Nouilles de Lan Zhou: Delicious hand-pulled noodles (Chinatown)

Restaurant: Nouilles de Lan Zhou
Restaurant type: Chinese, noodles, noodle soups, quick eat
Prices: $2-$5 entrées, $7.99-$14.97 mains
Date: Friday June 29th 2018
Table of: 2
My favorite dishes: the Lan Zhou special beef noodle soup

Back in June, Alex and I were craving some Chinese food so we decided to try out the famous handmade and hand pulled noodles from Nouilles de Lan Zhou in Chinatown. We had previously walked by many many times and so it was about time we tried it out. What’s pretty cool about this place, is that the kitchen is right in the front with a huge window facing the sidewalk. Therefore, there’s always a bunch of people gathered round, checking out the noodle maker hand pull a bunch of different noodles. Oh yes, not only do they hand pull their noodles, they hand pull 7 different kinds! I had no idea, until I actually sat down and checked out one of their menus.

Of course, Lan Zhou is a pretty popular spot not only with the locals but the tourists as well; its like the Schwartz of Chinatown. We went around dinner time on a Friday night and waited a good 15-20mins for a seat at the counter, aka front row seats to noodle pulling action.

The restaurant itself is quite tiny, with no more than 30 very crammed seats. Its also kind of weird, but as you walk in, there’s an escalator that goes straight down to a grocery store lol.

We ended up getting two hand pulled beef noodle soups and some cucumbers with peanuts and spicy oil. The cucumbers with peanuts and spicy oil were good, I enjoyed the flavours, but it lacked in salt (some soya sauce wouldn’t have hurt). As for theLan Zhou special beef noodle soups, we both very much enjoyed them, especially the delicious noodles (Alex got the thickest of the round ones and I got the second thickest of the round ones). Because they’re homemade and fresh, you can really taste the difference with dried noodles you warm up in hot water. These noodles were so good and heavenly. The soup itself was quite tasty too, but to me, it kind of tasted like a watered down pho; I’d love to try the noodle dishes next time instead.

I have my own criteria when it comes to reviewing restaurants, which I also use on my Instagram account (@elisebgravel). It’s very simple, there are only three points: the quality of the food (on 10), the price (from $ to $$$$$) and the following question: would I go back?

So, here is my review of Nouilles de Lan Zhou:
Food: 9/10 
Price: $ 
Would I go back?: Yes! Those noodles were so good!

Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)
Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)
Nouilles de Lan Zhou (2018)
Cucumbers with spicy oil and peanuts (2018)
Beef noodle soup (2018)
Beef noodle soup (2018)
Beef noodle soup (2018)

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*All photos and opinions are mine

5 thoughts on “Nouilles de Lan Zhou: Delicious hand-pulled noodles (Chinatown)

  1. Look, this place was great, but one of the staff can ruin the whole experience of eating at this place. The food was great, the service was decent. So why did I score 1 star? Because one of the staff explicitly said if you eat here you have to give tips. I’m sorry, isn’t the whole point of tipping is you gave as a gratuity. Since when is that this guy said that you have to pay tips. I’m sorry, I do give tips, but when you about to pay and he bluntly said that you have to give tips because you eat here just interesting and I flat out said, they call it tips because it’s a discretionary not mandatory.


    1. Actually, in Canada, you are highly encouraged to tip as waiters are taxed a certain percentage based on expected received tips and they make less than minimum aage. Also often tourists dont tip as they dont know this so i can see why the waiter could have told you to tip. But of course, its never mandatory.


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