ConforTable: your favorite comfort foods, with a twist! (Verdun)


Restaurant: ConforTable
Restaurant type: comfort food, bar, gourmet bar food
Prices: $9-$11 entrées, $11-$20 mains

Date: Tuesday July 31st 2018
Table of: 2
My favorite dishes: the cauliflower “wings” + the beef ribs (dish of the day)

I had the pleasure of trying out ConforTable as their guest. ConforTable is a resto bar located in Verdun, on the very popular Wellington street. The space is decorated with a lot of wood and dimmed lights and they now also have a cute little terrasse on the street!

Since summer doesn’t last forever, we opted for terrasse seating. After browsing through the menus and hearing out the specials of the day, we opted for:

  • Apple, sweet apple cocktail
  • White wine sangria
  • Cauliflower “wings” served with honey and garlic sauce
  • Mac n cheese balls served with a tomato sauce, lime sour cream and fried kale
  • Fried chicken and waffles
  • Beef rib over cauliflower rice and asparagus
White wine sangria & apple, sweet apple (2018)
Cauliflower wings & Mac n cheese balls (2018)
Fried chicken and waffles & Beef rib (2018)

Overall, we enjoyed everything we ate. The cauliflower “wings”, breaded and fried pieces of cauliflower, were very good, especially with that honey garlic sauce. The mac n cheese balls were also very good and I loved the curry tomato sauce and lime sour cream they were served with; it was a very nice and different mix of flavours. The fried chicken was tender and juicy and the waffles had a delicious herbal and cheesy taste. The beef rib was absolutely delicious and the cooking was on point. I loved the cauliflower rice too, something I’ve never had before! Of course, the delicious beef reduction accompanying the dish brought everything together nicely and added a lot of flavour.

Unfortunately, we were so full from our meal that we – for once – did not have any room for dessert! We were however told that the sweet potato donuts were a must so we’ll definitely have to come back for some!

We had a very nice time at ConforTable, with some delicious comfort food. I loved some of the culinary “risks” and twists they chose to take, especially with the cauliflower wings and the mac n cheese balls. I also definitely think they should add the beef rib to their permanent menu, as it was a delicious dish! I highly recommend ConforTable to anyone in the area, looking for a nice bar and terrasse for a chill hangout and some great gourmet bar food.

ConforTable (2018)
White wine sangria (2018)
Me and my sangria 2018)
Mac n cheese balls & Cauliflower wings (2018)
Cauliflower wings (2018)
Cauliflower wings (2018)
Mac n cheese balls (2018)
Mac n cheese balls (2018)
Fried chicken and waffles & Beef rib (2018)
Fried chicken and waffles & Beef rib (2018)
Fried chicken and waffles (2018)
Fried chicken and waffles (2018)


Beef rib over cauliflower rice and asparagus (2018)

Beef rib over cauliflower rice and asparagus (2018)

UP NEXT: my restaurant review of Pho Bac 97 (Delicious Vietnamese spot in Chinatown!)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

3 thoughts on “ConforTable: your favorite comfort foods, with a twist! (Verdun)

  1. I love the look of ConforTable’s menu, in particular the mac n cheese balls with the curry tomato sauce and lime sour cream – not a combo I would have thought to put together. My mouth is watering all the way from London!

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