Arts Café: AMAZING scones & hipster brunch spot in the Mile-End

Restaurant: Arts Café
Restaurant type: café, brunch, pastries, coffee
Prices: $9-$16 brunch dishes

Date: Saturday September 22nd 2018
Table of: 4
My favorite dish: cheddar scone

A few weeks back, my friends and I decided to have brunch at Arts Café. The original plan had been to go to Le Passé Composé – which I’ve been raving about to everyone and have been meaning to go back to since February 2017 – but a city-wide marathon taking place all around PC deterred us from going and thus, we ended up at Arts Café.

I’d been before for brunch, a few years back and had the breakfast poutine which was pretty good. This time around, I opted for the duck confit eggs benedict over rice flour waffles and a latté. The waffles were delicious; a tad sweet and fluffly. However, overall, the dish lacked in seasoning, it was very dry, there was not enough sauce and the poached eggs were overdone. The duck confit did not taste like much and was also very dry. I did enjoy my latté though, which was perfect. My friend Andrew also ordered a cheddar scone, served with some thick Greek yogurt, which was amazing. The scone was warm, cheesy, flaky and oh so delicious. I may have just been unlucky with my brunch dish, as my friends all enjoyed their dishes (cod cakes and breakfast sandwich). Also, service was not top. It was very slow, in and out of peak hours and the scone I ordered for dessert was forgotten.

duck confit eggs benedict (2018)

Overall, my food was ok, but nothing special worth waiting an hour in line for. If you’re willing to wait an hour in line somewhere, try Passé Composé or Régine Café.

I have my own criteria when it comes to reviewing restaurants, which I also use on my Instagram account (@elisebgravel). It’s very simple, there are only three points: the quality of the food (on 10), the price (from $ to $$$$$) and the following question: would I go back?

So, here is my review of Arts Café:
Food: 8/10 (bonus points for the scone) 

Price: $$
Would I go back?: Only to pick up some cheddar scones.

Cod cakes, breakfast sandwich, cod cakes & eggs benedict (2018)
duck confit eggs benedict (2018)
duck confit eggs benedict (2018)
duck confit eggs benedict (2018)


Cheddar scone (2018)

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Pizzédélic Monkland (23 years serving square pizzas & more on Monkland Avenue!)

*All photos and opinions are mine

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