cupcake by Katys.Kreations (2018)

Part of the planning for my foodies & bloggers dinners includes the table decor and gift bags for my attendees. The beautiful and fragrant floral arrangement was provided by Vicky from @fleuristeatropeabelladonna.  The goodies for the attendees’ gift bags, by Turquoise Marketing and Turquoise Blog, were provided by Catherine from @avanaachocolat (chocolate tea bags), by Katy @katys.kreations (chocolate rum raspberry cupcakes) and by Joseph from @deliceslafrenaie (tiramisu & triple chocolate mini log cakes). Thank you all for your generous, beautiful and delicious contributions!

A big thank you to the team at India Rosa for this amazing evening! So, when will you #ExperienceIndiaRosa ?

Tashan, Bohemia & Tashan cocktails (2018)
Tashan & Bohemia cocktails (2018)
Malai shrimps (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
Gulab jamun & ras malai (2018)
Gulab jamun & ras malai (2018)
India Rosa (2018)
flowers by Fleuriste Atropea Belladonna (2018)
flowers by Fleuriste Atropea Belladonna (2018)

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Le XVI XVI (The new Sunday family brunch experience in the city!)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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